Whispers of the Heart (Sentinel zine)

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Title: Whispers of the Heart
Publisher: Requiem Publications
Date(s): 1999-2003
Medium: print
Fandom: Sentinel
Language: English
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Whispers of the Heart is a slash Sentinel anthology.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Whispers of the Heart 1 was published in 1999 and contains 192 pages. Color cover by Eng. Interior b/w art by Geli and K9.

  • Top Dog by Shorts - Jim isn't the only boss at home. (1)
  • Changes and Decisions by Voracity - Blair feels he needs to change himself. How does Jim feel about the 'new' Blair? (7)
  • Eatus Interruptus by pumpkin - Jim shows his romantic side by surprising Blair. (38)
  • Ask for Answers by Taleya - Blair questions his decision to become a cop. (45)
  • In the Wrong Place at the Right Time by XFreak - Blair gives Jim a gift for Christmas that will last the test of time. (49)
  • Tortured Senses by Rayden Star - Jim unwillingly harms Blair. Will they ever be able to resurrect their friendship? Can they become more? (81)
  • One Hot Night by SuzanLynne - What can happen when it's hot in Cascade.... (102)
  • The Card by Shar - All about meaning in the little things. (107)
  • Seeing Red by K9 - Is Jim the jealous sort? (112)
  • Return by Laydperidot - Blair thoughts during 'TSbyBS'. (124)
  • Goldilocks by JenCat004 - Jim's hurt, and Blair takes care of him. (129)
  • Only Love Abides by Parker - In an AU, Jim meets Blair in New Orleans. His repressed sentinel senses are brought back on-line in a most unusual way. (136)
  • Breaking The Rules by Bast & Shar - Blair breaks House Rule #41, but Jim is right there. (141)
  • Road Trip by Mikasa - Blair invites himself along on an out-of-town trip, replacing Simon, never realizing that Jim didn't want him along. (146)
  • Tangles by Texas Ranger - Blair has a bad day at the U. Jim tries to help. (157)
  • Looking For Love by DeArse - Blair's looking for love, and he's not finding it at home. (164)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

I was so busy observing the cover by Geli, it took two days after I got the 'zine to get to the inside! Whew! I actually bought two copies of this 'zine. One to keep intact and one for the cover art. Once I finally made it inside, though, I was delighted with the fairly even mix of "first-time" and "established couple" stories. Tortured Senses is a terrific h/c, first-times, n/c sex story. We have a couple of AU's with In The Wrong Place At The Right Time and Only Love Abides. Overall a very nice. Why you should buy this 'zine: The cover. Okay...the stories, too. [1]

Issue 2

Issue #2, cover by Eng

Whispers of the Heart 2 was published in February 2000 and contains 278 pages. Color cover by Eng. Interior artwork by Geli, K9, lulu, Barbara Eickhoff, Larrkin and Bettina.

  • The End of the World As We Know It by Shadow -- Jim takes Blair on a much needed vacation.
  • After the Fact, pt I by JenCat -- A crime in Cascade affects Jim much more personally than normal.
  • Solace of Shade / Secure of Shelter by Linda -- Two poems with illustrations.
  • The Softness and Hardness of Love by Voracity -- Will Jim play when Blair's away?
  • To See the Light by Alyjude -- Jim's date has a few ideas of his own about Blair.
  • Baggage by Meg Carruthers -- Will seeing William Ellison bring back painful memories for Jim?
  • Up Against the Wall by J.C. -- Jim asks Blair the question, 'What about me?'
  • Agent Provocateur by Carmen -- A new man in the partner's lives causes unforeseen consequences... Jim and Blair try to deal in their own ways.
  • Natural is Betler by mikasa -- Jim sees why Blair insists on natural products.
  • Progression by Jean McArthur -- Sentinel/Highlander crossover. Jim and Blair attend a police convention in Seacouver. Blair meets Methos. Will they get together regardless of who they truly love, or will their intendeds wake up?
  • Aftermath by Tiger Moon -- Jim and Blair are brought together by an old friend.
  • We'll Be Together by vfoster -- While working on a case involving muggings at Cascade's hottest dance clubs, Jim realizes his feelings for his partner. But does Blair feel the same way? And how does a song fit into the equation?
  • I Remember Love by Angelise -- Jim meets Blair long before they meet in the hospital for the first time.
  • After the Fact, pt 2 by JenCat Blair takes Jim to new heights.
  • Black Velvet by XFreak -- Jim, Blair, and an evening at home.
  • Thunder and Lightning by Shorts -- The panther is released.
  • Somewhere Other Then the Night by Oconn -- Ever wonder what would happen if one day Jim realized that he never says thank you or I'm sorry?
  • Major Moves by Bast -- Jim turns his life upside down for Blair. Is it enough?

