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RevelCon 21 (2010)

The concom for that year was Judy Echezuria, Anita Kite, Jan Meek, Patti Prevett, Jamie Ritchey, and Sue Wells.


  • Crime Dramas -- What needs to go/What could stay on TV forever?
  • Emotional Scars: Bad parents, rape, child abuse, war horrors, why do we love it so?
  • Mag 7 Panel: What's your pleasure? Gen, kidfic, slash, AU, the fandom that has it all?
  • Seeing the Slash: Is it Chemistry between actors, or just the fans need for boy/boy action?
  • NCIS -- Pros and cons of all the characters and how they connect
  • SG1, SGA and SGU - A Comparison of the Three Versions
  • Fandom Through Time – Trends, Ideas and How it all Got Started.
  • Supernatural - The Perfect Season -- Work as a team to come up with the perfect final season for Supernatural.
  • GUILTY Pleasure? Shows you hide from your SO or don't talk about to your friends and coworkers.
  • Slashers vs Women and Slash vs Ship - The Love/Hate Relationships
  • Crossovers R US – Recs for the Best & Worse
  • Hot Stuff - Vamps for All: Will it last and why, which ones do you love the best?
  • Trek Reboot -- Did you love it as much as we did? But what about . . .
  • AUs in fanfic -- What's the allure?
  • Canadian Six Degrees - to Infinity & Beyond: The Fandom that connects all the Due South "Dots"
  • Leverage & White Collar: Great fun, but what about pesky things like Morals and Ethics?
  • The Sentinel - The Fandom That Will Not Die: Why does it endure? What, if anything, is left to be said?
  • Ideas for 2011
  • VID Laredo – Jinx
  • Cowpoke Pictionary
  • VID Paradise – News from St. Louis
  • Video Clip Panel: Appreciating the Classic Western Series: Which one did you love best and why? How would you recast it?
  • Learning LJ Basics
  • VID Mag 7 – Love and Honor
  • VID Alias Smith and Jones – Exit from Wickenburg
  • Video Clip Panel: Smooth vs Hairy Chests – Oglefest & Discussion of Trends
  • Song vid contest viewing
  • Slap & Tickle 101- Spicing up your sex life in Fic or Reality.
  • Mag 7 Gathering
  • Rehearsal
  • Supernatural Gathering (Breakfast on the Road)
  • VID Big Valley – Palms of Glory
  • VID The Virginian – Woman from White Wing
  • VID Maverick – Game of Chance
  • Stitch and Bitch

2010 Vid Show

2010 Vid Show
  • Hard to be Humble - Mag7 - Leigh (Winner: Gen Humour)
  • Seasons of Love - SG1 - OneofAradia (Winner: Gen Drama)
  • Cowboys are Frequently Secretly Fond of Each Other - Mag7 - Leigh (Winner: Slash Humour)
  • Sword and Shield - S&H - Katbyrd (Winner:Slash Drama)
  • Hard to be Humble - Mag7 - Leigh (Winner:Best in Show)
  • Cowboys are My Weakness - Mag 7 - Leigh
  • Monty Python, Atlantis Style - SGA - Lesley
  • St. Jimmy - Star Trek Reboot - Lesley
  • All About Loving You - SG1 - OneofAradia
  • You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch - SG1 - OneofAradia
  • Seasons of Love - SG1 - OneofAradia
  • Island in the Sun - S&H - Katbyrd
  • Starsky's Song - S&H - Katbyrd
  • When I'm Up (I Can't Get Down) - Pros - Katbyrd
  • Smut - Riptide - Catyah
  • Too Sexy - Riptide - Catyah
  • Drive - Riptide - Catyah
  • I'm Alive - Criminal Minds/Supernatural - Romanse
  • Gotta Be Somebody - The Sentinel - Jamey R
  • Deep - Sentinel - Helvetica
  • Saved - Sentinel - Helvetica

RevelCon 22 (2011)

The con com for that year was Judy Echezuria, Anita Kite, Jan Meek, Jamie Ritchey, and Sue Wells.

