Baker Street Gazette

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Title: Baker Street Gazette
Publisher: Baker Street Productions
Editor(s): Sharida Rizzuto
Date(s): Summer 1986 - summer 1989
Series?: yes
Medium: print (first three issues), then online
Genre: (gen)
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes
Language: English
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Baker Street Gazette is a Sherlockian fanzine. There were three print issues; then it went online. Sherlock did some art for at least one issue.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Baker Street Gazette 1 was published in 1986 and contains 78 pages.

  • "A Study in Collecting" by Susan Beasley (article)
  • "Sherlock Holmes Affirming America At Home And Abroad" by Michael B. Murphy (article)
  • "Sherlock Holmes: Healing The Gifted Through Bibliotherapy" by Michael B. Murphy (article)
  • "Sherlock Holmes Adds A Word" by Walter P. Armstrong, Jr. (article)
  • "Sherlock And The Count" by Gary Lovisi (article)
  • "Lovecraft And Sherlock Holmes" by Ben P. Indick (article)
  • "The House of Moriarity" by Rick Lai (article)
  • letters column
  • "Lord Backwater's Message From The Beyond" by W. E. Dudley, B. S. I. (fiction)
  • "Baker Street--The Winter Of The Great Experiment" by Susan Beasley (fiction)

Issue 2

Baker Street Gazette 2

  • "A Lady Sherlockian: What Does She Collect And Is It Different From A Gentleman Sherlockian? by Susan Beasley
  • "Sherlock Holmes His Methods True To Film" by Michael B. Murphy (article)
  • "The Lone Ranger: Sherlock Holmes Behind The Mask" by Michael B. Murphy (article)
  • "Sherlock Holmes' Autobiography" by Walter P. Armstrong, Jr. (article)
  • "On The Great Stage" by Gary Lovisi (article)
  • "Several Homes, But No Holmes" by Joel Levy (article)
  • letters column
  • "The Giant Problem From Sumatra" by W. E. Dudley, B. S. I. (fiction)
  • "Sherlock Holmes And The Habanera" by Irving L. Jaffee (fiction)

Issue 3

Baker Street Gazette 3 was published in Summer 1989.

  • "Barnaby Jones: A Kinder, Gentler Sherlock Holmes Of The 1970s" by Micahel b. Murphy (article)
  • "C. Auguste Dupin: Forerunner For Sherlock Holmes" by Michael B. Murphy (article)
  • "Jack the Ripper or the Whitechapel Murders" by R. David Ludwig (article)
  • an interview with L. B. Greenwood
  • letters column
  • "The Mortal Terror Of Old Abrahams" by W. E. Dudley, B. S. I. (fiction)
  • poetry below here
  • "S. H. vs. J. M." by Walter P. Armstrong, Jr. (poem)
  • "Holmes In Limbo" by Carl Buchanan (poem)
  • "The Greatest Detective" by Lyndia Glover (poem)
  • "Elementary, My Dear Watson" by Robert R. Hentz (poem)
  • "The Durable But Unofficial Consulting Detective" by Shilamith Surnamer (poem)
  • "Points Of Interest" by Bruce E. Newling (poem)
  • "The Baker Street Vamp" by Tom Galusha (poem)