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Title: My Mongoose
Publisher: Patt Rose & Lisa, Duncan's Twin
Date(s): 2001-
Series?: yes
Medium: ezine
Fandom: Sentinel
Language: English
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My Mongoose is a mainly slash Sentinel e-zine with occasional gen content. Some Moonridge issues also contain fiction from other fandoms. Each story and poem is accompanied by a piece of art. Some of the stories were published in print zines, The Best of My Mongoose.

From the editor: "Sometime after the series was "off the air" some people got together to talk about the world that this show was said to exist and about the characters as they should have been. Well, since many of these followers of the stories lived many, many miles apart they decided to use a new invention that would allow them to bridge these divides - - - The Internet!"


In January 2022, it was announced that My Mongoose would be moving to the Archive of Our Own as an Open Doors Project.[1]


Year 2001

Many Faces of Jim (March 2001)

cover of Many Faces of Jim, Sentinelgrl

Many Faces of Jim was published March 28, 2001 and revised August 8, 2009.

  • Stars Get in My Eyes by Silk. With a bit of movie magic, stars fall from the screen.
  • Reveille by Rogue. Named for the awakening of a beautiful friendship....
  • Toy Story by Gena. He's not just a toy, he's an adventure.
  • Up Your Alley by Patt. Blair's classic car leads him straight to a classic of a different kind, a mechanic with hands just itching to fine tune more than his car.
  • Love Bytes by Akablonded. Who would have thought that rainy-day computer problems could make wishes come true?
  • Days of Whine and Roses by Silk. Loose lips can sink relationships, but getting drunk turns out to be one of the best moves Jim could make.
  • Highly Recommended by XFreak. Blair hires an escort and gets more than he bargained for.
  • In This Life by Lisa, Duncan's Twin. Blair meets a mysterious new man and finds what he has always been looking for.

Tales of Many Fandoms (April 2001)

cover of Tales of Many Fandoms

Tales of Many Fandoms was published in April 2001 and revised August 13, 2009. It is an ezine of crossovers.

  • Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel - Batman - Patt
  • When the Moon Hits Your Eye - Batman - Patt
  • Rules of the Road - Big Chill - Tinnean
  • Head Games - CHiPs - Patt
  • Deep Exploration 9 - Deep Space 9 - Lisa, Duncan's Twin
  • Cooking With Oil - Due South - Lisa, Duncan's Twin
  • It Ain't Called a 'Job' for Nothin' - Due South - Lisa, Duncan's Twin
  • Waiting For A Guy Like You - Gilligan's Island - Patt
  • Come Ride With Me - Hardcastle and McCormick - Patt
  • It's All Greek To Me - Hercules - Silk
  • Irresistible Force and Immortal Object - Highlander - Lisa, Duncan's Twin
  • Ripping Him a New One - Highlander - Lisa, Duncan's Twin
  • I Love a Sailor - JAG - Silk
  • Coffee Break - La Femme Nikita - Silk
  • Believe It Or Not! - Lethal Weapon - Patt
  • My Army Surgeon's Hands - M*A*S*H - Lisa, Duncan's Twin
  • To Hurt or Not To Hurt - OZ - Patt
  • Don't Dream It, Be It - Rocky Horror Picture Show - Silk
  • The Boys! - Seinfeld - Patt
  • Pushing Buttons - Star Trek - Patt
  • Together In Electric Dreams - Star Trek: The Next Generation - Patt
  • The Fandom Menace - Star Wars: The Phantom Menace - Jane Mailander
  • Maybe You're Meant to be Mine - To Have and Have Not - Tinnean
  • Relishing the Guide - Voyager - Lisa, Duncan's Twin
  • The 'R' Will Get You Every Time - X-Files - Lisa, Duncan's Twin

Many Faces of Blair (June 2001)

cover of Many Faces of Blair, Xfreak

Many Faces of Blair was published in June 2001 and revised August 14, 2009. The cover is by Xfreak.

  • In The Beginning by Lisa, Duncan's Twin. A fateful meeting is just the beginning. 9K
  • Ke Kali Nei Au (The Wedding Song) by Landis McQuade. Blair bakes a wedding cake and proposes to an unsuspecting Jim. 35K
  • Legalities of Love by J. L. Blackstone. Blair Sandburg, attorney-at-law, meets billionaire James Ellison and what happens next is not fit for the courtroom. 78K
art for the story "Hot for Teacher"
  • Inspired by the Ordinary by Tangent. What could be better than living with your favorite source of inspiration? 11K
  • Learning to Fly by VampyrAlex. Jim and Stephen return to Cascade after years of being away from their hometown. There they meet a very special tour guide. 37K
  • Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter by Lyn Townsend. Mrs. Brown wants handsome janitor, Blair Sandburg to marry her daughter. 57K
  • A Sentinel's Guide to Flexibility by akablonded. Stress management -- especially when you're a sentinel -- comes in all sorts of packages. 82K
  • The Drilling Rig by Scribe. A graduate student, working to earn tuition in the rough world of an oil drilling platform, meets a mysterious, troubled man. 112K
  • Struck by J.M. Griffin. While speaking at a local high school, reknowned anthropologist, Blair Sandburg, finds himself in the middle of an incident that impacts his future. 28K
  • It Happened One Night by Silk. Dining out has unexpected consequences for Detective Jim Ellison when he develops an appetite for Chef Blair Sandburg. 37K
  • Hot For Teacher by Roxanne. Sociology teacher, Blair Sandburg, falls in love with the uncle of his problem student. 74K
  • Fantasy is Reality by Kaitelynn. Detective Jim Ellison goes to Fantasy Island and meets his destiny. 94K
art for the story "Paradise Lost"
  • Paradise Lost by Monica & VampyrAlex. While on a fishing trip Jim, Henri and Simon get caught by a terrible storm and drift onto a mysterious island. 128K
  • Keeping Brilliant by Fire Frog. Detective Jim Ellison knows Blair only as one of the best informants he has. Will he be willing to take a chance on this alluring yet shady character? 33K
art for the story "Recognition"
  • Recognition by Rogue. When destinies collide, one soul recognizes another and does everything he can to convince his other half that he IS the 'other half'. 49K
  • Strangers by Night by Rushlight. A young Blair Sandburg finds that life on the streets isn't all it's cracked up to be, and that sometimes it's necessary to rely on the kindness of strangers. 73K (pre-slash)
  • Manhunter by Patt. What happens when a tough guy turns soft when he meets up with one of his skips? 132K
  • Sense and Psychicability by gena. Det. James Ellison is a man with a problem; an injury, a mystery and a date with a psychic are just the beginning. 35K
  • Unspoken Lies by Kylia. Novelist Blair Sandburg and Detective Jim Ellison are brought together to solve a case... and maybe find a whole lot more. 52K
  • Thief of Hearts by Morgana. Captain Jim Ellison from Narcotics finds a thief in his home and loses his heart. 87K
  • Virtually Yours by Dolly Llama. When a seemingly careless hacker begins attacking several telecommunications firms in Cascade, the trail leads directly to a particular computer engineer with something to hide. Will the Cascade Police Department's High Tech Crimes Division be able to apprehend the culprit, or are they hiding behind 'firewalls' of their own? 208K

First Kiss Contest (July 2001)

cover of First Kiss Contest

First Kiss Contest was published in July 2001 and revised August 14, 2009.

  • First Place - Seeing Into The Darkness - Dolimir [Removed at request of author]
  • Second Place - Unspoken - Autumn Skies
  • Third Place - Citrus - afropuff
  • Fourth Place - Rotten Beasts - Tangent

Listed in no particular order, here are the rest of the stories. Thank you to all the authors!!

  • Let Me Taste You - Rogue
  • Catching On - Lily
  • The Spark - Scribe
  • The Invitation - LilyK
  • Love's Fragrance - Angelise
art for the story "Virtually Yours"
  • Blessed Protector - Kelly
  • I Believe In Miracles - Silk
  • I Only Want To Be With You - Lyn
  • First Kiss - Mereridkat
  • The Kissing Pool - Lilith Faire
  • Faithless Love - Roxanne
  • Mr. Nice Guy - Patt
  • Denying Mother - Angelise
  • Do You Feel The Same? - Debbie Tripp
  • Under Cover - Liz
  • Thinking - Pollyset
  • Blair Watching - Patt
  • Back At The Bouncing BLT - rj
  • A Night In Paris - J.Love
  • One Dinner, One Kiss - Kylia
  • Going Out - Jvantheterrible
  • The Unspoken Arrangement - Marmoset
  • The Gift - Lisa, Duncan's Twin

Many Seasons of Love (August 2001)

cover of Many Seasons of Love

Many Seasons of Love was published in August 2001 and revised August 31, 2009.

  • Home by Lyn. Home, it's not just a place. 5K
  • Wet and Wild by Patt. What could Jim buy that would warm Blair up all fall, winter and spring? 17K
art for the story "Wet and Wild"
  • Spring Fever by Lilith Faire. Jim decides that he hates spring and Blair sets out to prove him wrong. 24K
  • Take A Little Piece of My Heart by Lisa, Duncan's Twin. Life altering actions lead to life changing consequences. 50K
  • I Came, I Saw, I Missed The Bus by dolly llama. A picture's worth a thousand words -- or bus fare. 96K
  • High Voltage by Natalie L. Blair finds comfort with Jim during a thunderstorm. 11K
  • Snowbound by Angelise. With their truck stuck in the snow, our Sentinel discovers the bag of surprise goodies his Guide packed for their trip. 18K
  • Sexual Healing by Roxanne. Jim's sick. Blair makes him feel all better. 45K
  • Six Months by VampyrAlex. Jim finds himself attracted to a man for the first time in his life. Can he break the habits of a lifetime, or will he fall for the persistent woman 'stalking' him? 59K
art for the story "High Voltage"
  • And Winter Fast Approaching by Martha Christine. After a catastrophic military 'accident' separates Jim and Blair, the Sentinel retreats to the mountains to build a new tribe. But is Blair really dead? 120K
  • Seasonal Haiku - Jim by JM Griffin. Jim haikus about Blair.
  • With You by Lisa, Duncan's Twin. It's just one more day. 11K
  • Spring Back by Melinda. Even the best laid plans of a Sentinel can go awry. 17K
  • Turn, Turn, Turn by Lyn. It takes a tragedy for Jim and Blair to realize that they are meant to be together. 43K
    art for the story "Six Months"
  • The Scent of Frost [Story removed at the request of the author] by NovaD.
  • The Lone Ranger by Patt & CJ. What happens when a man, who thinks he's the Lone Ranger, finds out he isn't? 112K
  • A Love For All Seasons by Sue. Jim and Blair and glimpses of their love throughout the year. 12K
  • Spending Limit by Scribe. Blair sets a limit on what he and Jim can spend on Christmas presents, then has to get creative when his present to Jim is stolen. 19K
  • Season Ticket by Krisser. Who knew that Season tickets to the basketball games, would make these men realize how they felt about each other? 46K
  • The Big Thaw by akablonded. A young anthropologist learns that, even in the coldest surroundings, love can burn bright -- if it's for the right person. 74K
art for the story "Dr. B. Sandburg, Traveling Medicine Man"
  • Shore Love by Kaitelyn. Revelations at the Jersey shore. 130K
  • Seasonal Haiku - Blair by JM Griffin. Blair haikus about Jim.
  • Snakebite by Fire Frog. Be careful in the woods in Spring, danger lurks for man and reptile... 12K
  • He Wore Short-Shorts by Silk. You wouldn't think a charming young anthropologist would be lonely, would you? But when a chance encounter on a Caribbean beach leads to romance, Blair could get used to feeling happy in the arms of his new Blessed Protector. 19K
  • The Long Fall by Tangent. Jim doesn't know what game Sandburg's playing but he's got his own ideas about winning.
  • Physical Fascination by Rogue. All succumb to the physical fascination ... when they're a horny guide with a gorgeous and sensuous sentinel. 84K
  • Dr. B. Sandburg, Traveling Medicine Man by Scribe. Blair Sandburg has roamed the old west, healing and helping, searching for where he belongs. He is about to find out that it is not a place, but a person... 287K

Many Sequels of The Sentinel (Sept 2001)

cover for the Many Sequels of The Sentinel

Many Sequels of The Sentinel premiered September 30, 2001 It is archived here.

