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Name: Shar
Alias(es): Sharon D
Type: fanartist, fan writer
Fandoms: The Sentinel, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, due South
URL: archived fan fiction site; archived fan art site; actor website
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Shar is a slash fan fiction and fan artist whose work has appeared in numerous fanzines and who specializes in photo-manip fan art. In 2003, her graphic work won her a Serious Duck Awards. Some of her Sentinel photo-manip art is archived here.

In a 2001 interview part of the Sentinel Slash Virtual Season Five Senses, Shar explained her approach to art: I was inspired by Eng, an artist in the Highlander fandom who has since done some illustrations for AngelWings Press. And then there was Killa. Between the two of them -- there was no way I could resist trying to come up with my own interpretations of things. Besides, I always enjoyed the graphics side of things, so for me, it was a natural progression."[1]

Garett Maggart Fansite

For several years she ran a Garett Maggart website, that focused on the Sentinel actor. In 2006, several years after the site stopped updating and Shar was not responding to emails, several fans attempted to establish an alternative website. The Sentinel community's initial response was negative, feeling that Shar's claim to a website promoting the actor took precedence. Eventually, the actor's publicity team gave permission for the new website to go forward. Shar's website stopped updating again in 2008.[2]

Cover and Art Gallery



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