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Name: LilyK
Alias(es): kat-byrd (for vidding and art)
Type: fan writer, vidder
Fandoms: The Sentinel, Starsky & Hutch, The Professionals
*Fiction, Art and Vids at An Archive Of Our Own
*Starsky & Hutch fiction at Starsky & Hutch Archives
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LilyK entered fandom in 2001, writes slash fic for three fandoms. She makes vids for The Professionals and Starsky & Hutch under the name kat-byrd. LilyK is the creator of Dave and Ken's Diner, automated slash archive, founded in 2010.


Some 2011 Comments

I'd actually seen a Pros ep and The Bullshitters at a con, probably in 2002 or 2003, but I hardly paid attention. Spank me now! I was desperately in lurv with The Sentinel and thought nothing would ever come close to Jim and Blair. Ha! I was at MediaWest in 2006 and my friend was sitting behind a dealer's table, playing with her laptop. I sat beside her and said, whatchadoin? She said, ripping Pros eps. Oh, says I, hmmmm. Can you rip me a set? Sure, she kindly says and does so. I come home, start watching and I'm gobsmacked with the pretty, with the stories, with the accent (shallow, me?), with every single second. I watched all the eps in a week. Then I watched them again and again. Then I wrote a story and did a vid (my first vid!). I dropped TS so fast it wasn't funny. Honestly, it was time to leave that fandom anyway. It was in meltdown and I wasn't having fun. Concurrently S&H came out on DVD so I bought those (along with two boxed sets of Pros from the UK) and have happily been in Pros and S&H since 2006. I consider Pros my primary fandom with S&H a very close second. On a scale of 1 to 10, Pros is a 10 and S&H is a 9.9. I'm keeping them both! [1]


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Cover Art for podfic Calling Shapes and Beckoning Shadows, Sherlock Holmes (Granada)

Cover Art


  1. ^ 2011 comments at How did you get into Pros fandom?