  • Unspoken Two sequel to Unspoken by Autumn Skies. Jim misses Blair when he goes to the police academy. 34K
  • Give a Little, Get a Lot sequel to The Drilling Rig by Scribe. Before their wedding, Blair takes drastic steps to help Jim deal with his 'control' issues. Is a horny Sentinel really more reasonable? 65K
  • Guess Who's Coming To Dinner, Slick? sequel to In This Life by Lisa, Duncan's Twin. Slick and Blair have their first dinner guests. 7K
  • Sentinel Playtime sequel to Snowbound by Angelise. Who could resist a bag full of sex toys? Not Jim, obviously. 14K
  • Terra Cotta sequel to Citrus by afropuff. The boys discover the best way to spend a Saturday afternoon. 31K
  • Courting Troubles sequel to Season Ticket by Krisser. Could the very shared event that brought Jim and Blair together be the same one that tears them apart? 26K May contain disturbing subject matter about bombs and trapped people. You have been warned. LDT
  • Just Plain Wild sequel to Wet and Wild by Patt. Blair learns more about Jim's purchase and finds out about his friends being Jim's, too. 19K
  • Bending Over Backwards sequel to A Sentinel's Guide to Flexibility by akablonded. Jim and Blair's new relationship is tested, but they bounce right back. 34K
  • Hearth sequel to Home by Lyn. Blair needs more than warming up when Jim takes him home. 17K
  • Weathering the Storm sequel to One Dinner, One Kiss by Kylia. Scared by their newfound relationship, Blair runs, only to find himself back in Jim's arms, safe with Jim's love. 20K
  • Moving On sequel to Up Your Alley by Patt & Alibi. The guys have to find out where they belong in each other's life. Will a move for Blair be a good idea or a bad? 24K
  • Hitting the Hay sequel to A Love For All Seasons by Sue. Jim and Blair continue to torment their boss and friend. 7K
  • About Last Night sequel to Blessed Protector by Kel. A threat of arson helps to light Jim and Blair's fires. 45K
  • By Your Side sequel to Lone Ranger by Patt & CJ. Jim doesn't have to be the Lone Ranger any longer; now he has Blair by his side. Life is good...but love is even better. 100K
  • Caught in the Act sequel to Sentinel Playtime by Angelise. Blair catches his lover with his hands in the cookie jar or should I say the toy box? 17K
  • First Day of Forever sequel to Ke Kali Nei Au (The Wedding Song) by Landis McQuade. Blair and Jim officially get married. 44K
  • Moving Over Me sequel to Legalities of Love by JL Blackstone. The beginning of a relationship is always tough. Will attorney Blair Sandburg have the courage to continue? 71K
  • Martha Go Fuck Yourself! sequel to Blair Watching by Patt. The boys discuss burning food and making love. 5K

Many Halloween Tales of The Sentinel (Oct 2001)

cover art for the Many Halloween Tales of The Sentinel

The Many Halloween Tales of The Sentinel premiered October 31, 2001.

art for the story "It Was A Dark and Stormy Night"
art for the story "Halloween Knights"
art for the story "Inner beauty"
  • Carving Lessons by Lisa, Duncan's Twin.Blair teaches Jim a few things, and Jim proves to be a very dedicated student. 31K
  • For Love Is Life by VampyrAlex. Jim is offered a chance at eternity with Blair after being shot in the line of duty. Blair has to make the choice of whether to join Jim or not. 18K
  • Getting Into The Spirit Of Things by Kel. Jim and Blair's spirit Guides help give them a nudge on Halloween to help them claim their hearts. 24K
  • Halloween Knights by Scribe. Halloween at Astroworld offers Jim and Blair amusement of a different sort when it seems that Jim fulfulls an ancient prophecy. 38K
  • How Jim Got Blair's Apples by Blue Tattoo. Jim indulges in a special treat but there's a price to pay. 4K
  • Inner Beauty by Patt. What happens when the guys have to go undercover at a gay bar for a costume party? 33K
  • It Was A Dark and Stormy Night by Tinnean. Blair inherits a house with a less than savory reputation. Jim goes along to keep an eye on him. 89K
  • Judgement by Kylia. A case makes Blair think and brings feelings out into the open. 47K
  • Masquerade by afropuff. Jim and Blair each get invited to a special Halloween party, unbeknownst to each other. 54K
  • Mirror, Mirror by VampyrAlex. Blair finds out you definitely have to be careful what you wish for. 15K
  • Monster Mash by Roxanne. A case of mistaken identity leads to the best Halloween Blair Sandburg has ever had. 17K
art for the story "Masquerade"
art for the story "Mirror, Mirror"
  • Of Wolf Suits and Black Cats by Jan. Sometimes spirit guides show up in the oddest guises... 8K
  • Reflections of Fear by Patt. Blair's afraid of vampires with good reason. 26K
  • Soothing The Savage Beast by Silk. Blair gets away from it all to clear his head, but he can't get away from the one thing he needs most. 32K
  • Stolen Treats by Angelise. Never leave your spirit guides alone with your Halloween candy. 8K
  • Treats by Gena. How could you not love a story about Jim letting his mind wander? 12K
  • The Ultimate Costume by akablonded. Yet another interpretation of the Sentinel/Guide bond, this time set against the strange goings on of a Halloween story. Boo! 32K
  • Untouchable by Kel. As Jim and Blair prepare for a mandatory Policeman's Halloween Ball, their preparations slowly bring them closer and closer together. 51K
  • Waking the Dead by Martha Christine. Set in the same AU as "And Winter Fast Approaching." It's been five years since Blair came back and a lot has changed for Ellison's Tribe. But not everyone has adjusted to the changes that well. 83K

Tales of Many Fandoms 2 (Nov 2001)

Tales of Many Fandoms 2- Premiered November 21, 2001

Many Movies of The Sentinel (Dec 2001)

Many Movies of The Sentinel- Premiered December 20, 2001

Many Holiday Greetings of The Sentinel (Dec 2001)

Many Holiday Greetings of The Sentinel- Premiered December 24, 2001

Year 2002

Many Happy New Years Wishes of The Sentinel (Jan 2002)

Many Happy New Years Wishes of The Sentinel- Premiered January 1, 2002

Many Valentines Tales of The Sentinel (Feb 2002)

Many Valentines Tales of The Sentinel- Premiered February 14, 2002

Many Affairs of Jim and Blair (Feb 2002)

Many Affairs of Jim and Blair- Premiered February 28, 2002 ====Many Affairs of Jim and Blair (Feb 2002) Many Affairs of Jim and Blair - Premiered February 28, 2002

Many Faces of Jim #2 - Our One Year Anniversary (March 2002)

Many Faces of Jim 2 Our One Year Anniversary- Premiered March 28, 2002

Many Faces of Blair #2 (June 2002)

Many Faces of Blair 2- Premiered June 25, 2002

Many More Sequels of The Sentinel (Aug 2002)

Many More Sequels of The Sentinel - Premiered August 1, 2002

Many Seasons of Love 2 (Oct 2002)

Many Seasons of Love #2 - Premiered October 3, 2002

Year 2003

Many More Movies of The Sentinel (Jan 2003

Many More Movies of The Sentinel - Premiered January 11, 2003

Many Chapters of The Sentinel (March 2003

Many Chapters of The Sentinel - Premiered March 10, 2003

Happy 4th of July Contest (July 2003)

Happy 4th of July Contest- Premiered July 4, 2003

Many Faces of Jim and Blair #3 (July 2003)

Many Faces of Jim and Blair #3- Premiered July 18, 2003

Many Seasons of Love #3 (Nov 2003)

Many Seasons of Love #3 - Premiered November 9, 2003

Many, Many More Movies of The Sentinel (Dec 2003)

Many, Many More Movies of The Sentinel- Premiered December 19, 2003

Year 2004

Many More Chapters of The Sentinel (April 2004)

Many More Chapters of The Sentinel - Premiered April 7, 2004

Many Tales of Jim and Blair, the 2004 Moonridge Edition (Aug 2004)

Many Tales of Jim and Blair, the 2004 Moonridge Edition was published in 2004.

This ezine was donated for charity auction with proceeds going to the Moonridge Wildlife Park in Garett's name. The winning bidder, Gg would like to present this issue of My Mongoose to alyjude for all her hard work on the auction. We have a special graphic in honor of this contribution."
cover for the 2004 Moonridge edition
  • Adam and Andy! by Patt: Blair meets Adam and Andy. Wait till you see why they all love this comic strip. 11K
  • Alchemy of Wishes by akablonded.If Blair were a woman, Jim would love him... her... himby
  • Laundry Day Lyn. Jim in stuck doing laundry, while thinking of nothing but Blair. He doesn't know what to do. The Sentinel will soon come to his senses.
  • The Introduction by Landis McQuade. What if the boys met in a totally different way?
  • Kickback Convention Time by Krisser. The boys have to go to a convention in Hawaii, and find more than what they're looking for.
  • Wind and Heat by Marion. Our boys, thinking about one another.
  • Summer's Caress by Ankaree. What happens when you put two lovers together, add a beautiful Hawaiian beach, stir in some warm salt water and a dash of romance?... Hot sex, of course!
  • Nova by Natalie L. After a weekend camping, an accident on the drive home leaves Jim grieving.
  • Fishing for Felons by KAM. While on a fishing trip, Detective Jim Ellison catches more than he expected.
  • Ring Around The Moon by LilyK . The boys go camping.
  • Lone Wolf by Caro Dee. Can a dream reveal the truth of the heart?
  • Dog Day Afternoon by Annie. Our boys get a dog.
  • Sunburn by Patt. Who doesn't love the talking Spirit Animals? They're back.
  • Bonded in Love by Angelee. This is how it could have all begun.
  • Summer Lovin' by ALF. The beginning of a wonderful life for Jim and Blair.
  • Hot Fun in the Summertime by gena fisher. Branson with Jim and Blair. Jim and Blair in love.
  • G.I. Jim, the Soldier from the Past and Future by marianne the insomniac aka I. M. Mueller. The spirit of the Sentinel guards over his tribe.
  • Moving by Patt. Picture the boys meeting in Phoenix. Picture Jim with his shirt off, a lot.
  • Dog Pack by Caro Dee. Jim Ellison and Jack O'Neill go fishing while discussing their loves.