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

Too many to critique in this one. It's a solid piece of work. There're no losers in this one.

Standouts are Baggage by Meg Carruthers. This is pretty well a psychological study of Jim, looking at the damage William Ellison might have done to him, and the way that manifests itself in his relationships. I really like stories like that.

To See the Light by Alyjude. A short, cute story that's a character study from the POV of Jim's new boyfriend. There's many others, and they're all good.

And even...(drum roll please) a duet of poems that I liked. The only ones to date! Linda's Solace of Shade/Secure of Shelter. These are beautiful, and actually make sense to me. It's more than a little depressing to think I'm just not sharp enough to catch the point of most of the poetry.

Oh, and this one's spiral bound as well (!!)

Why you should buy this 'zine: It's huge. The 'zine is huge, guys. Sheesh! [2]

Issue 3

Issue #3, cover by K9. This cover was, for a while, used as the cover of the zine Anything. AngelWings Press was the only one authorized to use that cover as per the artist. Since K9 has requested all the covers featuring her art be removed from the 'zine, Anything. [3]

Whispers of the Heart 3 was published in August 2000 and contains 202 pages. Color cover by K9. Interior artwork by Geli

  • A Twin Dilemma by K9 --A R/Mack Wolfe, first-time story. Our main squeezes, Jim and Blair, are an established couple. Someone gets just a little jealous when he thinks he sees his lover stepping out on him. (1)
  • Stolen Moments by Virginia Foster --A series of unrelated snippets which let us peek into the lives of Jim and Blair as an established couple. (26)
  • From A Distance, I've Been Waiting For The One by Skyline -- An AU story. Vampirism, J/B first-time. (38)
  • Love: Above And Beyond The Call by Cat -- R/H, first-time. Rafe owies. Almost no Jim/Blair. (45)
  • To Dye For by Ophelia -- Jim angst. First-time (66)
  • On And On by OCONN -- angst for both our guys, but particularly Blair. First-time. (82)
  • poetry (6 poems) by Patt (95)
  • Love Too Precious by Angelise, DarkCherry, and Megan McKay -- Simon gets his turn with Rafe! Lots of Rafe angst. Lots of stupid Simon almost letting his fears ruin his chance at love. (99)
  • Into The Dark by Loonywoif -- Pitch Black/TS crossover. It's time for Rafe to move on with his life after the death of his SO. Rafe/Riddick. (120)
  • Mine by S'Belle -- Blair leaves town for a few days and of course his Sentinel ends up on trouble. (137)
  • Sheared by Rogue -- I'm sorry to report, the curls do not survive. On the other hand there's some great Blessed Protector action and it's a first-time! (154)
  • Baby Driver by MoonPuppy -- AU. First-time. Jim and Blair meet under different circumstances. (170)
  • Risks by Shorts --AU. Blair has two identities. One as Professor Sandburg at Rainier U and one as Dark Knight, professional assassin. Blair wants to give up his second identity, but has one last job. To kill a man named James Ellison. (184)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

Why you should buy this 'zine: If you're a Rafe fan you won't want to miss this one! Why you shouldn't buy this 'zine: Not as much Jim and Blair, but then that's not really a good reason not to buy it! [4]

Issue 4

Issue #4, cover by Geli

Whispers of the Heart 4 was published in 2002 and contains 185 pages. Color cover by Geli. Interior artwork by Geli, K9 and Bettina.