2011 con zine


2011 Convention logo


  • 11:00 Early Bird Panel! Spill Your Guts – Do you have horror story to share? A TSA Travel Story? Ghostly Tale? ET Sighting? Real-life Séance Experience? Join in for this open discussion about what REALLY scares us… (Coffee and donuts, too)
  • 12 :00 Feedback-- Is there room for constructive criticism for anyone who is not asked to beta? Explore how to be helpful without being a troll…Susan F, Deb H and Lady Angel
  • 1:00 Partner Shows, with Added Ensembles --For Better, or Worse? Liz K, Territrek and Anita K
  • 2:00 The Writers Panel - How to get inspired after your favorite show has gone away,
  • or been changed irreparably... Judy D, Angie, Carole S and Teri H
  • 3:00 Hawaii 5-0 – Oh Lordy, do they know what they are doing? (Slash) Barbara W, Jan and Dawn
  • 4:00 Female characters: Which do we love, which drive us crazy? Which are well developed? Does developing a romance within the show work? Female lead or co-lead shows, like Bones, Rizzoli and Isles, Fringe, Castle etc...Lorelei, Mary Ellen and Amedia
  • 5:00 USA Today – no, not the newspaper – the shows! Discussion of White Collar, Burn Notice, Royal Pains to name a few… and yes, Leverage, too. Lady Angel, Barbara W and Marianne W


  • 10:00 Mixing it up - When does adding or subtracting a character improve the dynamic--or kill the gestalt? (NCIS, Criminal Minds etc.) Mary Ellen, Territrek and Jadenhunter
  • 11:00 Ghost Chasers, Hunters, and Hecklers – Those “reality” shows about the paranormal…Ann W, Anita K and Amy D
  • 12:00 The Readers panel - What authors have you read that have influenced your vision of shows both gen or slash -- and your view of fandom and fanfic in general? Rosie P, Amedia and Ceares
  • 1:00 Who are they pairing now??? What the---?!! A discussion of what works and what doesn’t in slash pairings. Dawn, Deb H and Jan
  • 2:00 The Sentinel – Jim and Blair 12 years later--what would it look like if the show was on TV now? Sallye, Mary Ellen and Marianne W
  • 3:00 Hawaii 5-0 Reboot – Why do we love it so? (Gen) Lorelei, Liz K and Amy D
  • 4:00 Humor in Supernatural: The Good, The Bad, and The Fugly. Sue W, Judy D, Carole, and Teri H
  • 5:00 Mag 7 – What would a spin-off or reboot look like? And really, do we want one? Susan F, Angie and Territrek


  • 10:00 DADT:How will the repeal affect slash fiction related to military characters? Will it open up more story types or take away the fun? Sallye, Jadenhunter and Debi C
  • 11:00 Oldies but Goodies – Discussion of Pros, Starsky and Hutch, Rat Patrol and other long-gone shows… Dawn, Kat, Amedia, Rosie P and Lorelei
  • 12:00 Gone too soon or Gone, at last! – Discuss shows that suffered from bad timing, bad scheduling, bad casting, bad management or just bad ideas. Liz K, Territrek, Barbara W and Angie
  • 1:00 It’s Not Just About Panels Anymore! Come tell the members of the concom what you want to see at Revelcon next year. Jan, Anita, Judy E, Jamie and Sue W

Vid Room Panels


  • 12:00 Vampires – Sexy, Slick, or Ick. Kat, Mary Ellen
  • 3:00 Name that Tune (TV Show Themes Challenge!) Holly and Olivia
  • 5:00 RevelCon Glee Club Rehearsal of Wicked


  • 11:00 BDSM –Fanfic that Has it Right, or Not
  • Join Olivia for an in-depth look at fan written stories that cross into the BDSM world. Helper: Jamie R
  • 2:00 Sherlock Holmes – Then, Now, and Again. Amedia, Kat, Eileen P and Ann W
  • 5:00 RevelCon Glee Club Rehearsal of Wicked

Hospitality Suite Panel

  • SAT 1:00 Stitch and Bitch. Cindy and Amy D

Video Programming was listed here [1]

2011 Vid Show

Approximately 14 vids by Catyah, Ann Walton, Jamie Ritchey, Leigh, Holdt & Darcy, Kat-byrd, Helvetica, and Romanse were submitted to the contest.