Many Adventures of Jim and Blair (Sept 2004)

Many Adventures of Jim and Blair - Premiered September 16, 2004

Year 2005

Many, Many More Chapters of The Sentinel (Feb 2005)

Many, Many More Chapters of The Sentinel- Premiered February 8, 2005

Many Faces of Jim #4 (May 2005)

Many Faces of Jim #4 - Premiered May 27, 2005

Many Faces of Blair #4, the 2005 Moonridge Edition (Sept 2005)

Many Faces of Blair 4- Premiered September 13, 2005

Many More Holiday Greetings of The Sentinel (December 2005)

Many More Holiday Greetings of The Sentinel was published December 25, 2005.

art for the story "Any Sport in a Storm"
  • A Dickens of a Story by akablonded. Spirits walk among us, particularly during the holidays. Ask any Sentinel.
  • Home for Christmas by Ankaree. Jim finds out that Christmas is fun when you spend it with someone you love.
  • Surprise! by Drey Towson. Blair has a Christmas surprise in store for Jim, but ends up being the one surprised.
  • A Special Present by LilyK. Jim finds out just how big the world can be, and just how small too. This story is a crossover with Law and Order: SVU.
  • Past The Guilt by Lyn. A shocking accident splinters Jim and Blair's new relationship. Can they get past the guilt in order to get on with their lives?
  • Absolut Motherfucker by Patt. Major Crime decide to get a grumpy Jim Ellison drunk and see if it helps for the holidays.
  • Gift Exchange by Patt. Jim and Blair are unable to be home for Christmas, so they do the best they can while out of town.
  • His Hands by Patt. Jim and Blair discuss Holiday dinner and put up the tree.
art for the story "Home for Christmas"
  • Santa Claus and Jim by Patt. Jim doesn’t believe.
  • Any Sport in a Storm by Stormy Stormheller. A very unscary ghost story.
  • A Christmas Commitment by Tate. It's Christmas but neither Jim or Blair know what to get each other... until inspiration strikes.
  • Vigil by NatalieL. On Christmas Eve, Blair sits vigil at Jim's hospital bedside, recalling how the two first became lovers.
  • Close Your Eyes by Scribe. A Christmas surprise
  • Everyday's a Holiday by Scribe. Jim and Blair continue their tradition of celebrating a holiday every day.

Year 2006

Many Movies of The Sentinel #4 (February 2006)

cover of Many Movies of the Sentinel 4, akablonded

Many Movies of The Sentinel 4 was published February 28, 2006.

  • Return to Sender by alyjude. Captain Jim Ellison does something for a friend and finds his soul, but can he keep it? 197K
  • The Prince's Diaries by Gena. Queen Naomi needs a bodyguard for her royal son the Prince Blair. James Ellison is a cop turned bodyguard with a secret. Can he save the prince, and win his heart? Or will it all end in tragedy? 50K
  • Sentinel in Black by Jenny Saypaw. What happens when you find out the world isn’t exactly what you thought it was? 205K
  • The Start of Something Real by ankaree. When Jim can't pay for his tab at a local diner, he offers the friendly waiter half of his winnings from the lottery ticket he's just purchased. When Jim actually wins the big money, he honors his promise to the waiter, much to the dismay of his estranged wife, who wants it all for herself. 135K
  • Solitude by Annabelle Leigh. Jim is a farmer, part of an old-fashioned religious group that still embraces a traditional way of life, and Blair is a hippie drifter, who gets into deep trouble while passing through the community. They end up saving each other. 71K
  • Baked, Boiled or Fried by Tinnean. After the crash of an unidentified flying object, pilot Jim Ellison is ordered to fly to a research station at the North Pole to investigate the resultant magnetic disturbance. There he once again meets botanist Blair Sandburg, with whom he had had an all-too-brief encounter in the States. 387K
  • His Wedding Date by Patt. Does Blair have a chance against Carolyn? 57K
  • Return to Cascade - Temporarily removed from the Ezine. by LilyK. Blair returns to Cascade after a long absence to care for his ailing grandfather. Jim realizes that he's still in love with Blair after many years, but Blair loves another man. 108K
  • The Honourable James by Scribe. Wealthy, socially sheltered anthropologist Blair Sandburg is returning from an extended trip in South America. On the boat he runs into a fascinating man who happens to be part of a band of card sharps. True love can be so complicated. 199K
  • When I am With You by Tinnean. Jim finds a note he assumes is from one of Blair's students, and they both have an epiphany: Jim thinks a male student is coming on to Blair, and Blair is receptive; Blair realizes Jim is jealous, and thinks there finally may be a chance for him. 61K

Many Chapters of The Sentinel 4, the Moonridge Edition 2006

cover of Many Chapters of the Sentinel 4, Candygram

Many Chapters of The Sentinel IV, the Moonridge Edition 2006, published on September 2, 2006. It has a cover by Candygram.

  • Waiting by Lisa, Duncan's Twin. When waiting is all that's left. 5K
  • The Best Laid Plans by Scribe. It isn't only young girls who dream about that special day. 5K
  • Love is Strange by Patt. Jim takes something for his cold and embarrasses himself and Blair. 6K
art for the story "Sway"
art for the story "The Specialist"
art for the story "Alternate Plans" by Suse
art for the story "The Christmas Elf" by Marianne
art for the story "Relaxation Techniques"
art for the story "I Think My Boyfriend's Gay"
art for the story "Over the Top"
  • The Oldest Dance by Erin Riwen. Blair is left home alone to amuse himself the Friday night before Superbowl. 12K
  • By Candlelight by Annie. Jim's feeling romantic, Blair's feeling hot. 2K
  • PS: I Heart U by Mererid. What does PS: I Heart U actually mean? 7K
  • How Sweet by Mererid. Jim has gone to the dogs. 2K
  • Butterfingers and Love by Patt. Jim is afraid of losing Blair. 12K
  • The Live Journal by Patt. Blair makes a live journal. 11K
  • Summer by Patt. Jim thinks he needs Blair to move out. 8K
  • Growing Old by Susan Danette. Jim never thought he would find anyone to grow old with. Thankfully he was wrong. 2K
  • The Brass Ring by Erin Riwen. Blair wakes up the morning after the press conference to find that more has changed in his life than the destruction of his career. 11K
  • Getting What You Want by Patt. Jim thinks about his new way of life. 3K
  • Her Father's Daughter by PB. Blair and Jim’s daughter, Sarah, proves to be every bit the trouble magnet her father has always been. However, she, her nanny, and Samoyed puppy, named Bowser, help to solve a serious case and save a little girl’s life. 50K
  • I Think My Boyfriend's Gay by Scribe. Another story in the My Boyfriend Series. 11K
  • Relaxation Techniques by Lyn. Jim is tense; Blair helps him relax. 8K
  • Sway by Lyn. Jim comes home to a pleasant surprise. 2K
  • Book Reading by Mererid. Blair reads, Jim plays. 3K
  • Yield by Mererid. He could usually read Jim pretty easily, but he knew how to get an answer when he wanted one. 4K
  • Shopping by Patt. Jim goes shopping with Blair. 3K
  • How Do I Tell Him? by Debbie. Tonight is going to be the night. 1K
  • The Way To His Heart by Patt. Blair tries to win Jim’s heart with cheesecake. 8K
  • Come Here by Patt. Blair wants Jim’s hat on straight. 2K
  • Real Thing by Mary Browne. A haiku
  • Sentinel Wonder by Mary Browne. A haiku
  • Sentinel and Guide by Mary Browne. A haiku
  • Whispers by Mary Browne. A haiku
  • Roses are Red by Patt. A poem
  • Feel Them by Mererid. A poem
  • Picking Up The Pieces by Annie. Starsky & Hutch - Hutch calls Starsky in the middle of the night needing his help. 19K
  • Bite Me by Annie. The Professionals - Bodie is hurt and Doyle isn’t one bit happy about it. 15K
  • Leave The Light On by Annie. Starsky & Hutch - Hutch has been missing for months but Starsky won't stop looking till he finds him and brings him home. 30K
  • Cops and Lovers by Annie Diagnosis Murder - Jesse's overstepped the mark and Steve's not happy about it. 6K
  • Homecoming by Annie. Diagnosis Murder - All Steve wanted to do was give Jesse a happy birthday, but trouble found them anyway. 29K
  • Open Door Policy by J. M. Griffin. CSI: Miami - Horatio has a weekend to himself. 19K
  • On Lover's Day by Kerensa. Battlestar Galactica - Valentine's Day with the boys. 27K
  • I am a Leaf in the Wind by Lisa, Duncan's Twin. Serenity - Zoe tries to take it one day at a time. 4K
  • Amends by Lyn. Stargate SG-1 - Epilogue for Menace. Jack tries to explain to Daniel why he had to kill Reece. 9K ]
  • Jayne's Way of Thinkin' by Patt. Firefly - Jayne is upset over the way he was treated. 2K
  • Thankful by Patt. Firefly - Jayne is left alone to think about what he's done. 3K
  • Como Besaras? by Scribe. X-Files - Part of the Poetic Series. On a cold winter morning, Krycek and Mulder share cocoa, poetry, and something more. 12K
art for the story "The Live Journal"
  • Hollow Man by Tinnean. Stargate Atlantis - Burned by his feelings for Simon Wallis, Kavanagh is determined not to let anyone get close to him again, but there's Grodin, being nice to him. 40K
  • A Cold in His Nose by Tinnean. Modesty Blaise - Willie has a cold. Modesty tries to help. 3K
  • Secrets by Patt. Jim finds out something horrible that will change his life and Blair has to make some choices too. 24K
  • The Ex by Scribe. Carolyn sadly misuses an unfortunately common bitchy relationship tactic. 4K
  • Pledge Week by akablonded. Our Sentinel enjoys a little high culture, a lot of low and a fare amount of sobering realizations about his Guide. 27K
  • Bad Case by Mererid. Jim finds out that Blair has a bad case of loving… him. 7K
art for the story "Pledge Week"
  • Like a Good Neighbor by Patt. Blair talks about car insurance. 2K
  • Over The Top by Patt. Jim reminds Blair of something he should already know. 3K
  • Why Generous Impulses Can Be Hazardous by Scribe. Generous impulse, honest mistake, someone ELSE'S mistake--hazard. 9K
  • Blair Sandburg Hates Valentine's Day by Annie. Blair Sandburg hates Valentine's Day. Jim Ellison doesn't. 15K
  • Alternate Plans by Debbie. Blair starts a new Valentine's Day tradition. 8K
  • Hippity Hop by Kerensa. Jim ruins Blair’s Easter surprise. 15K
  • Christmas Miracles by Kerensa. Christmas with the boys. 34K
  • The Specialist by Kerensa. A pregnant Blair wakes up to find unexpected visitors. Blair is not dressed for the occassion. Will Jim's friends be too friendly? 26K
art for the story "On Lover's Day"
  • Bells by Patt. Jim thinks his hearing is on the fritz. 3K
  • Good Vibrations by Patt. Blair is pissed off about a piece of furniture. 2K
  • Easter Eggs by Patt. Blair wants Jim to help him color eggs for Easter. 1K
  • You Show Me Yours by Erin Riwen. Jim and Blair share their new years resolutions and learn each other's deepest secret. 10K
  • Little Arrows by Tinn. Jim keeps getting shot by those little arrows. 25K
  • Virtual Reality by gena. Jim wakes up after a gun shot wound to a different reality, with a different Blair. 39K
  • Under Orders by Kungfunurse. In which Blair discovers something new, Simon smokes a cigar, and Jim sweats a lot. 15K
  • Discovering Love by Patt. A very different Cascade. It is one where everyone knows about Sentinels and Guides. But the Guides are never forced to be with a Sentinel. Choices have to be made. Lives will be changed. 132K
  • Somewhere In The Night by akablonded. A Lyric Image
  • Be My Baby by PB. In this first-time story, a little surprise from Blair’s past helps bring sentinel and guide together in a new way. 57K
  • Forewarned by Scribe. Blair isn't always an optimist about everything. 6K
  • If You Ever Change Your Mind by akablonded. A Lyric Image

Many Faces of Trust (October 2006)

cover of The Many Faces of Trust by K9

Many Faces of Trust was published on October 5, 2006.