  • Playing It Real by Shadow (For an undercover assignment, Jim and Blair pose as a gay couple at a gay club. They are supposed to be there as backup for Rafe, who is the "bait", and shouldn't have any further involvement.) (1)
  • Let Me Guide You by Ramblin' Rose (Jim is slipping away from his guide. Blair feels as if Jim is dying and goes and seeks out some help from an old teacher. Why is Jim doing this and what can Blair do to help? First time. Blair convinces Jim that a Guide and Sentinel must physically mate to seal their bond.) (29)
  • Up And Open by Rogue ("I need your emotions up, man, and I need them open!" Blair to Jim in "Warriors) (34)
  • Fit To Be Tied by Cara Chapel (Blair winds up in trouble when things get out of hand at a party. Includes B/O, bondage, Jim/Blair, first-time.) (46)
  • Friends And Lovers by Deb (A lazy rainy day at the loft is interrupted by a visit from a friend bearing gifts.) (72)
  • Prostate 101 by Patt Paulos-Darrow (Blair is tired of waiting for Jim to catch that clue bus. So, he decided to make the first move and teach Jim all he will need to know about a male/male relationship. The story of Blair, the teacher and Jim Ellison the student. First time. Blair teaches Jim the finer attributes of the prostate.) (84)
  • A Friendly Push by Angelise (Sometimes all you need is a push...) (90)
  • When I need You by Carmen (This is an A/U that explores an alternative meeting for Jim and Blair.) (99)
  • To Love And Be Loved by Shorts (Can Daryl accept the new man in Simon's life?) (109)
  • If Wishes Were Horses...Blair Would Ride by Jean (Jim overhears a conversation that allows him to pursue Blair.) (125)
  • Timeless Love by OCONN (While trapped in a collapsed building with Blair, Simon learns something about his best team's past.) (133)
  • Priceless by Silk (Blair's expertise makes him a logical candidate for a leading role in the Cascade PD's investigation of a ring of upper-class thieves stealing irreplaceable antiquities from museums all across the country. The return of Nolan Emory, a deceptively elegant but aggressive predator from their mutual past, complicates things by making it personal. And they all discover that there are some things you cannot own yet their value remains beyond measure.) (150)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 4

As you can see the cover is very nice. The interior art is even better! The matching drawings by K9 are lovely to behold! Both are "tasteful" nudes; the first, depicts Jim sitting against the loft railing looking somewhat contemplative (probably wondering how the hell it can take Blair so long just to find the lube and get his ass back upstairs). The second, is of Blair on the sofa; asleep! Poor little guppy. Probably was planning a surprise for the Tough Guy and couldn't keep it up. Er, stay awake. Bettina's cute cartoon-like drawings add just the right dash of graphic humor to the 'zine. Geli's portrait of Jim, is of course, worthy of much droolage. Yum! Some stunning art work in this 'zine! [5]
Whisper of the Heart 4 Review By Ramblin Rose

Cover by Geli. I love a Jim picture in his army get up. This is a very sweet cover. Jim looks so young and vulnerable. Wait till you all see it. It's great.

Page 29 by K-9 The divine Miss M has done it again. My god this is a seductive, but yet sweet pose of our Jim. Oh goodness, I love this one big time.

Page 51 by Geli What a great pensive looking Jim piece. I adore it. Geli and K-9 never cease to make my day. Woo hoo.

Page 167 by K-9 Oh my word!!!! Divine Miss M has given us a Blair that really needs a warning on it. Drool alert. It is truly beautiful.

I must not forget Bettina, the cartoonist, I like the little cartoons thrown in there. Thank you to all of you. A job well done.

Playing it Real by Shadow What a great undercover gay story. I laughed a lot reading about the shock on Blair's face when he found out about the assignment. Shadow tells it so well that you forget that anyone else has ever written this type of tale. God, how I love first time stories, for clueless Jim and Blair. This was a superb story. Make it longer next time, Shadow. That's all I ask. Now I need to go and check out more of your stories. Thank you, Shadow.

