Three of Hearts (Company Business zine)

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Title: Three of Hearts
Medium: print
Fandom: Company Business
Language: English
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Three of Hearts is 280-page slash trio of stories by Bast and Sekhmet. Color Cover. Descriptions from Lionheart Distribution.

KEEPER: "When Sam Boyd advertised for an administrative assistant for his construction firm, he never suspected how much his life would change. Then again, Peter Grushenko isn't the usual admin assistant, and his preference for solitude is a challenge to Sam's determination."

UNEXPECTED CHANCE: "Dr. Pyiotr Grushenko, shy computer whiz, makes an impulsive decision at a job interview and finds himself partnered with Sam Boyd, glib salesman. They forge a friendship at the workplace, but neither man knows how lonely his friend is until the trip to Boston, and a snowstorm that keeps them in close quarters for a weekend with reality just a flight away."

ACROSS AGES: "Pyiotr needs employment and a place to live and according to his uncle Dimitrii, he also needs a nice girlfriend. He has other ideas for his life, however, and they center around a pottery artist named Sam."