  • Acceptance by Debbie. Blair is chosen to be a member of a PD task force and has to work with others. Will this prove Blair's worth to the PD and his fellow officers? 41K
  • In The Company of Men by Patt. Jim is with someone else until Blair helps him come to his senses. 72K
  • Target Practice by PB. Jim tries to teach Blair to shoot, and sex ensues. 18K
art for the story "Good Cop, Bad Cop"
art for the story "Thank You"
  • Goin' Courtin' by Tinnean [removed at author's request]. Jim Ellison, a former hustler who now works as a security guard for Simon Banks, met Detective Blair Sandburg when Sandburg was assigned to investigate the murder of someone Jim knew. Things moved so fast that they became lovers before Jim realized it. But can he trust it to last? 23K
  • Thank You! by Mererid. Jim and Blair escort a deputy police chief on the hunt for a killer. 7K
  • Good Cop, Bad Cop by LitGal. With a girl's life on the line, Blair and Jim run a game of good cop, bad cop. Is Blair cop enough to outplay the suspect and help save the girl? 15K
  • Just Another Saturday Night by Lisbeth Sierra. It was just another quiet evening, or so Jim thought. But once Blair started talking about his favorite TV shows, life would never be the same... 20K
  • Trust Reborn by Colleen O'dea. After Blair's first week on the police force, Jim realizes something's not right and things come to a head. Pre-slash 9K
  • The Sentinel's Wife by Patt. Everyone thinks that Blair is the wife in their relationship, only there is no relationship. 12K
  • Protection by PB. Someone is trying to kill Blair, and the FBI tries to save him by making everyone, including Jim, think the killer succeeded. 76K
  • My Mom is Flirting With My Boyfriend by Scribe. Naomi drops by for a visit. snicker 14K
  • Murder in the Ruins by Krisser. Jim and Blair travel to South America to rescue Jim’s old boss and Jim runs into a ghost from his past. 129K
  • Random Thoughts on Partners by Debbie. Jim and Blair reflect on their partnership. Alternates between Jim's and Blair's POVs. 4K
  • Com-mune-I-ca-shun by Mererid. Jim suggests Blair use a new technique to convey his interest. It's called, "communication". 6K
  • Something New and Different by Patt. Jim and Blair decide to make friends with two men in another department who are gay. 44K
  • Death To All Lawyers by Sam. Opposing trial lawyers Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg are taken hostage in a Cascade courtroom. 10K
  • A New Life by Lisbeth Sierra. After years on the force, Blair feels it's time to retire but Jim isn't so sure... 11K

Many Holiday Greetings of The Sentinel #3 (December 2006)

cover of Many Holidays Greetings of The Sentinel 3 by Marianne

Many Holiday Greetings of The Sentinel 3 was published on December 26, 2006.

  • The Christmas Elf by Lady Ra. Jim's life is falling apart, and there seems to be only one place that makes him feel better. 47K
  • The Gift of The Sentinel by Tinnean. Christmas is coming, and what's a Sentinel to give to his Guide? 35K
  • Thankful by Debbie. Both Blair and Jim are thankful and show each other. 8K
  • Every Day by Ice Bear. It’s the boys' first Christmas as lovers. Blair has plans for the perfect Christmas and Jim, fear based response in overdrive, worries he won’t be able to deliver. 33K
  • Warm by akablonded. Thanksgiving takes on a whole new meaning in the Ellison-Sandburg household. 23K
  • He Belongs To Me by Patt. Jim is picking out the perfect gift for Blair when someone else comes into Blair’s life. 54K
  • Required Viewing by Scribe. Jim and Blair are drawing up a schedule. 5K
  • Christmas Plan Go Awry by Debbie. As Blair gathers the ingredients for Christmas dinner, fate steps in. Blair owies and Jim angst. 25K
art for the story "Wishing"
  • Chosen 7: The Waiting Room by Natalie L. As Jim and Blair prepare for a Major Crimes Halloween party at the loft, Jim encounters a real ghost! 66K
  • Listening Between The Lines by Annie. It's Christmas in Cascade and Jim and Blair both have secret wishes. 21K
  • Wishing by Patt. Blair wants Jim; Jim wants Blair and it's Christmas. What more could you ask for? 39K
  • Inches by SassyInkPen. Jim and Blair come up with a creative way to determine who gets the next round. 15K
  • Let There Be Love by Mererid. Jim, Blair and an erotic novel about a piece of bedroom furniture. 21K
  • New Year's Resolution by Debbie. Blair is alone in the loft on New Year's Eve. Jim comes home early from his date. Blair makes a New Year's resolution and Jim makes a declaration. 11K
  • Five Christmas Gifts Blair Sandburg Never Gave Jim Ellison by Scribe. The title says it all! 2K
  • Christmas Sluts by Patt. Blair Sandburg is stranded in Denver and meets the man of his dreams. 10K
  • Mongeese Christmas Drabbles by Scribe, akablonded and Patt. Some wicked Mongeese elves stayed up late in the playroom... 25K

Year 2007

Many Faces of Jim and Blair #6 (March 2007)

cover of The Many Faces of Jim and Blair 6 by Marianne

Many Faces of Jim and Blair 6 was published March 29, 2007.

  • Every Day's a Holiday IV: Spring by Scribe. A season of holidays is coming to an end, and the detectives of Major Crimes have decided to give Jim and Blair a little payback. Have mercy. 59K
  • Star Crossed: Genesis by KAM. Across the vastness of space, fate brings together a very special Sentinel and Guide. Lost and struggling for survival on a deserted, barren world, can they overcome their fears and insecurities to fulfill their destiny? Or will war, treachery, and deceit tear them apart and destroy both of their worlds forever? 325K
  • Can't Fight This Feeling by Ankaree. Jim realizes that he's been blocking the spiritual connection that was formed between them after Blair's drowning at the fountain. He takes the necessary steps to fix the situation before he loses his Guide permanently. 38K
  • Sandburg, Ellison and Adam by Annie. It's seven years after The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg. How much has changed in Cascade? 20K
art for the story "Out of Darkness"
  • Connections by Lyn. Someone from Jim's past brings danger to both men and Jim and Blair must establish a connection to each other in order to survive. 93K
  • Death's Edge by Mererid. Blair is wounded, and dying. 6K
  • Getting Away by Patt. Jim and Blair get away for a change. But do they really? 45K
  • Chosen 8: A Reason For Thanksgiving by Natalie L. Lee Brackett returns to claim his Sentinel and won't let a little thing like another Guide stand in his way. Jim and Blair's primal bond (to the death) is tested. 59K
  • Two Flasks, One Conversation by Scribe. Jim... Blair... In the woods. Drunk. Any questions? 14K
art for the story "Wild Men"
  • The Man For The Job by Debbie. A series of murders consumes Jim's every waking moment, causing Blair to start to worry. When Blair offers himself as bait for the murderer, will it turn out to be a mistake? And can Jim and Blair's love for each other withstand the outcome? 47K
  • Dude, You're Getting A... Never Mind by Tinnean. Jim's new computer is giving him fits. 5K
  • Out Of Darkness by Kata Avalon. A chance meeting leads to life-altering events for two lonely people. 57K
  • Signs by Kerensa. Blair loses his voice, but he shows what he's saying in other ways. 14K
  • Getting Into The Spirit by Tate. It's Christmas and everyone's happy, so why's Jim being such a pain in the ass? 5K
  • A Frame For Murder by Krisser. Blair Sandburg comes under suspicion of being a serial killer. Can Jim or the Yard clear him in time so he can stop another killer? 117K
  • Wild Men by Patt. Jim is a grouch and Blair decides to take him on a date. 11K
art for the story "Too Little, Too Late" by Marianne
  • Past Life by PB. Blair's press conference has more repercussions than anyone thought when an old family acquaintance looks him up for a little revenge. 61K
  • Spice of Life by LilyK. Jim's life is full of spice. 37K
  • Shift by Legion. On a planet where humans infected with a shape-shifting nanovirus were exiled by Earth, Jim and Blair meet under extraordinary circumstances. 55K
  • Too Little, Too Late by Arianna. Blair turns down the chance to become Jim's official partner and, when he gets an unexpected offer, he moves out. Jim wants him back. 309K
  • A Radiogram Every Day by Lisa, Duncan's Twin. Naomi’s final act of selfishness. 10K
  • Games People Play by Patt. Blair buys Jim a surprise and Jim doesn’t like it at first. 8K
  • Off Limits by akablonded. Danger to his Guide finally brings a Sentinel to his senses. 125K
art for the story "Star Crossed Genesis"
  • Metaphorical by Mererid. A little too much eggnog, and Blair's language abilities goes out the window. 3K
  • Chosen 9: Night Shift by Natalie L. Jim's temper is frayed from a month of celibacy, and sneaking a peek at Blair's journal only fuels the flames. The Sentinel is approached by an angel to examine the 'whispers of his heart'. 63K
  • Lashed by Ice Bear. Detective James Ellison retired the Cascade PD on disability over a year ago, after a run in with a notorious serial killer. An FBI profiler shows up at his door, wanting his help to catch the mad man. 63K
  • A Ruined Evening by Lyn. These are the delicacies of a ruined evening. If Blair thinks making up is as easy as a romantic dinner, he's wrong. 9K
  • And Sounds by Kerensa. Blair's voice is back, so why isn't he talking? Everyone wants to know. 7K
  • The Many Faces of Jim and Blair Drabbles by Patt. A mixture of drabbles from every day life with the boys. 15K
  • Sentinel-mental Songs by akablonded.

Many Chapters of The Sentinel 5, The 2007 Moonridge Edition

cover of Many Chapters of the Sentinel 5 by Marianne

Many Chapters of The Sentinel 5 was published on October 1, 2007.