  • Gen Humor - I'm a Writer, Not A Fighter - Castle - Jamie Ritchey
  • Gen Drama - Stand - Magnificent 7 - Leigh
  • Slash - I'd Love You To Want Me - Magnificent 7 - Leigh
  • Best In Show - Smile - Starsky & Hutch - Kay-byrd



  • Code Monday - Riptide - Catyah
  • Who Ya' Gonna' Call - Ghosthunting Shows - Ann Walton
  • Monster Mash - Riptide - Catyah
  • I'm a Writer, Not a Fighter - Castle - Jamie Ritchey


  • Believe in You - CSI - Leigh
  • Just Another Day - The Sentinel - Jamie Ritchey
  • Stand - Magnificent 7 - Leigh


  • Everything I Do - NCIS - Ann Walton
  • Wicked - Stargate SG1 - Holdt & Darcy
  • Smile - Starsky & Hutch - Kat-byrd
  • I'd Love You to Want Me - Magnificent 7 - Leigh
  • Holmes & Watson Forever - Holmes & Watson - Ann Walton
  • Say It With Love - The Professionals - Kat-byrd
  • Lost - The Sentinel - Helvetica
  • Breathe You In - Stargate SG1 - Holdt
  • In The Air Tonight - The Professionals - Kat-Byrd
  • Too Sexy - Riptide - Catyah

2011 Convention Reports

"I flew back to Atlanta yesterday after spending the weekend in Houston, TX at my first ever Revelcon (where a good time was had by all. Thanks much, ladies). Not only was the con lots of fun, but so was the local shopping, and the restaurants were great. Turned out the hotel restaurant was being remodeled, so that meant lots of eating out. Canyon Cafe, Maggiano's, Sweetgrass; all were good and Canyon Cafe was so good we went twice."[2]

RevelCon 23 ( 2012)

The concom for that year was Judy Echezuria, Anita Kite, Jan Meek, Jamie Ritchey, and Sue Wells.

Panels: Revelcon 23 was held on March 16-18, 2012 in Houston, Texas. The list of proposed panels include:

  • Angst in my Fluff! Castle, Eureka, Warehouse 13, why do they keep doing this?
  • Relationships are US. Castle & Beckett, Bones & Booth, Angela & Hodgkins, Cuddy and House, Nate and Sophie, Parker and Hardison etc...yes or hell, no!
  • My Favorite Year. Supernatural, we all love season 1& 2 – so what about 3, 4, 5 , 6 and 7?
  • Where do the boys go from here? Supernatural, everybody we love has been taken away, so what next…?
  • British Series, American Style. Being Human, Life on Mars, The Office, Prime Suspect, to name a few, is the conversion better or worse?
  • Fairy Tales on TV. Grimm VS Once Upon a Time, who do you love?
  • Crusty Older Women Carry the Day (and Series). Harry’s Law, Necessary Roughness, The Closer, how do they do it?
  • Fanfic on your E-reader. How to??
  • Kidfic. Love it or Hate it and which fandoms rock it?
  • Trends in television writing. Conspiracy theories, anti-heroes, story arcs, continuing super-villains… Which ones do we wish would go away?
  • Copy-cat Shows. Is creativity a lost art? Which remakes (if any) have actually improved on the originals?
  • Mag 7 AUs. The Many, the Varied, the Perfectly Feasible and the Outrageous…
  • Quirky characters: flakes, psychopaths and sociopaths such as Parker, Eliot, Dexter. How far is too far?
  • Creating a new Sherlock Holmes. American? Australian? Canadian? What should this man truly look like, act like? Who would we cast, what would we do similarly to the movie or TV series, what would we do differently?
  • Oh, Cho! A discussion of those “minor” characters (Bobby, Cho, ?, ?) we love so much.
  • Spoiling the Brew? Show Producers who poll the fans; does it really make a show better or just split the fandom?
  • Early Bird Panel: Feisty Old Fan Queens and Rising Fandom Starlets unite! Come join the crowd and identify yourself as one or the other. Tell us when and how you got here!
  • From Slash to M/M Original Fic. A Journey for Both Writers and Readers.
  • Cross-overs forever amen. Why do the fans love this art form so very much. Who is doing it well right now?
  • Spin-Offs. Which ones work and why? What do we want to see next or never?

