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Name: Bast
Alias(es): Sanguine
Type: fan writer, zine publisher
Fandoms: Sentinel, Due South, Original Slash, Hard Core Logo, Professionals, Sahara, Company Business, adzine, Kiefer/Lou, CSI: Miami, SWAT: movieverse, Starsky & Hutch, Sherlock Holmes: ritchieverse, Sherlock (BBC)
Other: Kix's Humble Abode
Requiem Publications
dS fic on A Real Adventure
Requiem Publications[1]
URL: at Archive of Our Own
at LiveJournal
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Bast (Sanguine) was a major zine editor and publisher; she ran Requiem Publications and Zinelist.

Bast passed away in early April 2021 due to complications of Covid-19.

From Joyce Hindman: Bast Ravenshadow, who ran AngelWings Press and Requiem Publications, and did over 400 ‘zines as publisher, author, artist, has passed due to Covid related kidney failure. There will be no service. She attended MediaWest*Con for over two decades, and was active in Due South, Sentinel, MFU, S&H, Company Business and SWAT fandoms, as well as writing numerous original stories with her writing partner Sekhmet.[2]


Bast (1967 - 2021) produced, either alone or with her writing partner Hindman (as Sekhmet), 530 zines over approximately 25 years. She published or had content in the following zines (as examples):


I'm Not Cutting My Hair | Best of Bast | Pregnant Pauses | Mating Rituals | Lord Ellison | Tales of Cascade | Your Kink or Mine | Angel On My Mind | Whispers of the Heart | 852 Prospect | The Alternate Sentinel | Holiday Happenings | Best of Bast | Cat Corps | Bonded | Sentinel Stories from the Abode | Get Your Kix | In the Jungle | Vampyre Academie | Diefenbaker's Other Daddy

Due South

Netfic Collected | Home | The Wolf and the Butterfly | Anything | Body Heat


Shifting Sands | Making Pearls | Postcards


A to Z: Addicted to Zines (adzine) | Three of Hearts (Company Business) | The Seduction of Sam Boyd (Company Business) | A New Life (Kiefer/Lou) | Secret Agent Men (The Professionals) | Teamwork (CSI: Miami) | Collected by Bast (Hard Core Logo and Due South) | The Sacred and the Profane (Harry Potter)


It's Raining Men | Diverse Doings | One in Ten | Bedroom Eyes | Odd Couplings | Sidekicks | Battle of Hope | Entwined | Help Wanted | Fortuitous Circumstance | Jason Loves Jim | Jim Loves Jason | Learn to Love Again | Motivation | Owned | Protected | Resuscitation | Solid as a Rock | Ethereal | What Happens in Vegas doesn't always stay there | Living In The Land Of Earthquakes | Sanctuary (S.W.A.T./Unusuals zine) | Trinity | Delayed Reaction | Learn to Love Again | The Unlocked Heart | Making Pearls

Original Slash

Between Worlds | Alexander's Dragon | Mail Order Bride | The Monster in the Closet | Dante


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