  • Talk to Him by Patt. Jim still hasn’t gotten used to Blair’s role by his side.
  • If I Could Start The Day Again - Fyrbyrd. Blair is taken advantage of.
  • Letting Me In by Patt. Jim overhears something that he wasn’t aware of.
art for the story "Technology Breakthrough"
art for the story "Once When I Was..."
art for the story "Letting Me In"
art for the story "The Conversation Series"
art for the story "Life's Little Annoyances"
  • Misunderstandings by Kerensa. One night can change everything when Jim lets his Sentinel side out to play and Blair’s not ready.
  • Honesty by Patt. Blair learns the consequences of not being honest with Jim.
  • Spirit Guides by Lady Ra (crossover with Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Jim and Blair find themselves in Sunnydale and end up a part of the fight against Glory. Alternate ending for The Gift.

The Last Time by Patt. Jim has to admit something to Blair.

  • I Wish by akablonded. Being apart is the beginning of being together for a Sentinel and his Guide.
  • What Will I Do? by Patt. Jim is upset about Blair moving out.
  • A Reason To Stay by Lyn. While Blair's financial problems after the diss fiasco are solved, it only raises new concerns for both Jim and Blair.
  • Life by Patt. Jim has two children, is divorced and is having troubles with his senses. Then he meets Blair.
  • The Feast of The Shamans by Chapin CSI. Jim Ellison is the greatest sentinel ever. So, why is Incacha so ashamed?
  • The Conversation Series by gena. Sometimes a conversation, isn’t what you think it might be.
  • Disarmed by Patt. Blair realizes he has a kink or two.
  • Life's Little Annoyances by Kata Avalon. Don’t you just hate those little things that bug you?
  • Once When I Was... by Patt. Jim makes a very fun drunk.
  • Bossy Is Not Just a Heifer in Wisconsin by maaaaa. Who is really the boss?
  • Remember That You Love Me by Mererid. Will Blair forgive Jim’s latest wonder?
  • Mother Knows Best by gena. Does Naomi really know what is best for either of the boys?
  • Sexual Grading by Ice Bear. When Blair’s accused of fixing grades in exchange for sex, Jim goes to the mat to save the Guide’s academic career.
  • Retribution by Mary Browne and Patt. Sid Graham gets what’s coming to him, but someone else gets theirs too.
  • It's What I Do by Annie. Diagnosis Murder - Steve isn't exactly a model patient.
  • The Lick Me, Suck Me, Fuck Me Jeans by Tinnean. JAG - A pair of jeans muses on the body it encases.
  • Road Trip by Chapin CSI. CSI - A trip to Humboldt County turns into a nightmare for Gil Grissom and Greg Sanders, and Gil’s pet gets to witness it all.
  • Joxer the Mighty... Spy? by Kerensa. Xena/Hercules - Joxer is Ares’ most inept warrior, so why is he using him as a spy? Is there love in the air, or just pollen?
  • Epiphany by Lyn. Professionals - After hovering on the brink of death after being shot by Mayli Koulo, Doyle has an epiphany, but before he can share his true feelings with his partner, Bodie suffers a trauma of his own, and Doyle wonders if it might be the end of everything.
  • Speaking Out Loud by Annie. Diagnosis Murder - A robbery at the restaurant gives Jesse the chance to finally tell Steve how he feels (and vice versa).
art for the story "Bossy Is Not Just a a Heifer in Wisconsin" by K9
art for the story "Soul Quest 7"
art for the story "Misunderstandings" by Kerensa
  • The Dream by rentgirl 2. Blades of Glory - Jesse fears Robert is going to blow his last chance for the Gold.
  • Technology Breakthrough by Kouros3. Stargate: Atlantis - John wants Rodney to get a clue, iPods to the rescue!
  • Palmer on My Mind by Tinnean. JAG - Clayton Webb muses on opportunities missed and opportunities taken advantage of.
  • Things My Father Taught Me by Annie. Diagnosis Murder - Steve remembers some important lessons Mark taught him.
  • No Competition by Patt. Someone besides Blair is interested in Jim.
  • The Nose Knows by Sid. Right from the beginning, they knew they'd be together. Well, almost the beginning.
  • Phone Tag by cbtreks. The boys just can’t seem to connect.
  • Second Chances Do Not Come Cheap by Kata Avalon. Why did Blair go after Jim?
  • The Edge of Light by Legion. Blair plus Jim plus Kincaid equals a big mess.
  • Lucky Love by Patt. Blair thinks he’s the only one in love.
  • The Temples of The Sentinel by Sid. Blair’s got the magic touch, and Jim really needs to buy a clue.
  • Soul-Quest VI: Ancestral Ties by Natalie L. Jim and B'layr decide to leave the Tribe and investigate the mysterious stone tablet they uncovered twenty-five years before. Their search takes them first to Chichén Itzá, where they discover ancient ties to the elven ancestry. 233K
  • A Day Off by Patt. Jim wants to help Rafe out just a little bit more.
  • Soul-Quest VII: Broken Ties by Natalie L. The existence of the elves leaks out when B'layr's dissertation is prematurely released. 280K
  • The Sacred Coupling Thing by Chapin CSI. A recurring nightmare is creating havoc in Jim's life, and Blair has an idea why. But what if he's just as clueless as Jim?
  • Soul-Quest VIII: Reforged Ties by Natalie L. As B'layr approaches the birth of their child, the unthinkable happens -- Jim is nearly killed in a hunting accident. M'arik's trial goes forward, reuniting the Tribes. 241K
  • The Love Letter by Mererid. Jim is still paying for a mistake.
  • Soul-Quest IX: Healing Ties by Natalie L. A terrible accident forces B'layr to return to the Ancients for additional training and Jim to deal with the aftermath - a blind son - on his own. 111K
  • Once When I Was Sober... by Patt. Jim wakes up the next day and has to face Blair.
  • It's Anthropology, Man by Hawk. Jim finds Blair reading an Anthropology text?
  • Dreaming of Summer by Rawly. Blair wishes he was somewhere else.
  • Simmer by Sid. Supper’s on the stove, but nobody seems to be particularly hungry. For food, anyway.
  • Filks by akablonded, All The Wasted Time, Let Me Be The One, All That Love Can Be, You Will Be My Music and I Don't Know What To Do With Myself

Year 2008

The Many Ways We Love Jim and Blair (February 2008)

cover of The Many Ways We Love Jim and Blair is by akablonded

The Many Ways We Love Jim and Blair was published February 14, 2008.

  • What Flavor am I? by Aleeta Smith. Blair takes Jim to a specialty ice cream parlor/restaurant to see what flavor Jim is. Whether it’s the ice cream, a mysterious pouch, or just their unresolved sexual tension…something draws the two together. 49K
  • Of Sentinels, Guides, and Doppelgangers by Tinnean. An experience in sheer silliness. 9K
  • Power Play by LilyK. A strange and powerful force is loose in Cascade, negatively affecting the Guides. While the Sentinels sense the power, they are helpless to stop whatever is threatening their partners. 293K
art for the story "Power Play", art by Suzan Lovett
  • Lofty Conversations by Mererid. Jim walks in on a private conversation that changes his life, and Blair's life too. 9K
  • Mistaken Identity by Patt. Things are not always as they seem. (Not a death story.) 31K
  • The Virginity Negotiation by Caro Dee. Blair wants to cross Jim's final frontier. 15K
  • While Waiting... by Banbury McBurg. Jim and Blair are waiting to board a plane and someone is watching them. 6K
  • Turnabout... by Laurie. Blair gets bossy. 9K
  • Follow-Through by akablonded. What a virgin guide means to his sentinel. 18K
  • Consent by Arrow. Blair gets dosed, and then gets wise. Not a non-con, in spite of the title. 13K
  • All Surface, No Feeling by Annie. All Jim wants is for Blair to love him. 31K
  • Prostate 101 by Patt. Someone has been doing his homework online. 13K
  • Out of the Blue by Mererid. The guys talk a little bit, Blair gets hurt, Jim gets protective. WIP 5K
art for the story "The Virginity Negotiation"
art for the story "The Gift"
  • Blind Justice by Ankaree. In spite of being badly damaged by a previous forced bonding, Blair finds himself drawn to another Sentinel. But how can Jim want or need a Guide who is blind? 151K
  • Beginnings and Endings: A Romance in Three Parts by cbtreks. Beginnings and endings. 3K
  • Wow! by Banbury McBurg. Blair has a present for Jim. 3K
  • The Beginning by CaliaDragon. A new beginning for Jim and Blair. WIP 13K
  • The Gift by Arrow. Blair gives Jim a gift. 19K
  • Is Fair Play by Laurie. It's Jim’s turn. 14K
  • Answers by Patt. Blair has questions that need to be answered. Does Jim have the right answers? 10K
  • Chicken Soup for the Guide's Soul by cbtreks. Jim tries to take care of his Guide. 2K
  • Don't by Mererid. Jim helps the Girl Scouts create a new badge. 10K
  • Dream a Little Dream of Me by Banbury McBurg. Stuck in a traffic jam Blair found himself a mystery, mystery became obsession, obsession grew into love and life. 21K
  • Three Things My Mother Told Me by Patt. Three things that Naomi told Blair. Did he listen? 13K
  • Sentinel-mental Song lyrics by akablonded

The Many Faces of Jim and Blair #7 (June 2008)

cover of The Many Faces We Love Jim and Blair 7

The Many Faces of Jim and Blair 7 was published June 22, 2008.

  • Butterscotch by akablonded. A guide contemplates the wonders of nature and his sentinel. 32K
  • Unraveling by Patt. Jim finds out how bad life can get. Rape Story 232K
  • Attack of the Killer Cliches by Kerensa. Join Jim and Blair as they fight dastardly 'ner-do-well's, and barbers, in their never ending fight to discover Rafe's real name. This crack fic will answer all those burning questions. Like, will Simon ever light that cigar? CrackFic 62K
  • Sunday Morning by Maaaaa. A Sunday morning at the loft. 27K
  • Oye Como Va by Micah Loden. Past meets present in this Santana inspired fic. 47K
  • A Helping Hand by Mostcrazylady. Blair and Jim have different reasons for hiding in the woods. AU 95K
art for the story "Butterscotch"
art for the story "Liegeman"
art for the story "Timing and Conviction"
  • A Pack of Hate by Travelin. Jim and Blair encounter bigotry and make a friend along the way who plays an important role. 46K
  • The Morning After by Patt. Jim worries about Blair having second thoughts after a wild night they spent together. 19K
  • To Catch A Thief by Laurie. A plagiarist turns Jim and Blair's lives upside down but finally headed in the right direction. 16K
  • Liegeman by Legion. In an AU where Dragons rule the Americas, Blair Sandburg fights to convince Liegeman James Ellison that Cascade should not be destroyed for the good of people living in the city. AU 213K
  • Desert Hunt by Ice Bear. Post TSBS when the Sentinel and Guide vacation in the Southwest, they end up involved in a manhunt with a stranger who figures out something is very different about the two Cascade detectives. 39K
  • Timing and Conviction by Micah Loden. Will Jim just wait on the sidelines while Blair dates every man in Cascade? 44K
  • Letting the Chips Fall Where They May by Mostcrazylady. This is how TSbyBS should have gone. 19K
  • Twelve Steps to Insanity by LilyK. A series of copycat crimes has Jim and Blair futilely running around Cascade trying to figure out what's going on. 75K
  • Rhythm of the Falling Rain by Peggy R. Has Jim lost his chance with Blair? 18K
  • Where Am I? by Patt. Jim wakes up and he’s not in his bed at home. He doesn’t remember where he is or how he got there, but it looks like a hotel room and he knows that he had sex, or rather someone had sex with him. Is it time for a nervous breakdown? 11K
  • Faith by Thais. Blair has a crisis of faith. 7K
  • Sentinel-mental Song lyrics by akablonded

The Many First Times of Jim and Blair, The 2008 Moonridge Edition

cover of The Many First Times of Jim and Blair by K9

The Many First Times of Jim and Blair, The 2008 Moonridge Edition was published November 1, 2008.

