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See also: Hurt/Comfort, Whump, Get'em, Angst
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Owies is the "hurt" part of Hurt/Comfort and a term used almost exclusively in The Sentinel fandom almost always in relation to Blair.

Examples of Use

  • From a fan's review of the zine Anything: "There're lots of owies, torture and angst here, but love wins in the end."
  • From a fan's review of the zine Bakari: "But I just loved Aly's Blair-owies and mental angst in this. I admit I cried and suffered with that tight lump thingy in my throat through half the story!"
  • A fanwriter, Lady Ra, describes her zine, Bedtime Stories: "All is sweetness and light in my universe. Angst? Yes. Owies? Yes. Bad guys? Yes. Sex? You betcha. But: ALL MY STORIES HAVE HAPPY ENDINGS. ALL OF THEM. WITH SMOOCHIES ON TOP."