Jim Loves Jason

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Title: Jim Loves Jason
Publisher: Requiem Publications
Date(s): 2012
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: S.W.A.T./The Unusuals
Language: English
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Jim Loves Jason by Bast & Sekhmet, a digest-sized slash AU S.W.A.T./The Unusuals crossover 276-page anthology. The pairing is Jim Street/Jason Walsh. Interior splash pages by TLR.

The distributor says: "As always, a happy ending for Jim and Jason!"

The summaries below are from the distributor:

  • Change of Heart (When Jason gets himself into a tight spot and a stranger named Jim Street comes to his rescue and is injured, Jason feels he has to apologise for running away. One thing leads to another, and in another impulsive move, Jim invites Jason to move into his second bedroom as roommate, with benefits. A misunderstanding of their relationship triggers a nearly deadly series of events that only Jim can stop.)
  • The Blind Date (New to NY, Jim is grateful when the guys in his office get him a date for a company event, until he finds out the date is a gay detective. He refuses to give them the satisfaction of getting upset, and finds he enjoys Jason's company. A friendship develops, and eventually Jim finds himself considering if he might be lonely enough to give up being straight.)
  • Taming the Wild Thing (ATF Special Agent Jim Street is looking for an arms dealer and lets himself be picked up in a bar by a man who might be his target. But the young man he meets that night turns out to be only an innocent civilian. Somehow, he gets under Jim's skin, and helps Jim discover that everything he thought he'd lost forever, may not be truly gone.)