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Name: TLR
Type: fan writer, fan artist
Fandoms: Starsky & Hutch
URL: archived fan fiction website [Dead link]; fan art website; current Bay City Library Listing
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TLR is a gen and slash Starsky & Hutch fan writer.

She was nominated for and won several 2000 and 2001 Torino Awards.

In 2000 and again in 2008, she caused controversy when she pulled her fan fiction offline and offered it for sale in bundled e-zines. Some of this fiction is now back online.

TLR also created fan comics for the series.

Some fiction is here, here, and here.

A 2019 interview is here.

The Bundled E-Zine Stories


  1. Magic--Hutch's first major drug case 6 months after the Forest affair.
  2. The Farm--Starsky's birthday drive to the country takes a turn for the worse.
  3. Joe Collandra--The psychic shows up to help Hutch when trouble finds Starsky.
  4. Times and Seasons Journal: Missing Time. Starsky writes of missing time during his Marcus captivity.
  5. Directive--Starsky can`t recall the details of an abduction.
  6. Frankie's Gym--Life-changing events for Hutch at Frankie`s Gym.
  7. Aunt Rosie's Funeral--Hutch supports Starsky during a difficult time.
  8. Amberlee--A photographer named Amberlee enters the partners' lives.
  9. Tolerance--After Sweet Revenge.
  10. Menace--After The Fix


SLASH (Slash Stories)

  1. Brother Nick--Starsky's brother has an eye-opening visit
  2. Final Goodbye--Goodbye seems to be the hardest word
  3. After Bloodbath--Based on the episode
  4. After The Fix--Based on the episode
  5. Chances--Starsky isn't the only man who loves Hutch
  6. In Dreams--Based on Starsky's Lady episode
  7. Love Will Keep Us Alive--S&H visit Hutch's parents
  8. Three Words--H. reveals his true feelings to S
  9. What Might Have Been--If Terry had lived
  10. Twilight--Based on the Sweet Revenge episode
  11. Cross My Heart--The partnership is tested
  12. Los Angeles Times In Brief, The Thin Gay Line--Snippet


  1. Times and Seasons (Revised)--Can Hutch manage life?
  2. Point Blank--Hutch is under suspicion
  3. Times and Seasons 7 (Information)--Kent learns about H's past
  4. Los Angeles Times, Top Cop In Trouble--Snippet
  5. Battered--A domestic violence case
  6. Bloodbath (Missing Scene)
  7. Diary of a Sexual Sadist--Hutch is after a serial killer
  8. Times and Seasons 8 (Replay)--Forest out of jail
  9. Sleep II--Trouble when S escorts a witness to a Las Vegas trial


  1. Golden Ring--S suffers a devastating loss
  2. What If (ACFS--If There Were No Hutch)
  3. Kiko--All grown up
  4. Heat--S &H fight to survive in the desert
  5. Times and Seasons III--Davis and Kent on the trail of Marcus
  6. The Accident--An accident tests the friendship
  7. Playback (Short version)--Forest's leftovers back to finish
  8. Residue--Based on The Fix
  9. Hero--H discovers business and pleasure don't mix
  10. Lost and Found--A surprise from the past turns tragic
  11. Stones--Starsky sacrifices
  12. Snowstorm (Revised)--Camping trip goes awry


  1. Children Green and Gold--A child abuse case
  2. Omens--Gunther's men strike again
  3. Playback II--S must face himself
  4. Shadows--A Jewish hate group seeks revenge for the Holocaust
  5. Sleep--A member of the Mafia retaliates
  6. Snowstorm II (Revised)--Recovery from the camping trip
  7. The Fire (Revised)--H goes the extra mile to save a baby
  8. Damages--A tragic accident may change S forever
  9. Premonition--The Plague/SR missing scene
  10. Premonition II--Sweet Revenge missing scene
  11. Shadows II--H struggles with victimization
  12. Shadows III--H reaches out to an abused child
  13. Tainted--There is more to H's new love than meets the eye
  14. Twist of Fate--H's worst fear is realized


  1. Bash--The partners are involved in a hate crime
  2. Downtown--Taking Forest downtown to be booked
  3. Home Again--S home after the Gunther shooting
  4. How Deep--How far will H go to protect his partner?
  5. How They Met--One version of how the partners may have met
  6. Medicine Man--Is H's new gift a blessing or a curse?
  7. Times and Seasons II (Broken Wing)--Davis, Kent, and Tasha


  1. Crossroads--A high-speed police chase ends in tragedy
  2. Little Boy Blue--S's reservations about H's fiance
  3. Tough Love--H disrupts Marcus' plans for S
  4. Triangle--S's new girlfriend finds that breaking up hard to do
  5. Christmas Past, Present, and Future--H finally finds meaning in the holiday
  6. Times and Seasons III (Trail)--Davis and Kent on Marcus' trail
  7. Thanks--A Thanksgiving story
  8. Angel Eyes--Sweet Revenge through the eyes of an angel
  9. Bedside Manner--Starsky in a Hutchinson crisis
  10. Star of David--An anti-Semitic group in the precinct
  11. What If? (The Fix--If There Were No Starsky)
  12. Bloodstain--Hutch is missing


  1. Death Camp--A What If story set in 1943
  2. Cap--S&H are there for their captain
  3. Father Figure--The partners help a baby
  4. Kiko's Choice (Running Missing Scene)
  5. Revisited (Death Camp II)--S&H protect a Jewish professor
  6. To Honor and Cherish--The partners battle a different kind of enemy
  7. Thanks II--Another Thanksgiving
  8. The Winter Inn Murders--H's birthday present has a dark history
  9. To Honor and Cherish (Blue Christmas)--Without Hutch
  10. The Accident II--S&H help a blind girl find independence
  11. Collandra--H turns to a psychic for help. Based on The Psychic episode
  12. Boo--A Halloween story for the young at heart