Vid Room Panels:

  • Pictionary
  • Name that Tune
  • Shall We Dance – Clips & comments about our Favs dancin’ and swayin’ to the beat…
  • Sharp-dressed Men – Clips & comments about those gorgeous men (all dressed up) we love so much…
  • The Sentinel. Remembering the Magic – Clips and song vids from the early days; Sentinel and Guide, not necessarily gen or slash, just JimandBlair together.

A list of all the Video Room Programming for Revelcon 2012 can be found here.[3]

2012 Convention Reports

2012 convention invitation (front)
2012 convention invitation (back)
There were only sixteen songvids at REVELcon this year, but there were a lot of really good ones!

I got a copy of the ballot from Jamie, who ran the vid show, so I could remember what all the vids were. The ballot has them by category rather than in the order shown, so my list won't reflect the actual show. Jamie did a nice job mixing them up so we didn't get all the funny ones or all the dramatic ones in a row... I don't have comments on every single one, but there were quite a few that I liked a lot.

The H5-0 "Friends" vid was to a hilarious song by Flight of the Conchords, and the vidder made some awesome clip choices. For example, on the line "friends don't let friends do crack" she shows us Danny freaking out when Steve is dangling a suspect off the edge of a building (from the pilot, I believe). I'm guessing that "Hip to be Square" by the same vidder was similarly clever, but alas, I'm not familiar with Chuck.

It took me a few minutes to place the source of the song Zero to Hero - it's from the Disney version of Hercules - but it was a splendid choice for Daniel Jackson's character arc. The vidder chose to use pertinent clips from the original Stargate movie as well as the series, and I thought they worked very well. "Romeo" was a cute and funny vid featuring sexy guys from several fandoms like Angel, Spike, and Mulder.

The first vid listed under "drama" was actually fast-moving and amusing; I haven't seen very many White Collar vids, but I enjoyed this one a lot. "Fandom Mine" was the first of several unusual and beautiful vids by Holdt; this one featured a voice-over that sounded like it might have been dialogue from the series (I haven't seen enough episodes to be sure) with instrumental music and some words - one or two at a time - on the screen. I'm trying to remember what they were - mostly abstract ideas, I think - but I thought they worked really well with the music and the clips and the dialogue to create an intriguing collage.

Jamie's "Pacing the Cage" was nicely bookended by clips of the black panther pacing back and forth, reinforcing the theme of Jim's sense of being overwhelmed/trapped by his own abilities and the role they thrust him into. It was a well-done character study. I talked with her about it afterwards and she mentioned her concern that she used too many often-vidded scenes, and I shared my impression that because she was repurposing the clips to tell a different story than most Sentinel vids, even the familiar clips didn't have that "same old" feeling.

OneofAradia's "Living on the Edge" was enjoyable, and where it touched on episodes and arcs I recognized, clever and thoughtful. It's a longish song and seemed to drag a bit near the end--then again, I have a short attention span--and I suspect it might work better as a living room vid, especially because there seemed to be some really interesting clip choices whose significance I missed, since I haven't seen all the episodes.

The slash humor vids were also fun. Kat-byrd turned in a terrific matched set of Beatles songs, with "Help!" being from Doyle's POV and "Hard Day's Night" from Bodie's. I especially liked how, in the former, she used special effects to echo George Harrison's ringing guitar. Her Starsky & Hutch vid didn't entertain me as much, but then I'm not really into S&H. Ann Walton's two humorous Sherlock vids, as well as her serious one, both used the unusual technique (well, for nowadays--according to Kandy Fong, songvids originally began in the form of slideshows, before there were VCR's) of dissolving still pictures instead of using video clips. This enabled her to use photomanips and fan art as well as actual screen captures, which she did especially well in "Sexy Thing." (The humor in the other one, I thought, depended more on the excellent song choice, although the images were well chosen.)

