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Zine Publisher
Name: Requiem Publications
Contact: Bast
Type: fanfic, fanzine publisher
Fandoms: multifandom
Status: active
URL: see Public Exposure
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Requiem Publications used to be Devious Developments Press and Angel Wings Press. They have been actively participating in fandom and fan publishing for many decades.

In early 2016, they became an agent for many zines that were once sold by the then-recently closed Agent With Style.

In 2018, they began to reissue zines originally published by AMC Press.

The site closed on April 30, 2021 due to the passing of Bast. The site currently displays the message:

Requiem Publications is no longer offering zines. These publishers may be contacted directly.

Yadda Press: Stargate
Email: [email protected]

Triffids Leg Press: Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Email: [email protected]

Requiem Publications, AngelWings Press,  Secret Pleasures Press, Devious Developments:
Email: [email protected]

Fanzines and Awards

Public Exposure

We're now on Facebook!

Please don't post or share the link to Requiem Publications in any venue where actors, studio executives, show creators and/or personnel may have a presence, nor on fanclub social media pages as well as websites for actors or other industry related personnel.

While we want people to enjoy the zines and stories fen have made over the years, some people connected with the industry are uncomfortable with some aspects of fandom and some simply don't like fannish creations at all.

So, PLEASE, don't share Requiem's URL without asking us first if it's okay.

Thank you. [1]


From Requiem Publication's website:

How old do I have to be to buy a zine?

Eighteen years of age or older.

I want to send you a e-cheque via paypal. Will you send my zine right away?

No. Paypal does not release the funds to me immediately. I wait until the funds are cleared into my account before sending your order to my printer. Generally, clearing time is one week to up to three weeks. If you need your zine sooner, please use another method of payment.

Where are the shipping costs?

If you look to the left of each zine description, you should see buttons for a shopping cart. Above each button, you should see something like: USA - $16.00, Worldwide - $35.00, CD $13.00, Download $8.00. Those prices are the prices with shipping. If you're ordering a Download, then shipping costs do not apply.

I'd like a shipping discount since I'm ordering several zines at once. What do I need to do?

Email me before ordering! Give me the titles of the books you're interested in, and your zip code (or country, if you reside outside the USA) and ask if a discount is possible. For a discount to be possible, you must order more than three zines. Sorry, we don't set the postage rates.

When you mail my zines, can you mark them as GIFT on the customs form?

No, I can't. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

How long does it take to get my zine(s)?

Zines may take up to eight weeks to mail. Please email me if you have a special request.

What forms of payment do you take?

Cheque (in USA, only, payable in USD), Money Order (in USD), Cash (USD, your risk), and Paypal. There is a $50 return cheque fee if your cheque is returned, for any reason.

Where do I send the order form? Who do I make the cheque/money order payable to?

Email me and I'll give you that info. I don't put it on the website for a reason. If you make the cheque or money order payable to Bast or Requiem, there is no way I can cash that cheque. I must give you the correct person's name to make the cheques payable to. I'm sorry for any inconvenience. If you send me a cheque made payable to the wrong person, there's nothing I can do. I can't cash your cheque, so your order doesn't get filled. Thanks for understanding.

How do you ship zines? CD zines?

Zines are shipped priority mail in the USA, first class international elsewhere. CD zines are sent first class in the USA or first class international elsewhere.

What conventions do you attend?

At present, we only attend Tribal Forces. More information on that convention can be found here:

Do I have to pay for my convention order in advance?

Yes, please. I have to pay my printer in advance. If there is a hardship and you simply cannot pay in advance, please email me to discuss it.

My book arrived damaged. Can you replace it?

More than likely. Email me.

Why don't you publish books in my fandom? Or by my favourite author?

Because I have not been approached by your favourite author/someone in your fandom to publish, or they do not wish to be published in a fanzine. Feel free to recommend me to anyone who wants to get their story collection/novel published.

I saw a mistake on pages 3 and 12 of the fanzine I bought from you two months ago.

If it's a huge mistake (not just a misspelled word or missing period) - do let me know. If entire parts of the book are missing, email me.

I'm not sure about sending you money. I don't know you/I've never bought a fanzine before. How do I know I can trust you?

I offer references. Email me and ask me for them. I'll be glad to send them along.

I want to comment about a story. Will you send me the author's email address?

No, for privacy reasons. But you can email your comments and I'll pass them along.

You used to have Large Print Zines! Can you still do Large Print for me?

