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You may be looking for Collected by Bast.

Title: Netfic Collected
Publisher: Devious Developments Press
Date(s): 2004
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: Due South
Language: English
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cover of issue #1

Issue 1

Netfic Collected 1 is a Due South slash anthology fanzine of 16 previously online stories all written by Bast. This is a digest-sized fanzine and is 248 pages with a color cover and interior by Shar.

  • Scarlet Fever: (Winner, 2002 Serge Award, Best PWP)
  • In My Dreams
  • Head Over Heals: (Graphic for this story won 2002 Serge Award for Best Artwork)
  • Cocoon
  • The Better Part
  • Difenbaker's Other Daddy
  • Soul Deep Love
  • Split Second
  • Understanding Fraser: (Winner, 2003 Serge Award, Best PWP & Winner, 2003 Serious Duck Award
  • Coming Home
  • Ray's Christmas Epiphany
  • Second Chance
  • Dance: (Winner, 2003 Serious Duck Award, Best Slash Romance & the Graphic for this story won 2003 Serge Award for Best Artwork & a 2003 Serious Duck Award for Best Slash Graphic)
  • Christmas Wishes: (Winner, 2003 Serge Award, Best Holiday Story & Winner, 2003 Serious Duck Award, Best Slash Story)
  • Something to Live For: (Winner, 2002 Serge Award, Best Drama)

Issue 2

Netfic Collected 2: Northern Light is a slash 64-page digest-sized novella by Shadow with a color cover and 3 color interiors by Shar.

cover of issue #2

Summary: "After Ray K. loses his sight, it's up to Fraser to show him that life isn't over. Maybe love is blind. Maybe it just sees with different eyes."