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Name: K9
Alias(es): Lyrade
Type: fanartist, fanwriter, fanzine publisher
Fandoms: Action, The Authority, Babylon 5, Batman, Bedrooms And Hallways, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer/Angel: The Series, The Detectives, Due South, The Faculty, Harry Potter, Hercules: TLJ, Jurassic Park, La Femme Nikita, Oz (HBO), Quantum Leap, Queer As Folk (UK), Shakespeare, Smallville, Stargate SG-1, The Sentinel, Thief Takers, Ultraviolet, Witchblade
URL: K9's fic, K9's fanart
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K9 is a prolific slash artist (mainly portraits) and author in many fandoms. Her work has appeared extensively in fanzines (and in the case of Sentinel fandom, her work appears to have cornered the fanzine market for years). She works mainly in coloured pencil on heavy duty paper as well as acrylic on paper.

Links to Some Art

Artist's Bio

From her art gallery page:

Born in the United Kingdom, on a snowy February day, I have lived with a lifelong obsession: drawing. For as long as I can remember, I have sketched, painted, sculpted, and created. As a child, I would read a book, and draw the characters (something I must confess, I still do!) For years, my mother had a collection of paintings from my childhood; memories of book characters, eagerly sketched while the image was fresh in my mind. Pantomimes I'd been taken to as a child, and spent weeks, painstakingly recreating as sketches. Film, and TV shows, catalogued as pictures, and family members (usually pets) lovingly recorded with a child's eye. People have asked me 'Why do you draw'? To which I usually answer, 'How could I not?' I simply cannot imagine not drawing, any more than I can imagine not breathing. It is a love; a passion that is a part of me. It has nothing to do with making money, or receiving praise. I did this long before the internet, long before anyone other than my family ever saw my work, and if I was told tomorrow, that no one could ever see my work again, I'd *still* do it, with the same joy, and love I feel for it right now.[1]

The Artist's Timeline

All quotes are from her art website: [2]

  • In the beginning...Like many fans, she was exposed to Tolkien's Lord of the Rings books as a child which inspired her to draw. "Many years ago, as a very young child, I was given a copy of 'The Hobbit', and I fell hopelessly in love with Bilbo Baggins. When I received 'Lord Of The Rings, I was at first quite horrified that my beloved Bilbo was *not* the hero, but young upstart hobbit by the name of Frodo. How *could* they? I'd even named my new hamster Bilbo, such was my devotion!...One of the first things I began to do as I read, was make drawings of the characters and places I could see in my head. (No, don't worry, my six year old scribblings aren't here:) The images were so vivid, and so compelling even then, that I decided I wanted to go live in Rivendell in Summer, and Hobbiton in Winter, and I wanted to be Aragorn! So you see, this is not a new obsession for me, just a very old one revisited."
  • July 1998 - "I discover something called 'The Sentinel', which is seriously bad news for all those I was doing 'serious' artwork for! In my few bored moments I decide to doodle around with the characters which I know almost *nothing* about and for whom there was still relatively little on the net in the way of pictures (certainly compared to today!)"
The artist's first Sentinel portrait dated 1998. She writes: "My first Blair portrait and still my personal favourite."
  • 1999 - "Okay, getting a little more enthusiastic here..." (referring to the over 35 Sentinel drawings created that year). A few other fandoms creep into the slash art portfolio (Due South, X-Files, Stargate SG1 along with DC Comics artwork in the form of Batman and Robin.
  • 2000 - "Slowing down a little (I blame old age) the raw enthusiasm has been replaced by a comfortable familiarity...kind of like a marriage." (10 Sentinel art pieces created that year). More Batman art, with the the addition of Dick Grayson's Nightwing.
  • 2001 - "Some of these [Sentinel] pictures were produced several years ago, but are now released from zines for use on the net." The artist continues to draw one off portraits in other fandoms, such as Quantum Leap and Jurassic Park.
  • 2002- Approximately 20 pieces of Sentinel art, most from zines that are being released to the net. However, the artist dabbles in other fandoms, inclduing a het drawing A Kiss From A Rose for Witchblade. Slash drawings from OZ increase in number. In June 2002, the artist removes her LOTR slash art from the Internet "Due to events within LoTR slash fandom, which have made me very uncomfortable..." In connection with her slash Smallville art she says:"Like I could resist a show *this* slashy? I just loved doomed relationships *sigh*"
  • 2003-2008 - only three pieces of Sentinel art. More Stargate SG1 art appears, along with a Robin of Sherwood portrait. In 2004 she published the OZ zine Ad Seg under the name KittenCrunch Press. She published an online version of the "2006 Meloni Calendar" featuring artwork inspired by the actor who appeared on OZ. She also drew a story cover for adriannacoylho's NCIS Big Bang story "Make This Go on Forever"
  • 2009 - a few Stargate Atlantis drawings.

Zine Cover Controversy

In 2000, one of K9's Sentinel fanzine covers appeared at the center of a controversy. The zine, Anything originally had a color cover by K9 that had also appeared on the cover of Whispers of the Heart #3. This led the publisher of Whispers to announce that: "AngelWings Press is the only one authorized to use that cover as per the artist. Since K9 has requested all the covers featuring her art be removed from the 'zine Anything" [3]


  • "The illustrations by K9 are a wonderful compliment to this 'zine. I think she really captures the feel of the story and her color piece for the cover is hauntingly perfect..." and "The art is by K9, with some great black and white interior art. There is one that is just gorgeous at the end of the first section of Healing with Jim and Blair nude on the bed in a clinch that is just beautiful. Bravo K9 for more lovely art work." (reviewing the zine Healing)[4]
  • "The matching drawings by K9 are lovely to behold! Both are "tasteful" nudes; the first, depicts Jim sitting against the loft railing looking somewhat contemplative (probably wondering how the hell it can take Blair so long just to find the lube and get his ass back upstairs). The second, is of Blair on the sofa; asleep! Poor little guppy. Probably was planning a surprise for the Tough Guy and couldn't keep it up." (reviewing the zine Whispers of the Heart #4).[5]

Cover Gallery

Reference Notes


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