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Name: Rafe, sometimes spelled as Ryf, no last name in canon is mentioned
Occupation: cop
Title/Rank: detective
Location: Cascade Police Department
Status: alive
Fandom: The Sentinel
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Rafe (sometimes spelled Ryf) is a detective in Major Crimes of the Cascade Police Department. He doesn't have a lot of screen time in canon, but makes up for it in fanon.

Speculation on Rafe's Name

Last name:

First name: many fans use the fanon name "Brian."

Rafe's Clothing

In fanon, Rafe is often depicted as being a snappy dresser, sometimes overly concerned about his fine clothing.


He is sometimes paired with Megan O'Connor, sometimes with Simon and makes an occasional appearance in threesomes with Jim and Blair. Rafe is also paired with Blair.

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