  1. Grave--Marcus' followers
  2. Bash II--The partners after a serial killer who preys on gay men
  3. Fight--A favor for Huggy turns dangerous
  4. Ice--A winter vacation spells trouble
  5. Little Girl Lost--Handling a child sexual abuse case
  6. Overdose--Just when H thinks it's safe...
  7. Times & Seasons 5 (Brotherhood)--Brothers Davis and Kent are tested


  1. A Coffin for Starsky (Missing Scene)
  2. Avalanche--A winter vacation turns tragic
  3. Bash III--H is the target of a hate crime when he helps a gay youth
  4. Mister Hutchinson--Another Father's Day for S
  5. Sacrifice--Simon Marcus
  6. Sailing--After Gillian's death
  7. Bad Blood--H's new love interest spells trouble
  8. Family Way--S lends support to H's sister
  9. Ghost--Forest released from jail
  10. Ransomed--Captain Dobey kidnapped
  11. What If? (Sweet Revenge, Sweet Surrender)
  12. Touch & Go--The partners have a decision to make after a tragic accident


  1. Bloodstain--H is missing
  2. Echoes of the Fix--S goes undercover to find tainted heroin source
  3. Shatter--A psycho is bent on destroying everyone S cares about
  4. Times and Seasons IV (Bridges)--Davis' past comes terrorizing
  5. Big Boys Don't Cry (The Plague Missing Scene)
  6. Ollie's Thoughts--Thoughts from the Teddy Bear
  7. What If (Fatal Charm)--Based on the Fatal Charm episode
  8. Black Widow--Monique comes calling again
  9. Last Hope--H's last hope when S is involved in an accident
  10. Next Door--Young S's next-door-neighbor
  11. Partners (What If?)--A tragic possibility for the Partners episode
  12. Sweet Revenge (Missing Scene)--A visitor comes to the hospital after S is shot


  1. TANGLED WEB--S&H investigate a series of murders in the porno movie industry.
  2. RACE--Will Hutch find S before it's too late?
  3. DANGEROUS GROUND--Trouble at the Dobey cabin.
  4. HOW DEEP III-FRIEND IN NEED--Hutch is missing.
  5. BITTERSWEET--The partners investigate a teenage killer.
  6. LINE OF FIRE--The partners respond to a bank robbery, with tragic results.
  7. NO GOOD DEED--Hutch befriends a young gay man who appears to be the target of a serial killer.
  8. SUSPICION--Hutch under suspicion of a vicious assault.
  9. AVALANCHE II--The partners reunite in Minnesota



  1. The Desert--The partners are left to die in a desert.
  2. Fuel--Hutch discovers a little more about Starsky's uncle Al.
  3. The Heart Of It--Starsky has a decision to make concerning Hutch's behavior.
  4. Exit Wound--A stakeout takes a wrong turn.
  5. Visions--A story related to The Psychic..
  6. Revenge--A lady friend has revenge on her mind.
  7. The Cellar--The Lopez Brothers come calling.
  8. Blood--A Bloodbath story.
  9. Replay--A story about The Fix.
  10. Erin Ellis--The new girl in Starsky's life causes trouble.
  11. Dark Corners--Starsky is kidnapped.


  1. Blindspot--Starsky and Hutch deal with the aftermath of a shooting.
  2. Bloodlines--A mobster seeks revenge for the death of his brother.
  3. Ancient--The detectives deal with a timeless enemy.
  4. Amy--A young woman affects the lives of both detectives in unexpected ways.
  5. Accidental--An accident turns the lives of the detectives upside down.
  6. Abyss (story 2 in the Blindspot series)--Hutch isn't keen on a camping trip with Starsky
  7. Chameleon--Following an argument with a girlfriend...
  8. Desperate--Starsky's testimony puts a murderer behind bars.
  9. Brena--Following a party at Starsky's house...
  10. Effigy--An old enemy finds a new way.
  11. Missing--One of the partners goes missing.
  12. Maelstrom--Huggy's is taken over by a murderer on the run.


  1. Sacred--A cult case leaves Hutch worried about his partner.
  2. Harrowing--Hutch's revelation about his past.
  3. Scars--What remains
  4. Decision--Hutch after The Fix
  5. Hurt (Decision 2)--A getaway is just what they need...
  6. Safe--A trip to the Hutchinson farm...
  7. Him--In the beginning for Starsky...
  8. Steadfast--In the beginning for Hutch...
  9. Heroisch--Starsky's new love is a substance abuse counselor.
  10. Night Train (Safe 2)--

CLIPS-- Mini e-zine with 15 new short stories, 50 pages)

  1. Unfinished Business--Based on the Vendetta episode
  2. Swastika--A hate group comes calling--snippet
  3. Straitjacket--Based on the Murder Ward episode
  4. Skin--Based on The Fix episode
  5. Voodoo--Based on the Playboy Island episode
  6. Skinhead--Skinheads come calling
  7. Living Dead Girl--A girl H tried to help pays a visit
  8. The Edge Of Time--Collandra warns H of a vision
  9. Race Traitor--H deals with an Arian group
  10. Psycho--A psycho's letter from prison
  11. Protection--Artie Solkin is out of jail
  12. Mistaken Identity--H sacrifices for his partner
  13. Flashback--Based on The Fix
  14. Fire Starter--S deals with a pyro
  15. Cover--Maintaining cover isn't always easy