Let Me Guide You by Ramblin Rose This is a serious story, by me. I'm not going to write about it. I think that would be too weird. LOL

Up and Open by Rogue This takes place after Warriors. Jim finds out that he isn't the only bisexual person in the loft.

Shock of shocks, they find out they are both in love with each other.

God, C, when you talk about Big Jim and the twins, I fell out of my chair laughing my ass off. It was so much fun.

This was an all too fast, fun and sexy read. Hint, hint, hint. C, make it longer next time.

Thanks, Rogue.

Fit To Be Tied by Cara Chapel Jim and Simon are going to bust up a party where a drug lord might be found. Guess who's at the party? Yup, that would be Blair.

Simon gives Jim 20 minutes to find Sandburg and get him out. What Jim finds is his partner in bed with a gay. He gets him out and they go home and argue. Jim end up putting cuffs on Blair and himself. However, they are the cuffs from the raid, so Jim doesn't have the key. Oops.

They are joined for now and Jim lays in bed not able to sleep. His mind is working overtime. Keep in mind where Jim is, Blair is. Now Jim has a lot of time to think about his sexual identity crisis.

I love a clueless Jim. I also love Jim realizing he wants Blair. This is a great first time story, that went way too fast for me. I'm saying this a lot. I guess I want bigger zines. Longer stories, bigger zines.

Thanks, Cara.

Friends and Lovers by Deb A nice quiet evening at home goes into the trashcan. After a shower, Jim answers the door to Simon, in a towel. I mean, Jim is in the towel, not Simon. Hee hee. Simon then sees Sandburg standing there in a towel and he's shocked. He is carrying bags of meat. I know, I thought the very same thing. Hee hee. Deb, you crack me up.

Well a butcher shop lost its power so Simon picked up a huge beef roast and a tongue roast for Blair. (if I remember right, he did it as a joke, not thinking anyone really did like tongue.)

Simon has too much to drink and passes out at the loft. Jim gets him into Blair's old room for the night. Well, they had hoped. Nevertheless, just like death and taxes, they were interrupted.

Thankfully, Simon knows when to leave them alone. When Jim and Blair go up to bed, Blair is concerned about what will happen at work. Jim tells him to trust in Simon.

This was a very sweet story of friends accepting friends. I loved it. Thank you so much, Deb. It was just perfect.

Prostate 101 by Patt Paulos-Darrow Okay, again, I can't say anything about this silly story. But it was fun to write. I can say that much at least, eh?

A friendly Push by Angelise The story starts out with everyone in Major Crimes being talked into something for Charity.

I just laughed my ass off while reading this one. It was a hoot and a half. Simon is gay, Rafe is gay and our guys are gay. Geeze, that only leaves Joel and Brown to be straight. You have to see the damn humor in that alone.

When Rafe walks out on stage, Simon starts bidding on him. Again, this is a very funny story. I just keep smiling and I'm not saying anything more about that part. It should be a surprise.

My god, this is one hot story. Woo Hoo.

Thank you very much, Angelise. One complaint. Can you guess? That's right, it was tooooooo damn short.

When I Need You by Carmen (Ceares) C, this was terrific. It's AU, which I love, almost like it was spiritual.

I don't want to say much about it other than it's very sad, moving, and filled with love. This is going to be one of my favorites for sure. I will say that when all looks lost, look further. This is such a wonderful story by one fan-fucking-tastic author.

Thank you so much, Carmen.

To Love and Be Loved by Shorts This one is a Simon and Rafe story. Simon calls Rafe Angel. I have to say if my hubster ever called me Angel, I would have to kill him. Hee hee.

Simon is torn between letting Daryl know about them. He's tired of hiding his Angel.

Simon decides to tell Daryl. Rafe isn't sure it's the right thing to do. After a hot night of passion, Jim calls needing a place for he and Blair to crash. There's been a small fire at the loft, and they need somewhere to go. Simon doesn't know what to do, until Jim tells him he already knows about them. Jim and Blair tell them about them, too.

