Paradox (Quantum Leap/Doctor Who zine)

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Title: Paradox
Publisher: United Whovians of Tuscon and Disclaimer Press, agented by Bill Hupe as of 1993
Author(s): Karen Funk Blocher
Cover Artist(s): Sherlock
Date(s): 1992
Medium: print
Fandom: Quantum Leap/Doctor Who
Language: English
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cover by Sherlock

Paradox is a gen 146-page Quantum Leap/Doctor Who novel by K.C. King aka Karen Funk Blocher.

It features the 7th Doctor.

It has the subtitle: "The Whole Story."

It is a collection of the chapters of this story as printed in Tardis Time Lore between September 1991 and April 1992 for a total of eight chapters.

Reactions and Reviews

One story, "Two Doctors in Time" by K.C. King. Revised vesion of serial currently running on the fanzine TARDIS Time Lore. Sam becomes a wrestling manager to King Yrcanos, and soon becomes involved with Peri Brown, a girl named Ace, a man who calls himself the Master, and a little man in a question mark sweater - known only as the Doctor...

Docs in Time," as it is now fondly known, is an as-yet-unfinished Quantum Leap/Doctor Who crossover story. Sam meets the Seventh Doctor in this complex, fascinating and occasionally wryly humorous adventure.

Crossover fiction seems to be an overwhelmingly attractive concept to fan writers, despite the fact that it has inherent problems. It severely limits your audience and opens up the writer to legal action from not one, but two sources. It is also one of the most difficult story concepts to handle well. Characterization and plot suffer as the attempt is made to squeeze both universes into the rigid mold of a short story.

That said, 'Two Docs" avoids these problems with superior writing and extensive disclaimers. The stray is, as of this writing, almost a novelette, more than long enough to accommodate the exploration of all the main characters. Even minor character are well sketched.

Those who are fans of one show and not the other will find sufficient exposition to catch on to the plot QL fans shouldn't pass up on the chance to get an inside look at the Project. And strictly DW fans don't want to miss a trip to Gallifrey. [1]


  1. ^ from The Unseen Observer #1 (spring 1991)