  • This Man by Ceares. Faced with losing Blair, Jim finally takes a chance. 13K
  • The Truth Will Set You Free by Patt. Jim is gay, but doesn’t tell anyone and is very careful about whom he sees in his private life. While out on a date with a guy, he runs into the guys from Major Crime... and Blair. 25K
  • Dinner and ? by Kerensa. Blair thinks he might be on his way out. Jim thinks otherwise. 17K
art for the story "All Night Long" by L.A. Adolf
art for the story "The Last First Time"
art for the story "Moon and Stars" by Ankaree
  • A Better Offer by Marion. Blair is leaving Cascade, but will Jim let him? 15K
  • All Night Long by Angelee. Sometimes you don’t want to let the first time end. 16K
  • The Last First Time by Tinnean. Among all the many first times in his life, Blair muses on the best one. 13K
  • Your Love is Served by Landis McQuade. An ordinary day leads Jim to some unordinary realizations. 12K
  • Whispers of the Heart by Natalie L. Post TSbyBS -- Jim finally hears the whispers of his heart. 69K
  • Working Up To It by Mab. Once upon a time, the boys thought they were straight. 12K
  • Once More With Feeling by Patt. Jim has second thoughts about how he made love to Blair while drunk and wants to give it another try. 10K
  • Blair in the Center by Kerensa. Jim sees a lot more of Blair than he'd reckoned for. Will Blair be able to explain? 17K
  • Mr. Muffit by akablonded. A Sentinel and Guide finally get it together. Or get it -- together. Whichever. No spiders were harmed in the writing of this story. 17K
  • Unexpected by Caliadragon. They were there about a murder investigation, but the unexpected happens. AU 11K
  • Choices by Ice Bear. Circumstances place Jim and Blair in positions where they believe they each have lost the other. But a Sentinel and his Guide are not genetically hardwired to simply accept loss. 35K
  • In Blair We Trust by Caro Dee. After the press conference, Blair starts drifting away and Jim realizes he'll do anything to keep Blair. 27K
  • The Ground Sown With Salt by PsychGirl. Five years after a terrible tragedy, Blair receives a stunning revelation. 94K
  • Perfect Ending to a Perfect Day by Mostcrazylady. Even a bad day can end just right.AU 8K
  • Highland Heat by Angelee. A Sentinel, a Guide, two Immortals and a dog. AU, Sentinel/Highlander crossover 39K
  • All at Sea by Jane Davitt and WesleysGirl. A trip away brings Jim and Blair closer. 145K
  • A Sea-Change by Laurie. Cruising. Surfing. Swept Away. Secrets. Sex. AU, WIP 48K
  • The Plane by Patt. Jim meets someone on a plane that helps him discover his feelings for Blair. 42K
  • Beloved Companion by Kerensa. Blair makes a mistake over his "fake" name the first time he and Jim meet, or is it? AU, Sentinel/DUG crossover, Non-J/B 31K
art for "The Truth Shall Set You Free" by L.A. Adolf
  • A Guide for all Seasons by LilyK. A Sentinel is illegally captured and Blair Sandburg sets out to put things right. In this universe, Sentinels and Guides are known and respected. AU 122K
  • Heart Murmurs by Jess Riley and Alyjude. Will Jim actually listen for a change? 29K
  • Something Better by KarieAuthoress. Jim is tired of Blair looking for something better than what’s waiting for him at home. 14K
  • Now I Know by Micah Loden. How people communicate, firsts, writing stuff down, doubts, and wondering just what end is up. 26K
  • Ellison Noir by K.C. Jim meets Blair for the first time and Blair seems to have lost his mother. AU, Pre-slash 21K
  • Moon and Stars by Mereridkat. A song prompts Blair into action. 14K
  • Jim's Coat Pocket by Patt. Blair wonders about what is in Jim’s coat pocket. 12K
  • Something To Not Talk About... by Banbury McBurg. There is a first time for everything, even to be what you are. Underage Sex 36K
  • The Love of My Life by akablonded. Sentinel-mental Song Lyric

Year 2009

The Many Ways We Love Jim and Blair #2 (January 2009)

cover of The Many Ways We Love Jim and Blair 2 by TexasAires
art for the story "The Last Time I Felt Your Lips On My Skin"
art for the story "The Talented Boy" by K9
art for the story "Waterproof"
art for the story "Show and Tell" by K9

The Many Ways We Love Jim and Blair 2 was published January 8, 2009.

  • The Invitation by KarieAuthoress. Eight years after a misunderstanding separates Jim and Blair, Jim receives an invitation that he can't deny. 35K
  • Just a Matter of Time by Tinnean. What do Rafe and Megan see in the wedding pictures that no one else seems to? 14K
  • Oh, Hell by Sid. Blair, Blair, Blair. shakes head 1K
  • Commitment by Natalie L. Jim and Blair's first Christmas together. 8K
  • The Last Time I Felt Your Lips On My Skin by Banbury McBurg. A former lover sees he hasn't a chance when Blair is in the picture. 8K
  • To Change the River's Path by Bumpkin. Can the Sentinel repair the damage and return the river to a path close to its original route? Only time will tell. 34K
  • Sins of Omission by Annie. When an old friend of Jim's comes back from the dead, it brings both pain and hope for Blair. 19K
  • Home for the Holidays by KarieAuthoress. After "The Invitation" Jim brings his family home. 22K
  • Trouble by Patt. Jim is having trouble with things. Or is it Blair? 27K
  • Communication Breakdown by Lyn. Post TS by BS, Jim's harboring a secret but doesn't realize Blair's harboring one as well. 22K
  • Love is Like a Heat Wave by Micah Loden. Something is making Blair heat up. 7K
  • A Sea-Change, Part Two by Laurie. After almost drowning, Jim makes changes in his life. What part will the mysterious boy who saved him play in it? WIP 111K
  • Waterproof by Natalie L. Blair has been keeping a secret from Jim; a secret that comes out when both men least expect it, and that changes the dynamics of the team forever. 68K
  • Some Neighborly Advice by akablonded. Sometimes, even Sentinels need Blessed Protectors. 15K
  • The Wet Guppy by Debbie Stone. Our little guppy goes for a swim on his way home, then a person with dishonorable intentions captures him with evil intentions in mind. 11K
  • Talented Boy by Bumpkin. Can Blair handle himself on his first official assignment? 14K
  • Show & Tell by KarieAuthoress. Jim was never very good at speaking his mind. Good thing Blair is a master at charades. 16K
  • Misunderstanding by Patt. Just how dense would you have to be to alienate your new found lover? Just ask Jim. 34K
  • Naomi's Answer by Kate R. Blair gets one question answered by his mother which leads to a whole lifetime of them for his father. Crossover with Marvel’s King Pin 10K
  • Holiday Filk by Just Jeanette. Christmas time fast approaches and it's time to get filkish....

The Many Faces of Jim and Blair #8 (April 2009)

cover of The Many Faces of Jim and Blair 8 by Amy

The Many Faces of Jim and Blair 8 was published April 22, 2009.

  • Wallowing by escargoat. Jim falls in love with Blair and decides to fix it all by eating junk food. 38K
  • Ah, Geez! by mereridkat. A comedy of errors slides Blair into the arms of his one true love. 11K
art for the story "Not Poison
  • Free To Fall by PsychGirl. A re-telling of TSbyBS, with some twists. 71K
  • Not Poison by Arrow. Pride goeth. 33K
  • In Matters of Life And Love by Lyn. Jim and Blair both struggle to cope after Blair's abduction by Lash 16K
art for the story "The Observer Effect"
  • The Reluctant Guide by Natalie L. Upon the death of his Guide, Jim must make the decision to quit the police force or choose a new watch-mate. AU, NOT a death story 51K
  • The Man Whisperer by Marion. Having problems with your pooch? Canine controlling you? Call Cascade's own Dog Whisperer! AU 34K
  • I Wanna Be Like You by Patt. Jim and Blair are forced to face each others' thoughts and feelings. 24K
  • Primary Colors Blue, Red and Yellow by Debbie Stone. The boys discuss primary colors and how they affect their lives. 4K
  • Following By Example by Jane Davitt. It only takes a single question to change everything Jim and Blair thought they knew about each other. 29K
  • Naked by Kate Roman. Blair fills Jim's senses. In every way. 2K
art for the story "The Reluctant Guide"
  • The Gypsy by Tinnean. After his release from a French prison, Captain Lord James Ellison finds himself suffering from 'spells' where he sees and hears things he couldn't possibly see and hear. Fearing his son might be consigned to Bedlam, William, Duke of Rainier, seeks help from Blair, the Gypsy healer. AU 117K
  • Mr. Sandburg Goes to Town by Stormy Stormheller. Based on the Frank Capra movie, 1936, Mr. Deeds Goes to Town. AU, Split into two parts 292K
  • Winter in Eden by Ceares. Something's got to give. 32K
  • The Naked Jungle by akablonded. Jungle plantation owner James Ellison must battle with nature and his growing feelings for an unwanted guest. AU 101K
art for the story "Naked" by K9
art for the story "The Naked Jungle"
art for the story "Following by Example"
  • Family by Annie. Sometimes it takes a tragedy to realize just what you still have. 33K
  • Do What the Panther Dare Not by Bluewolf. Blair's life takes a tragic turn... or does it? NOT a death story 72K
  • Can't Have Cake and Eat It, Too by KarieAuthoress. Megan thinks it’s time for her two friends to get it together. 37K
  • Happily Ever After by Landis McQuade. Jim and Blair enter a new phase in their married life as Jim transitions from criminal to a cop and Blair goes from being a kept man to being a busy restaurateur. The transition is not so easy as either thought it would be. AU 38K
  • Snow by banbury. Jim and Blair struggle through the snow – literally and figuratively AU 36K
  • Observer Effect by Arrow. Watching the watcher. 22K
  • Burnished by Kerensa. Jim forgets a very important day. Can he ever make it up to Blair? 33K
  • The Taming of James Ellison by Missfae. How can you convince someone that you’re all that they need? 22K
  • Making The Right Choice by Peggy R. Has Blair lost the love of his life? 19K
  • Real Men Don't Cry, Ellison by Debbie Stone. Did Jim’s dad succeed in teaching his son about how to be a tough guy? 7K
  • Joined by Kate Roman. Jim and Blair always had a special bond... and now they've taken it to the next level. 2K
  • A Sea-Change, part three by Laurie. Three years after Blair decided to stay in Cascade, why is Jim feeling so irritable towards his guide? WIP, AU, M/F NonCon 202K
  • Sharing by Patt. Blair can think of nothing but Jim. 7K
  • Guidance by PsychGirl. Jim gets a nice surprise when he lets Blair plan another vacation. 24K
  • In Memory Of by Stormy Stormheller. Things aren’t always as they seem. Death story, but cute death story 3K
  • Sentinel-mental Song Lyrics by akablonded

The Many Ways Jim and Blair Give Back to the Planet, the 2009 Moonridge Edition

cover of The Many Ways Jim and Blair Give Back to the Planet
art for the story "Recycling Romeo"
art for the story "Changes"
art for the story "You've Got Male"

The Many Ways Jim and Blair Give Back to the Planet was published September 3, 2009.