Sweet Daryl accepts them and everyone is happy. Well, believe me, the story is a lot better than the review. I just hate to give every damn thing away. This is a great Simon and Rafe story. Thank you so much, shorts.

If Wishes Were Horses, Blair Would Ride by Jean Conner and Blair are in the break room discussing whether Blair has a chance with Jim.

Conner gives him pointers. The thing is, Jim overheard them talking and is very happy about it.

Oh, woo hoo. Jim lets Blair top. That Jim is such a bottom boy slut. I love it. This is fantastic.

Oh god, the ending is precious. I'm not telling. You have to get the zine and read it.

This is one, fast, fun and sexy story. Too fast for me. I want more. Do you suppose if I start sending whining notes to the authors, they'd write longer stories? Well, anyhow, Jean, thank you so very much. I loved this one to death. I would like to see more of it. I mean that. As in, if you just want to write a sequel for me that would be great. Hee hee.

Timeless Love by OCONN Blair is shopping for Jim's Birthday with Simon. While in the store, a tremor hits and Blair gets caught under a beam, trying to save someone else.

Thankfully, Simon is there with him. Blair tells Jim about the first time Jim came to his rescue. Then we find out Blair was the actual rescuer and Jim wouldn't have made it without Blair's support and love.

Jim's reminded of things as well as Blair. They become even closer and are reminded of everything in their lives. This was one super story. I loved every single word. I adore the ones where they meet while they were kids and then come to find out, didn't really know it until later.

Thank you so much, OCONN.

Priceless by Silk Talk about a sweet opening. I love the sweet and romantic talk between the guys. I also love Jim's insecurity. This is something that Silk does really well.

Simon assigns them to a case and Jim is totally insecure in that too. Blair is undercover and Jim is his bodyguard. That is until Jim tells everyone he is Blair's shrink. I was howling during this entire part. I love how Silk combines humor with suspense and good story lines.

Someone is watching them, and Jim feels it. Meanwhile back at the ranch. (hee hee.) Jim and Blair are doing my favorite thing. That's right. Tongue fucking. Get that damn fan out.

To anyone who isn't familiar with Silks stories you need to check out her story, Gemini Rising at 852 Prospect: The Sentinel Adult Fiction Index (SXF archive). It has Nolan Emory in it, also. In fact, she has two stories that have him in it. They are all great.

We have intrigue, action, suspense and humor in all of her work. Nolan Emory is back but finds out it's not just Jim he has to deal with. We see a very protective Blair. This is one of the best stories I've read in ages. You will all love it.

Thank you so much, Silk. You rock. [6]

Issue 5

Issue #5, cover by Geli

Whispers of the Heart 5 was published in 2001 and contains 202 pages. Color cover by Geli. B/W interior art by Shar (manips) and Bettina (cartoons).

  • Fear of Flying by Silk (Sometimes you have to leave the ground in order to learn to fly.) (1)
  • Jazz by Hazel (Soft tunes lead to gentle lovemaking and blue notes don't mean being blue at all.) (6)
  • Mating Rituals by Lilith Faire (Blair has questions about a certain North American mating ritual. Jim decides to explain it up close and personal.) (45)
  • All My Empty Spaces by Garnet (A post-Sentinel Two, pt. 2 story where, after the return from Sierra Verde, Jim is avoiding Blair and Blair is growing frustrated and upset and neither of them are really talking to each other, until one night when it all comes out and they re-discover their bond and re-define their relationship) (58)
  • My Life, My Heart, My Soul by Shorts (A sweet, romantic first time between the Sentinel and his Guide.) (105)
  • Jim's Kinks by Geli (Jim gets in over his head when he teases Blair.) (116)
  • A Kaleidoscope of Kai by Angelise (Snapshot moments from the life of Rafe and his new lover.) (124)
  • Sound of Silence by Lucy Doty (A separation is hard for the Sentinel, and the Guide understands how hard when he returns home.) (149)
  • All Service Rendered With A Smile by Jayme (Blair needs help of an unusual kind from Jim when he is stricken by a Gypsy's curse.) (159)
  • Homecoming: Jim's Story by Valaria (Jim and Blair have no place to go but straight ahead, full speed, throttle wide open.) (177)
  • Necessary Deception by Rogue (Jim is acting strangely towards his Guide. Will they salvage their partership, or is it doomed?) (104)