There were only three slash drama vids. Holdt contributed two more, once again creating fascinating collages. "In Shadow" interpolated stills and clips from what looked like tasteful gay erotica, blending them into the narrative so that they came across as Jack's hidden desires (if I'm reading the video right). "Unanswered" used a whole lot more text on the screen than the earlier "Fandom Mine," as well as a song with lyrics, the juxtaposition telling a sparse, sad story.

Finally, Ann Walton's "My Confession" plausibly got into Sherlock's head; it was more restrained in the use of photomanips, which I thought was more appropriate to its serious tone, but the final kiss was all the more poignant since we know it didn't really happen onscreen.

I don't know if they'll put out a compilation DVD, but if they do, I'm gonna get one! I thought this was a really fine collection. [4]

2012 Vid Show

15 vids were submitted. The winners of the songvid vid contest were:[5]

Gen Humor

  • Friends - Hawaii Five-0 - Lesley
  • Hip to be Square - Chuck - Lesley
  • Zero to Hero - SG-1 - OneofAradia
  • Romeo - Multi Fandom - OneofAradia

Gen Drama

  • Workin' for a Livin' - White Collar - Lesley
  • Fandom Mine - SG-1 - Holdt
  • Pacing the Cage - The Sentinel - Jamie Ritchey
  • Living on the Edge - SG-1 - OneofAradia

Slash Humor

  • Help - The Professionals - kat-byrd
  • A Hard Day's Night - The Professionals - kat-byrd
  • My Life Would Suck Without You - Starsky & Hutch - kat-byrd
  • To Know Him is to Love Him - Sherlock - Ann Walton
  • Sexy Thing - Sherlock - Ann Walton

Slash Drama

  • In Shadow - SG-1 - Holdt
  • Unanswered - SG-1 - Holdt
  • My Confession - Sherlock - Ann Walton



  • Zero to Hero – Stargate SG1 – OneofAradia
  • Workin’ for a Livin’ – White Collar – Lesley
  • Fandom Mine – Stargate SG1 – Holdt
  • Friends – Hawaii 5-0 – Lesley
  • Living on the Edge – Stargate SG1 – OneofAradia
  • Romeo – MultiFandom – OneofAradia
  • Pacing the Cage – Sentinel – Jamie Ritchey
  • Hip to be Square – Chuck – Lesley


  • In Shadow – Stargate SG1 – Holdt
  • My Confession – Sherlock – Ann Walton
  • Help – Pros – kat-byrd
  • Hard Day’s Night – Pros – kat-byrd
  • To Know Him is to Love Him – Sherlock – Ann Walton
  • Unanswered – Stargate SG1 – Holdt
  • You Sexy Thing – Sherlock – Ann Walton
  • My Life Would Suck Without You – S&H – kat-byrd


  • Home to Me – MultiFandom – Romanse

Revelcon 24 (2013)

Portrait of Candace Pulleine used on the 2013 Revelcon t-shirt, Art by Sherlock

The concom for Revelcon 2013 will be Judy Echezuria, Anita Kite, Jan Meek, Eileen Pearlman, Jamie Ritchey, and Sue Wells.

Revelcon 24 is scheduled for March 16-18, 2013 and the theme will be "Sleeping With The Stars: During the day, come dressed in your favorite celestial tshirts or whatever - and for our nighttime activities, don your PJ's for our weekend long slumber party."

2013 Vid Show

Out of a total of 25 vid entries, 17 vids got at least 1 vote for Best in Show.



