The Seduction of Sam Boyd

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Title: The Seduction of Sam Boyd
Publisher: Requiem Publications
Author(s): Bast and Sekhmet
Cover Artist(s): Joni Warden
Illustrator(s): Joni Warden
Date(s): 2003
Series?: no
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: Company Business
Language: English
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The Seduction of Sam Boyd is a Company Business slash 184-page novel by Bast and Sekhmet. The color covers and black-and-white interior art are by Joni Warden. Won a 2006 Fan Q Award Company Business Zine, Slash.[1]

From the publisher,

"When ex-CIA agent Sam Boyd was called out of forced retirement to take convicted KGB spy Pyiotr Grushenko to Berlin to be traded for a downed US pilot, and given two million dollars to sweeten the deal for the Soviets, he never dreamed what would happen. When the trade is aborted, and he ends up on the run with handsome likeable Pyiotr, Sam finds himself heading into a new life. This novel is about that life, and its difficult beginning. Sam never expected to fall in love with Pyiotr, and Pyiotr, well, he’s not sure he can love a man. And then there’s that pesky KGB officer from Paris, who is carrying a grudge."[2]