Issue 6

Issue #6, cover by Marianne

Whispers of the Heart 6 was published in January 2002 and contains 202 pages. Color cover by Marianne. B/W interior art by Geli, Shar and Hazel.

  • The Devil Is Sure to Follow by Shorts (Summary: Rafe and Simon are building a life together with Simon's son, Daryl, when something goes horribly wrong.) (1) (a sequel to "Where No Angels Fear to Tread" in Reflections of Rafe)
  • Daring Deeds by Nancy T (Summary: A weekend seminar in Las Vegas ends with a series of dares, which lead Jim and Blair to a startling self-revelation. Expanded from the net.) (28)
  • Worthy by Ophelia (Summary: Someone from Blair's past comes back to claim what's his.) (58)
  • Self-Inflicted by Chrys (Summary: Blair is planning to go on an expedition. Jim )is unhappy. (96)
  • Just Another Valentine's Day by Hazel (Summary: Joel and Rafe realize that their love is all they need.) (113)
  • Cuttin' by Rogue (Summary: It's Tangoin' Time! Cascade gets hot; the guys get hotter as they Cha-Cha their way into love.) (142)
  • A Lasting Encounter by Angelise (Highlander crossover) (Summary: A past life is recalled by Rafe.) (149)
  • And We Danced by Silk (Summary: AU, First Time, J/B - Jim's alone, but wants more - whether he realizes it or not.) (164)

Issue 7

Issue #7, cover by K9

Whispers of the Heart 7 was published in April 2002 and contains 202 pages. Color cover by K-9

  • Ache by Dolimir (Summary: A first time story told in the voice of Blair’s dissertation voice.) (1)
  • Homecoming by Jim: Parameters of Pleasure by Valaria (Summary: This is the 3rd chapter of the primary portion of my Homecoming universe.) (15)
  • For The Moment by KAM (Summary: When Jim is dealing with the aftermath of witnessing another senseless death, Blair is there to comfort him.) (37)
  • Everything by Rogue (Summary: “So when you said ‘it’s about friendship’, you were lying through your eyeteeth?”) (46)
  • And Mortals Stand Between by Shorts (Summary: This story is in the same universe as Where No Angel Fears To Tread, available in Reflections of Rafe, and The Devil Is Sure To Follow, available in Whispers Of The Heart VI.) (80)
  • The Wisdom of the Wolf/The Wisdom of the Jaguar by LilyK (Summary: Shaman Blair Sandburg finds Sentinel Jim Ellison in the jungles of Peru.) (95)
  • Freeing Love by Angelise (Summary: Sentinel AU---A young Blair frees a slave, not knowing his heart will soon be held captive by the one he rescues.) (128)
  • Parallel Dreams by serena (Summary: No man is an island. What would have happened to a Sentinel without friends and a Guide...) (143)
  • End of Day Comfort: Valentine’s Day by Virginia Foster (Summary: A reaffirmation of Jim and Blair’s love.) (184)

Issue 8

Issue #8, cover by Geli

Whispers of the Heart 8 was published in July 2002 and contains 202 pages. Color cover by Geli. B/W interior art by K9 and Marianne.

