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cover of the zine It's Greek to Me provides a helpful diagram
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"That was your prostate. It's going to become your best friend."
(from the story Identity by Trekker)


The Prostate Introduction is a trope employed in sexually explicit slash fanworks which feature one half of the sexual partnership as a virgin to anal penetration and one who is not.

The virgin is apparently unaware he even has a prostate gland and/or that it may be employed as a supposed little hot-button of pleasure, something his more experienced partner is only all too happy to show him.


  • "We all know the "but it's the solar system" scene. Well, move it to the bedroom and make it a "but it's the prostate" scene" is explored in the Sherlock story But it's the prostate! by Kalimyre
  • Simon gets his horizons expanded in the Sentinel zine Anything by Lucy Hale. "Simon felt as Rafe brushed against that one spot he had never known was inside of him, and his back arched, his mouth dropped open. 'Rafe!'"
  • Sonny gets a lesson in the Miami Vice zine Phone Sex by Flamingo "...every time you plunge inside me, you hit something that's making me crazy. I've never had this much pleasure."
  • Jack and Rose switch bodies in the Doctor Who story Asleep at the Switch by 51stcenturyfox, and Jack gets to shake hands with Rose's prostate. "'While I'm down here, I’d like to introduce you to… your prostate.' Jack’s slick, pink-polished fingertip entered her and her breath hitched."
  • In the Sentinel story, Tangled Web by BuffyAngel68, Blair shows Jim a thing or two: ""Chr... Oh... S... Sand... burg.... wha... what is... that...?" [Blair answered] "Prostate gland.... lovely, no?""
  • In another Sentinel story, Chaste by Nancy T, it is Jim who demonstrates his superior knowledge of human anatomy. ""What the hell was that?" Blair asked, panting in the aftermath of the powerful surge. Stroking the long curls, Jim smiled at his inexperienced partner. "That, my love, was me stroking your prostate.""
  • Blair has a a plan for a clueless Jim in the Sentinel story by Resonant called Waking: "I stroke into him slowly, avoiding his prostate, you'd say I was teasing him except that he doesn't know it's there... I want to surprise him."
  • From Professionals story Waiting to Fall by Rob: "It was my prostate, that's what you touched. It felt...wonderful, I thought I was going to come." "Your what?" Doyle asked blankly... Bodie laughed. "Don't you have any idea what you just did? Touching a bloke's prostate is the most sure way of getting him to climax, Ray," Bodie explained to the baffled man."
  • In The Bijozakura Seal, a Naruto story by megyal, a soulbonded Kakashi experiences anal sex for the first time: "That was... wow." Kakashi felt surprised and completely annoyed at the same time. "You hit my prostate. Keep going, try that angle again."