  • Favorite: Take It Off - Starsky & Hutch - kat-byrd
  • Runner up: Guardian - The Sentinel - Jamie Ritchey


  • Favorite: Better To Have Loved - Sherlock - Diana Williams
  • Runner up: I Will Be There For You - The Sentinel - Jamie Ritchey


  • Good Enough - NCIS/Mark Harmon - Cruvas Arxantia



  • Human – Sherlock – Lesley Wilmoth
  • Take It Off – Starsky & Hutch – kat-byrd
  • I Am a Warship – Andromeda – Azertynin
  • Good Enough – NCIS/Mark Harmon – Cruvas Arxantia
  • Soldiers of the Queen – War Horse – Ann Walton
  • Villain – Sherlock – Lesley Wilmoth
  • James Bonds – White Collar – Azertynin
  • Best of Friends – Supernatural – Cruvas Arxantia
  • Carry On – The Avengers –Lesley Wilmoth
  • Bones – Wallander – Diana Williams
  • What I Did For Love – Stargate Atlantis – Diana Williams
  • Guardian – The Sentinel – Jamie Ritchey


  • One Love – Sherlock – Ann Waltonclass
  • Underneath – Stargate Atlantis – Holdt
  • Desire – Priest – Azertynin
  • I Will Be There For You – The Sentinel – Jamie Ritchey
  • Walk After You – Sherlock – Romanse
  • True – The Sentinel – Makedeathloveme
  • Merlin’s Hero – Merlin – Cruvas Arxantia
  • Superman Tonight – Starsky & Hutch – kat-byrd
  • A Silent Movie – Sherlock – Ann Walton
  • Thesmos – Multifandom – Holdt
  • Invincible – The Professionals – kat-byrd
  • Better To Have Loved – Sherlock – Diana Williams
  • I’ll Lay You Down – Stargate SG1- Holdt


  • Candace Pulleine, Mother Goddess of Revelcon
  • Revelcon Through the Years

RevelCon 25 (2014)

Revecon 25 was held March 21-23, 2014 in Houston, Texas.

flyer for 2014
flyer for 2014

2014 Vid Show

Contest Winners

Gen Drama

  • Runner up - Demons - The Sentinel - by Jamie Ritchey
  • Favorite - Born a Fighter - Star Trek Reboot - Romanse


  • Runner Up - Wonderful World - Starsky & Hutch - kat-byrd
  • Favorite - Let's Talk About Sex - Hawaii Five-0 - Laurie

Slash Drama

  • Runner Up - Blue Jeans - The Sentinel - Jamie Ritchey
  • Favorite - Send In The Clowns - Sherlock BBC - Diana Williams

Best In Show

  • Send In the Clowns - Sherlock BBC - Diana Williams



  • Follow The sun – Lewis Collins Tribute – kat-byrd
  • Phantasm – Andromeda – azsertynin
  • Hawaii Five-0 Beatdown – Hawaii Five 0 – Laurie
  • One Shining Moment – Merlin – Cruvas Arxantia
  • Before The Night Is Over – Stargate Atlantis – Lesley
  • Run Boy Run – The Professionals – kat-byrd
  • Whispering – White Collar – azertynin
  • Run!! – Fast & Furious (Paul Walker Montage) – Cruvas Arxantia
  • Born A Fighter – Star Trek: Reboot – Romanse
  • Demons – Game of Thrones – Jamie Ritchey
  • Aint’ Runnin’ Away – Marvel Universe – Holdt
  • Hall of Fame – Spartacus – Romanse
  • Vertigo – Stargate Atlantis – Lesley


  • Skarra Steals the Show – Stargate SG1 – Fierygoddessofyaoi
  • Let’s Talk About Sex – Hawaii Five 0 – Laurie
  • Wonderful World – Starsky & Hutch – kat-byrd
  • Brothers – Marvel Universe – Holdt
  • Tick Tick Boom – Hawaii Five 0 – Lesley


  • Where You Lead – White Collar – azertynin
  • Love You ‘Til Forever – Merlin – Cruvas Arxantia
  • Blue Jeans – The Sentinel – Jamie Ritchey
  • Unanswered – Stargate SG1 – Holdt
  • Send In The Clowns – Sherlock – Diana Williams
  • What Hurst The Most – White Collar – Fierygoddessofyaoi
  • Transference – Stargate SG1 – Holdt (Adult Images)
  • That’s All – Donald Strachey Mysteries – Diana Williams


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