  • Paper Boy by Laurie (gen). Blair Sandburg, Anthropology graduate student, just wants to help Mother Earth. An AU version of how the sentinel met his guide. 33K
  • The Mysterious Case of Hannibal and the Body Snatchers by Jess Riley (gen). Hallucinogens and head wounds are never a good thing, especially when Hannibal and the Body Snatchers are lurking nearby. 15K
  • Recycled Lives by Kara Sullivan (gen). Blair finds mentoring another boy harder than he had thought. 46K.
  • It's Not Easy Being Green by Kerensa (gen). Blair is new to the station, and in Jim's life. Watch as our favorite anthropologist fits in, and tells the guys a few facts about 'Living Green'. 19K
  • We Need Curb-Side Pick Up by BrynnH (gen). Who said recycling isn’t exciting? 22K
  • Sentinel Sensitivities by Roslyn (gen). Risks abound for a Sentinel, even in the safety of their home, and Blair is determined to protect Jim from those hidden dangers. 15K
  • Bags - Patt (gen). Just what did Blair buy at the store? 1K
  • And tell the wish of thy heart in flowers... by banbury (gen). There are a lot of languages to speak, but you can always find a new way to express yourself... 11K
  • Dreaming of Summer by justicemischief (gen). A look into one man’s dream of summer. 3K
  • Rocking in Sedona by Patt. Blair wins a contest that leads to things he never dreamed of. Or did he? 96K
  • You've Got Male by Akablonded. Blair totally misunderstands something. What else is new? 26K
  • A Sea-Change, part four by Laurie. Jim's sure he can change, but will Blair believe him when everything is falling apart? 240K
  • Rustication by Mab Browne. Jim and Blair have left Cascade for a quiet life in rural Washington State. 13K
  • Recycled Love by Natalie L. Jim helps Blair through a rough patch in his adjustment to being Jim’s Guide. 9K
  • Ch-ch-ch-changes by Silk. Blair learns that change is inevitable, but resistance is futile. 9K
  • First Choice by Patt. Jim and Carolyn are married but she knows there is a problem. 27K
  • Recycling Romeo by Hanarobi. Blair is into recycling. Jim? Not so much. 1K
  • Allergic Reactions by Escargoat. Jim Ellison’s allergies have forced him into changing his lifestyle, but the man he meets at the health food store just might change his life. 71K
  • Red Bird by Micah Loden. There are all sorts of ways to recycle life. 1K
  • The Greenman of Cascade by Mererid. Jim finds out that even "greenman" Blair Sandburg has limits on what he'll recycle and reuse. 7K
  • The Journal by Patt. Blair finds a journal and can’t help but read it. It’s the story of his life. 30K
  • Earth Day Comes Once a Year by Laurie. What Earth day means to the boys through the years. 12K
  • Trash Man by Kerensa. Blair is quiet, he is stealthy... he's sneaking out and Jim wants to know why. Where is it that Blair goes every Saturday morning? Jim is afraid to ask. 8K
  • Saving a Dead Dinosaur by Tinnean. Blair gets his doctorate, although not the one he started out to get, and he and Jim do their best to help green the Earth. 21K
  • The Closet by Silk. Sometimes getting into the closet can be more important than coming out of it. 7K
  • Unexpected Delivery (Love’s a Surprise Slash Remix) by Raine Wynd. Blair's plans change when he comes home to a surprise. 38K
  • No Bed of Roses by Patt. Jim and Blair are accidentally outed at the station. What happens to them, their friends and their entire outlook on life? 131K
  • Swimming in the Dark by Caro Dee. A quiet lake, a beautiful night, and a slightly kinky Jim Ellison. 29K
  • It's In The Can by Lisa, Duncan's Twin. Something new leads somewhere new. 2K
  • Unchained Melody by Akablonded. A Sentinel-mental Song Lyrics

The Many Adventures of Jim and Blair #2 (December 2009)

cover of The Many Adventures of Jim and Blair 2

The Many Adventures of Jim and Blair 2 was published December 17, 2009.

  • Companion by Legion. Student Blair Sandburg, serving as an aide-de-camp to sentinel Liegeman Jim Ellison, tries to balance the needs of humanity with the needs of the Elderkin, while trying to balance his own life between being a Student and Jim's guide. 345K
art for the story "Mating Season"
art for the story "Wings of Desire"
art for the story "Coffee, the Elixir of Life"
art for the story "Shady Dealings"
art for the story "Passing in the Night" by K9
  • Anywhere but Here by Raine Wynd. When Jim decides to come along on Blair's impulse trip, he surprises Blair with something completely unexpected. 30K
  • The Window Glass by Debbie Stone. Blair finds out if he can do the right thing at the right time. 8K
  • Visions in Time by LilyK. Blair's strange visions seems to be linked to a physical problem from which he is currently suffering, but he is reluctant to treat the condition as the visions are giving him clues about their current case, the kidnapping of two young girls. 103K
  • Bossy Babe by Kerensa. Jim finds out he really likes a bossy Blair. 22K
  • With a Vengeance by Patt. Detective Sandburg is called in to investigate the murders of business man Jim Ellison’s family. 187K
  • Wings of Desire by Mab. Blair has a dream about Jim. Blessed Protector, or something else.... 4K
  • Play Nice by Greymowser. Not everyone is happy about Jim and Blair’s relationship. Will Jim find Blair before someone hurts him? Or will Blair help Jim? 33K
  • Passing in the Night by Tinnean. Jim Ellison, a former hustler, thought things would be better once he left the business. When a former boyfriend is murdered, and Detective Blair Sandburg is assigned to investigate it, Jim becomes sure of it. 768K Split into 4 parts
  • Mating Season by Patt. There is something going on with everyone at the station, making Jim and Blair wonder what is happening. 31K
  • Anal? Me? by Marion. Is Jim really that anal? 2K
  • A.K.A. by akablonded. A bar, a guide, a sentinel, and a stranger to Cascade make for an interesting afternoon. 20K
  • Long Time Gone by Kerensa. Blair disappears. How long will it take Jim, his lover, to find him? And what will happen to Blair in the meantime? 235K
  • Coffee, the Elixir of Life by Debbie Stone. Jim and Blair find out they have something in common. Let's just say they enjoy the same kink and don't know it. 9K
  • The You Look At Me by Ankaree. When Blair is taken in for questioning about his affiliation with a drug gang who set up shop in the warehouse space next to his, he's immediately attracted to the handsome detective in charge of the investigation. 53K
  • He's The One by Patt. Jim and Blair meet and fall in love in a completely different way. 35K
  • Speak Up by Kerensa. Sometimes the Guide has to take control. 22K
  • Shady Dealings by Rogue. Blair becomes a prisoner of a criminal named Jim Ellison. 691K
  • Sentinel-mental Song Lyrics by akablonded. Our beautiful boys and song lyrics... delish!

The Many Holiday Greetings of The Sentinel #4 (December 2009)

cover of The Many Holidays Greetings of The Sentinel 4

The Many Holiday Greetings of The Sentinel 4 was published December 17, 2009.

  • Love Me Ginger by Trixxanna. Blair is in a holiday downer when he receives a care package from a long time friend. Can cookies bring you true love? 25K
  • Ellison, the Reluctant Sentinel by JustJeanette. Christmas filk to the tune of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. 2K
cover for the filk "Ellison, the Reluctant Sentinel"
art for the story "Tricked or Treated"
art for the story "Snowglobe"
art for the story "A Full House"
  • Thanksgiving Past by Kerensa. On Thanksgiving Day, Blair has a dream. He and Jim are back in the time of the Pilgrims. Several friends make appearances as well. Is it just a dream or an earlier life? 80K
  • Good Humor by Patt. Who would think that dessert could be the beginning of a fantastic new way of life? 8K
  • Unexpected by ainm. More startling than the unanticipated December time off is what Blair wants to do with it. 9K
  • Trimmed in Tinsel by Chrys. Jim can't stand Christmas music. Blair, on the other hand... 13K
  • The Snow Globe by Debbie Stone. Blair has found the perfect Christmas gift for Jim and he also has a secret to tell him if he lives long enough to do it. Jim is furious with Blair about the loft and he too is hiding a secret that he may never get to tell Blair. Has time run out? 32K
  • A Day in Holiday Hell by Trixxanna. If you can survive the trials of hell, you might get a taste of Heaven. 35K
  • I Saw Three Perps by JustJeanette. Christmas Filk to the tune of I Saw Three Ships. 2K
  • Tricked or Treated by Kerensa. On Halloween night, the men and women of Major Crimes are in danger. A plan to kill them all keeps the detectives on their feet. The plans to keep them alive are given a little, unexpected, and surprising, helping hand by some unusual friends. 60K
  • Waddle It Be? by Patt. Blair gets Jim a Christmas present that makes Jim think twice about where his life will go from there. 21K
  • In Search of a Peaceful Heart by Alyjude and Jyllean. Holidays and parents. Why isn't it easier? Sometimes you need a little help from the love of your life. 34K
  • Hot Chocolate by Escargoat. Plans? Who needs stinking plans? 4K
  • Sweet Replete by Trixxanna. Conner is a devil with candy canes. 2K
  • The First Sentinel by JustJeanette. Christmas filk to the tune of The First Noel. 2K
  • Once Upon A Sentinel Clear by Kerensa. Blair and Jim reminisce and remember the very first Christmas in the loft. Blair and Jim were just becoming friends and Blair was new in Major Crimes. What kind of Christmas was it? 39K
  • I Hate Christmas by Patt. Jim's having a problem with one holiday tradition. 6K
  • Never Let Go by Chrys. Things change on Christmas morning. 6K
  • A Full House by Thais. What does Christmas mean to the boys? 3K
  • Joy to Blair and Jim by Landis McQuade. After being separated for more than a year Jim and Blair find their way back together. 18K
  • Once Upon a Christmas... by banbury. Strange dreams began to bring back memories for Steven, Jim and Blair. 45K
  • Revenge is a Sweet Dish by Trixxanna. H plays a trick on Jim and Blair and gets his revenge. 2K
  • Away From the Danger by JustJeanette. Christmas Filk to the tune of Away in a Manger. 2K
  • Naughty or Nice by Kerensa. Who is naughty or nice at the station? 15K
  • Melt in your Mouth by Patt. What does Jim smell as soon as he walks in the loft? Will Blair share? 4K

Year 2010

Light My Fire Award Winners (Jan 2010)

In January 2010, the My Mongoose editors recognized all the 2009 artists and writers who had won a Light My Fire Award. The list is here.[2]

The Many Faces of Jim and Blair #9 (July 2010)

cover of The Many Faces of Jim and Blair #9

The Many Faces of Jim and Blair #9 was published in July 2010.