Maybe. Email me. [2]

Frequently Asked Questions: About Tribbing To Zines

What does it mean 'to trib'/to be a tribber?

The word 'trib' means, to contribute (to a fanzine, in this instance).

How old do I have to be to trib to a zine?

At least eighteen years old.

How much do I have to write/draw to get a trib copy?

For a trib copy, your submission must be one of the following (or a combination thereof):

A) Story/stories, for anthologies, of at least ten pages unless otherwise noted in the zine description. If the story is co-authored (more than one author), then the story must be ten pages for EACH author (unless otherwise noted in the zine description). A general example: if written by three authors, then the story needs to be thirty pages in length, minimum. If you want an e-copy (download or CD, non-printable) of the zine instead of a paper copy, five pages per author should be submitted.

B) Two original pieces of artwork/illustrations. If sending cyber art/photo manipulated art, submissions must be clear and photocopy ready and cannot be dark. It does not reproduce well.

C) If submitting a novel/novella/collection of stories, you will get two copies of your novel/novella/collection unless other arrangements are made. If you prefer e-copies, you can have four electronic copies of almost anything on site.

D) If submitting a story for an anthology, you get a copy of the anthology your story appears in.

What's the maximum number of pages I can send in for an anthology?

I don't have a max. That said, I find that many folks who submit to an anthology are interested in the other stories, in reading works by someone other than themselves. If your story becomes long enough for a stand alone novel/novella, I'll be happy to discuss publishing your novel/novella. I have, at times, for those folks who started out aiming for an anthology and ended up with a novel, offered them a copy of their novel and the anthology they were interested in. Normally, novel authors get two copies of their novel but I am willing to work with you. Please email me if you have any questions.

I want to send art for a zine. How do I send it?

I accept hi-res scanned pictures via email or via any of the various image hosts around - if none of those can be used, we'll work something out, don't worry!

I wrote a novel/novella/series of stories that I'd like to get published. What do I do?

When submitting a novel/novella or collection of stories for consideration, please do the following:

A) Read these guidelines and then email with an outline/summary (not an excerpt!) of what your novel/novella/collection is about. I will then let you know if we're interested.

B) All stories/chapters must be placed in the order that they go, in one large file, and should not contain any fancy formatting (this means, no page numbers, no fancy styles, no graphics embedded in the file.). Your story SHOULD NOT HAVE ANY WEB FORMATTING in your story. If you do, there will be loss of styles when we format (example: bolded/italicised words) and we may not notice what's missing.

C) Your email address MUST be included IN the file AS WELL AS the name you're writing as and the title of the novel/novella/series.

D) I prefer stories to be sent in MS Word (.doc). Stories should NOT be sent in .htm or .html format.

E) Send all submissions here.

What kind of deadlines do you work with?

I try to do zines at warp speeds. I will - barring any horrific life-altering disasters, always bring your zine out when I tell you I will. If something does occur, I will always contact you. I am always accessible to my authors and artists and want you to trib again and again. I try to take care of your work, and treat my authors, artists and buyers with respect and courtesy.

I wrote a great novel/story and it's online. Will you publish it?

Maybe. Email me and let me know what you've got in mind.

Are there any types of stories you won't take? What if I don't have a beta reader?

I do not accept poetry, stories with explicit torture, and most generally do not accept stories with unhappy endings or deaths of the major characters. When I do accept a death story (rare) it will ALWAYS be warned for.

If you have any questions about an activity that I might not accept, please feel free to email, and I'll be glad to discuss options.

No beta reader? No problem, but I reserve the right to turn down stories for any reason, and a badly written story or one needing serious mechanical work will likely be turned down. If you know that you need help with your stories, you should probably find a good beta before sending it in to increase your chances of being accepted. At the very least, please run a spell check before sending me your story.

I don't live in America. Can I still trib? I've never tribbed to a zine before, is that okay? I'm an experienced author - do you only work with new authors? What about new artists/experienced artists?

Yes, I accept tribbers from all over the world. I gladly welcome both new and experienced authors and artists.

I tribbed to someone else and they screwed me. How do I know you won't do the same? I sent another press a story/artwork and it's been two years. Can I send it to you? Can I trust you?

My reputation is something that I'm very proud of and I work hard at maintaining it. I will gladly supply references and have done so for years. I'm not a fly by night operation. I've been in fandom for years and have a good rep. I want to keep it that way.

Please email me in regards to what to do regarding tribbing to another publisher first. Each situation is different and I cannot cover all bases here. Thank you.

