The Best of My Mongoose

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Title: The Best of My Mongoose
Publisher: Requiem Publications
Date(s): April 2002
Series?: yes
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: The Sentinel
Language: English
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cover of issue #1

The Best of My Mongoose is a slash Sentinel anthology with material from My Mongoose.

Issue 1

The Best of My Mongoose 1 was published in April 2002 and contains 174 pages.

  • Recognition by Rogue ("When destinies collide, one soul recognizes another and does everything he can to convince his other half that he IS the 'other half.'") (1)
  • Untouchable by Kel ("As Jim and Blair prepare for a mandatory Policeman's Halloween Ball, their preparations slowly bring them closer and closer together.") (20)
  • Carving Lessons by Lisa, Duncan’s Twin ("Blair teaches Jim a few things, and Jim proves to be a very dedicated student.") (46)
  • Season Ticket by Krisser ("Who knew that season tickets to the basketball games would make these men realize how they felt about each other?") (58)
  • Learning To Fly by VampyrAlex ("Jim and Stephen return to Cascade after years of being away from their hometown. There they meet a very special tour guide.") (76)
  • Struck by J. M. Griffin ("While speaking at a local high school, renowned anthropologist, Blair Sandburg, finds himself in the middle of an incident that impacts his future.") (91)
  • Reflections of Fear by Patt ("Blair's afraid of vampires with good reason.") (102)
  • Bewitched, Bedazzled and Bewildered by Tinnean ("The Devil, in the form of Blair Sandburg, offers Jim Ellison 7 wishes. Jim thinks he'll be getting his heart's desire. Blair knows he'll be getting his.") (114)
  • Inevitable by NovaD ("In a world where Jim and Blair did not meet during Switchman, fates conspire to bring them together in the Cascade mountains when each is read to hear the other.") (152)
  • Jim Speaks, Haiku by J. M. Griffin (173)
  • Blair Speaks, Haiku by J. M. Griffin (174)

Issue 2

cover of issue#2

The Best of My Mongoose 2 was published in April 2002 and contains 169 pages.

  • Citrus by afropuff ("A perfectly ordinary Saturday becomes extraordinary and it's all due to an orange.")
  • Your Place or Mine? By Akablonded ("Who's on first? Better, yet, who's on top? Just ask the nervous Sentinel.")
  • Playtime by Angelise ("Jim and Blair take a trip to the mountains and Jim brings along a few surprises for their enjoyment.")
  • Sense And Psychicability by Gena Fisher ("Det. James Ellison is a man with a problem; an injury, a mystery and a date with a psychic are just the beginning.")
  • Unspoken Lies by Kylia ("Novelist Blair Sandburg and Detective Jim Ellison are brought together to solve a case... and maybe find a whole lot more.")
  • Ke Kali Nei Au (The Wedding Song) by Landis McQuade ("A wedding cake and a proposal. What more could Jim want?")
  • Sang de Boeuf by LilyK ("An undercover assignment in a pottery class for Detectives Jim Ellison and Megan Conner has surprising repercussions.")
  • Home and Hearth by LilyK ("Blair discovers that home is not just a place when he seeks reassurance from Jim on a cold, stormy night.")
  • Spending Limit by Scribe ("Blair sets a limit on what he and Jim can spend on Christmas presents, then has to get creative when his present for Jim is stolen.")
  • L’Homme Blair by Silk ("Framed for a murder he didn't commit, Blair Sandburg is forced to undergo rigorous training to become an assassin for a clandestine anti-terrorist organization. But along the way, he discovers that love can survive in the most unexpected places.")
  • A Love For All Seasons by Sue ("A celebratory glimpse of Jim and Blair's love for each other throughout the year.")