  • The Guide Series by Lisa, Duncan's Twin. Our boys taking the long road to getting together and, more importantly, staying together. 35K
  • When Love and Hate Collide by Patt. Blair digs into Jim’s past and finds something he doesn’t know how to deal with. 34K
  • Calendar Guide by Kerensa. A year of the boys falling in love. 123K
cover for the story "The Beginning of Control," art by Nicci
art for the story "James in Boots," art by Debbie Stone
art for the story "A Change in Venue"
  • A Change of Venue by hawk_soaring. Blair and Jim disagree – loudly. Separation ensues and Blair finds himself living on the edge. 49K
  • Summer Lovin' by WesleysGirl. How does one cool off during a heat wave? 4K
  • James in Boots by Tinnean. Evil is stalking the land of Cascade, and even Sir James, the King's Protector of the Realm, isn't immune to it. Trapped in the body of a jaguar, the only way out for him is to find his own shaman. Blair Sandburg is the miller's son, but he's also a scholar of some renown. Could he be the man Sir James has been searching for? 247K
  • Together Forever by KarieAuthoress. Jim and Blair do their best to reach that Happily Ever After with their boys. 27K
  • A Hidden Skill by Bluewolf. Jim learns where Blair's stance on gun control comes from. 33K
  • Anonymous Love by Patt. Jim is getting letters in the mail from someone and Blair is jealous. 29K
  • Love at First Sniff by Kerensa. Sometimes all it takes is a whiff. 21K
  • The Beginning of Control by Chrys. Blair returns to Cascade after travelling to Borneo with Eli Stoddard. While visiting an old friend, he meets Jim, a cop on medical leave from the force. What makes Jim so different from anyone he’s ever known? BDSM 45K
  • A Broken Statue by Lisa, Duncan's Twin. An act of terrorism hits close to home. 16K
  • A Great Night for a Killing by missfae. Detective Blair Sandburg and his lover/bodyguard, former police detective Jim Ellison, solve crimes on the streets of Cascade, in this ‘40s style series of fiction. AU 63K
  • Snowy Night by KarieAuthoress. First snow fall of the season has Jim wishing to have it all. 11K
  • Easier Said Than Done by Kerensa. Sentinel and Guides are known. Jim needs a Guide, but fights it. 110K
  • Trouble Ahead by Patt. Blair needs to talk Jim into telling him what’s wrong. Jim fights it. Go figure. 12K

The Many Chapters of The Sentinel #6 (Jan 2011)

cover of The Many Chapters of The Sentinel #6

The Many Chapters of The Sentinel #6 was published January 2011.

Angst Stories

  • A Love Game - Kerensa. How does one understand Jim Ellison when it comes to love? 24K
  • Looking For Space - Annie. Does being together mean being together all the time? 20K
  • Fate - Patt. Blair sees someone that he thinks might be related to Jim. 45K
  • Just a Piece of Fiction - Debbie Stone. Blair gets a chance to tell Jim something important after the fiasco at the University. 16K
  • Clueless - Kerensa. Four different ways to look at how one day could happen. 95K
cover for the story "Looking For Space"
art for the story "Makeup Sex," art by Akablonded

Alternate Universe Stories

  • Through the Years - missfae. He knew that they would be together for ever. 19K

Crossover Stories

  • Friends or More - Patt. What happens when two detectives from another Major Crimes meet Jim and Blair? Crossover with The Closer 59K
  • More... - Patt. What happens with Flynn and Provenza after Jim and Blair leave? Crossover with The Closer 34K

First Time Stories.

  • Make-up Sex - Akablonded. Just how much will Blair take before he actually forgives Jim? 23K
  • Caught in the Act - Kate Roman. Sometimes a person doesn’t want to be asked, they need to be told. 5K
  • The Big Freeze - Nicci. How could the boys possibly warm up when the heat goes out? 3K
  • How About Me? - Patt. Jim thinks that no one knows about his needs. 40K
  • The Pretender - Silk. Sure that his Sentinel is The Pretender, Blair goes to great lengths to prove that Jim Ellison is a man without compassion for the Guide who loves him. 17K
  • See Attached - Travelin. Jim must keep a journal. The entries are making him think about his life. 8K
  • Pilgrim Soul Redux - Akablonded. Jim finally finds the clue bus. Story is in image form.
art for the story "The Stocking"
cover for the story "To Us," art by K9
art for the story "Where Did We Go Wrong"

Holiday Stories

  • Home - ainm. Jim and Blair know exactly what home means to them. 3K
  • Cassie Got Runned Over By A Reindeer - JustJeanette. Christmas Filk sung by Jim 3K
  • Christmas With Dad - Patt. What happens when Jim and Blair’s Christmas doesn’t turn out exactly as planned? 31K
  • Simple Gifts - ainm. Jim and Blair do something very nice for no reason at all. 6K
  • Ellison - JustJeanette. Christmas Filk 2K
  • Be Careful - Patt. Jim warns Blair about the evils of icicles. 3K
  • The Stocking - ainm. Blair wants to try something new. Jim is leery of it. Go figure. 11K

Humorous Stories

  • Badgering - ainm. Doesn’t everyone build a snow badger? 5K
  • I Wonder - Patt. Blair wonders if Jim ever thinks about his package. - 8K
  • Changes - ainm. Jim actually leaves Blair speechless. 3K
  • Avast - missfae. Winning the battle. 4K
  • Going to the Dogs - ainm. Blair is baking and Jim is making fun of his creations. 2K
  • A Great Night For a Killing, part 2 - missfae. An argument, a dead client and Blair's the prime suspect. 7K
  • Gone to the Dogs - ainm. What in the world is Blair building now? 3K
  • A Great Night For a Killing, part 3 - missfae. Detective Blair Sandburg and his partner Jim Ellison get to their man. 23K
  • Rarin' to Go - ainm. Someone is drunk and someone has to try and save the day. 3K

Sad Stories

  • Crumbled - Kerensa. Sometimes happiness cannot be. 27K
  • Do Not Fold, Spindle or Mutilate - Kerensa. Jim has pissed Blair off for the last time. 16K

Slice of Life Stories

  • To Us - ainm. Jim is enjoying Blair and the peacefulness of just the two of them. 5K
  • A Sense of Home - Debbie. A brief slice of life with Jim and Blair as their friendship turns into something more. 8K
  • The Way To A Man's Stomach - missfae. It’s not what you eat... 2K

Writing Prompt Stories - The prompt: You're 26 and single, I'm 36 and divorced, what are we doing wrong?

  • Laying It On The Line - Marns AKA Bumpkin and Karieauthoress. Jim and Blair discuss their future together. 10K
  • Waiting For Sandburg - Kerensa. An innocent question by Jim stirs up trouble, and maybe more for the guys. 21K
  • E-Harmony - Patt. Jim is filling out papers for he and Blair because they don’t seem to be getting anywhere in their personal lives by themselves. 19K
  • Where Did We Go Wrong? - Tinnean. Could this be the start of a beautiful friendship, or could it be the start of something more? 189K

The Many Faces of Jim and Blair #10 (July 2011)

cover of The Many Faces of Jim and Blair #10

The Many Faces of Jim and Blair #10 was published July 2011.

  • Unsaid by Lisa, Duncan's Twin. What isn't said is almost as important as what is. 10K
  • Warrior by Patt. Jim Ellison is raised by the military to become the ultimate fighting machine. What happens when they no longer need him or find someone better? 103K
  • Blair's Island by Kerensa. Jim and Blair crash land on an island. How will they get along? Will they be rescued? 29K
  • I Found a Sentinel by Bluewolf. Blair talks about his early life, then jumps to the events of TSbyBS. 45K
art for the story "How We Met," art by Pete
art for the story "The Vampire Dissertation"
art for the story "Aftermath"
art for the story "I Found a Sentinel"
  • How We Met, part 1 by Pete. How did Jim and Blair really meet? 7K
  • Competitive Sports by Marion. Blair is into sports with only winners and no losers. 2K
  • Chasing the Storm by Alex McLeod. An old friend of Blair's has been asking him for years to visit. Since his academic career is down the drain, Blair takes the time before entering the academy, to visit his friend during tornado season in Oklahoma, but will he survive the storm? 85K
  • Life by Patt. Blair finds some new things out about close mouthed Jim Ellison. 14K
  • Happy Mothertine's Day by escargoat. Sally makes Jimmy make a proper valentine for Blair. 10K
  • Don't Let the Door by Kerensa. Blair says goodbye to the past and hello to the future. 18K
  • Curiosity and the Gift by Marion. The first thought Blair had when he walked into the loft was that they'd been burgled. 6K
  • One Over Easy With A Side Of Toast by akablonded. Breakfast time at the Ellison-Sandburg Household. 9K
  • Seeing Red by Patt. Everywhere Jim looks all he sees is red. 8K
  • There Will Be Sparks by Tinnean. Jim learns he has 18 months to live, so he leaves Cascade PD and moves into Prospect Cottage with Megan Connor-Rafe, the pregnant widow of his good friend, Detective Rafe. Prospect Cottage is a place for honeymooners, and if their love is true, they'll be able to inscribe their names on the Window of True Love. 72K
  • Hide In Plain Sight by Debbie Stone. Jim and Blair are both stressed out and have something to hide from one another. Sentinel and Guide both seek ways to release that stress, however, they quickly come to realize, and throughly enjoy, Blair's idea of stress release. 19K
  • The Vampire Dissertation by Landis McQuade. Jim and Blair meet and fall in love while fighting vampires.Multiple Crossovers. 74K
  • Wackadoo by Kerensa. What does Jim do when he realizes he loves Blair for the first time? 9K
  • Sentinel Code by Legion. When Jim and Blair break into a secure national facility to review Jim's file, they discover a sensory echo left by another sentinel. Intrigued, they embark on a journey of adventure and discovery as they follow the clues left for them. Crossover with NCIS. 138K
  • The Sandburg Special by Marion. He went alone to a party. A good deal of alcohol was consumed. He got home and... "I was drunk?" 8K
  • Gingerbread Man by Patt. Jim is sick. Blair is by his side with cookies and Simon is there to eat cookies. 3K
  • Aftermath by Laurie. After Blair's drowning and near death, he has a decision to make. 60K
  • Can't Say What I Mean by Silk. When Jim can't find the right words, sometimes the Universe just has to step in. 7K
  • How We Met, part 2 by Pete. Blair has to tease Connor again about how he met Jim. 8K
  • Kissing Fate by SCH. When Fate works too slow, she might send in some help to push things along. 59K
  • Close Encounters by Mostcrazylady. Jim meets an interesting young man who is definitely interested. But where's the wolf? 25K
  • Liberation by Patt. Blair tries to figure out what Jim is really thinking. 43K


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