After tribbing to you, when can I post my story/artwork online?

After tribbing to me, stories and artwork MAY NOT be posted to the net or published in another form, etc. for a period of ONE year (one year from the date inside the book).

How long do your zines stay in print?

Currently, my policy is to keep a zine in print for as long as I continue to publish or allow distribution of my zines. When you trib to me, you are giving me the right to keep your work in the zine it is published in for as long as I publish or have my zines agented. I may take zines out of print occasionally but they may go back in print at a later date. I have no plans on allowing any of my zines to go out of print permanently, and my agent is aware of that.

I tribbed to you, then I moved. Why didn't I get my trib copy? Why didn't I get my edit?

When it comes time to edit the zine that you tribbed for, and I can not reach you via email, I will unfortunately have to pull the story or artwork. I will not publish a story if I cannot get approval from you. PLEASE keep me updated of your email address as well as your snail mail address. If you move, and don't tell me, your trib copy may be returned or lost. Please let me know your new mailing address if you move.

I've heard some real horror stories about the editing process. Do you change my story? What do you do when you edit?

I correct typos/punctuation/italicise thoughts and bold words that require emphasis. I DO NOT change the content and tone of your story - if I feel that a punctuation change will change the way your story reads, I will make a suggestion at that point. The only things I change are the things listed above. I will make suggestions when and where I feel it's needed, and authors are welcome to discuss the requested changes and supply an alternate fix for a problem, or reasons not to make the change. Bad grammar will not be accepted as 'my writing style'. I truly appreciate discussion between authors and myself, but my job is to make you look like a writing genius. Even pro authors have editors. You will always get a copy of your file back to look over, unless you specify otherwise, before I go to print.

When I send a story, what do I need to do?

Thank you for asking.

After reading the guidelines:

Please make sure your scene breaks are consistent throughout.

Please do not send me a story 'to see if you'll like it', if it is unfinished/not the final draft. Only send submission ready stories. If you submit a story, please make sure it's the version you want to see published - emailing me, asking me if you can change things while I'm in the editing process only serves to cause us both issues.

Be sure to tell me what zine you're tribbing for, and please include your email address and name IN the story file (I must have a way to contact you. Due to the sheer amount of submissions I receive, I've found this is the easiest way to keep up with what goes where - thanks for your understanding).

I've read all this and I still have questions. Help!

If you have any questions/comments/concerns, please email me.

One More Note: Please remember that I, as the publisher, do have final say in what art and stories are accepted and printed. I look forward to working with you!

Made-to-Order Zines

If you'd like a private collection of your favourite online fanfic, formatted and laid out in zine (book) format, we'd be glad to assist. We can do digest sized zines or full sized zines, with or without art, your choice, and quotes are given upon request. Payment is to be made at the time of ordering. Please note that "private collection" means one print of each volume for your own reading enjoyment. We do not make multiple copies, nor offer these collections to others at any time. You are purchasing layout and binding services only. We do not perform editorial duties on these collections.

Fan Comments

  • "[2013]: ... if you’re looking for someone to put out your fannish novel or story collection – they are the best. Period. Bast is a great editor and will take on any fandom. Joyce is a wonderful artist and fabulous with the technical side of things. Together they’ll make you look like a zillion bucks. I’ve trusted them with my work for years and have never had any problems." [3]

Publishers For Which This Press Printed and Agented

Present and in the past.

AngelWings/Devious Developments/Requiem | Politically ImpeRfect Press/Impress Books | DE Press | AMC Press | Ancient's Gate (some) | Tria Demens Press | AllGen Press | Triffid's Leg Press | J&J (original fic with Jane Evans) | Greycloud Services | Live Oak Manor | One Chick Slashing | Purgatory Press | Pony Ex-Press (some) | Solo Press (most) | Secret Pleasures Press | Twisted Tsister | Yadda Press | Vampire Crypt (original vamp fic) | Hannibal’s Plan Press | Alabaster Press | Asylum Press | Somnambulist Press | KnightWriter | In Person Press | Athelas Press | Sidekicks Press (most of NJ Kippax's zines) | Luminescence | Markate Press | Slash Net Publications | Battlefields Press | Incarnadine Zines | Kanalljc Press | Kittencrunch Press | No Name, No City (Politically ImpeRfect Press branch off) | Attic Press | Willowtree Press | Griffin & Associates Press | Clueless Press | Extortion Press | Venice Place Press (most) | Rafferty Press | Notes Press


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