  • The Wishing Trap by Shadow (Summary: Sometimes a Sentinel reaches way down inside himself and finds the power to pull his Guide back from the dead, and then some time later, when his Guide does something truly unforgivable, finds a way to forgive him.) (1)
  • Save Me from Bad Television by Rogue (Summary: Jim and Blair watch the season finale of Smallville and figure a few things out while they do so.) (9)
  • Horny by Hazel (Summary: "God, Bri, I love you. Never want to be anywhere else, only with you, only here...." Joel did move then, slowly, passionately, trying to hold his weight off his love while he buried his head in Brian's full dark hair.) (28)
  • Remember Me, Always by LilyK (Summary: Following an accident, Jim Ellison suffers a memory loss.) (36)
  • Time To Heal by KAM (Summary: Kneeling down, Blair trailed his hand through the water. "Sometimes I wonder if it'd be like that again. If it'd feel like I was just floating away again.") (69)
  • I Know Your Secret by Angelise (Summary: A friend from the past monkeys around in Jim and Blair's life, helping them realize their feelings for one another.) (78)
  • Private Lives in Public Places by Shorts (Summary: "I meant, you should be with me," whispered Blair to an empty room. He slowly got up and went to his bedroom, quietly shutting the door behind him.) (94)
  • To Sleep, Maybe To Dream by serena (Summary: An hour later not even the slightest scent betrayed his afternoon delights.) (106)
  • Something The Boy Said by Silk (Summary: Jim has something to say about what Blair said.) (130)
  • End of Day Comfort Series by vfoster (Summary: Slices of life for Jim and Blair.) (133)
  • Touch by Aouda Fogg (Summary: A love story.) (153)
  • Blessed Protector by Rogue (Summary: Carolyn tries to put the moves on Jim in a surprise visit to Cascade. Jim does not care for it. So she goes after Blair. Not in a nice way. Takes place after Dead Drop.) (157)

Issue 9

Issue #9, cover by Lilac

Whispers of the Heart 9 was published in March 2003 and contains 202 pages. Color cover & B/W interior art by Lilac.

  • Forever by Shorts (Summary: "Why this sudden need to make a public display of our relationship?" Jim stood, his gaze never leaving Blair's face.)
  • Action! by Valeria (Summary: Nostrils flaring, I could see him filtering out all the other scents to zero in on me as he cut a swift straight line through the crowd dancing twenty deep around the bandstand, without seeming in any kind of hurry at all.)
  • Words We Don't Say by Valeria (Poetry)
  • Ashes, Ashes by Ivy McAllister (Summary: A few days after the suits showed up, he thought he'd picked up a tail. Two days after that, he knew his instincts had been right. He stood on his small balcony, pointedly not looking at the now familiar blue Crown Victoria parked about a block away. They were watching him with a scope. He knew. He could see them.)
  • Life Is Better With Animals by Lady J (Summary: And Sandburg's desire to know something, to find things out, was nearly always how he got into trouble.)
  • Lovely by Carmen (Summary: He didn't know what woke him, that time-some modicum of sound penetrating the layers of sleep. He rolled over, reaching for Jim, yet not surprised to find the bed empty. Getting up, Blair didn't bother to slip on his robe as he padded softly down the stairs.)
  • Tainted Love by Lyn (Summary: He flopped down onto his futon, and powered up his laptop, trying hard not to be distracted by the laughter and animated conversation coming from the living room. "Face it, Sandburg," he chastised himself as he opened the topmost reference book on the pile. "You're jealous." He snorted at his childish feelings. "He's just an old buddy. No need to get your nose bent out of shape.")
  • Cleansed by KAM (Summary: Staring after Blair, the smile left Jim's face as he realized that there was more than a door separating the two of them. Damn you, Alex. Why did you have to come and fuck everything up?)
  • First Move by Grey (Summary: "I'm not joking." Jim clenched his jaw, his hands holding the steering wheel tighter than he needed to. Images of his partner crumpling under the sucker punch of their latest suspect still made him a little bit crazy. His throat tightened, the words dry on his tongue. "You could've been killed.")
  • So Far Away From Me by Kayra (Summary: Blair is at a conference in New York. Jim is in Cascade. Both are having a rough week and finally connect via a late night phone call.)
  • Cover Me by LilyK (Summary: The second floor TV room was quiet. Only two people were occupying the room that night. One, a woman, was on one end of the sofa, engrossed in a cooking program. The other patient caught Jim's attention immediately.)


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