Diverse Doings

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Title: Diverse Doings
Publisher: Straight Up Press
Editor(s): Kathy Agel
Date(s): 1997-2003
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Diverse Doings is a slash multimedia fanzine, with many Fan Quality Award winning stories. It ran at twelve issues.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Diverse Doings 1 was published in November 1997 and is 131 pages long.

The art is by Anja Gruber and Whitby27.

  • One Afternoon by Cody Nelson (Blake's 7) (3)
  • Rat Patrol Limericks by Amedia, including "A Mutual Agreement," "Parlay-Vous," and "Speaking for All of Us, Actually" (Rat Patrol) (8)
  • One Magical Night by Chris J. Ueberall (Rat Patrol) (9) (Sam Troy wakes in the night and feels himself drawn to a spot in the desert, where he finds Hans Dietrich awaiting him.)
  • From Hong Kong with Love by Sue (X-Files) (15)
  • Anniversary by Susan Cutter (Blake's 7) (19)
  • Just Rewards by Debra Hicks (Rat Patrol) 31 (Moffitt finally gets the chance to thank Dietrich for shooting Major Wansee)
  • Intruder by Elizabeth Holden (X-Files) (37)
  • More Rat Patrol Limericks by Amedia including "Going Native" and "Mountin' a Mountain Man" (Rat Patrol) (38)
  • Resolution by Ellen Nash (Blake's 7) (39)
  • More Limericks by Amedia (Wild Wild West) (49)
  • Panzer Captain in Love by A. Jerry Becker (Rat Patrol) (50) (filk to the tune of "Why Must I Be a Teenager in Love?"—Dietrich sings his lament about his relationship with Troy.)
  • Devil Wearing Wings by Debra Hicks (Rat Patrol) (51) (Hitch and Dietrich, in a neutral town for some R and R, encounter one another quite by accident.)
  • Still More Limericks by Amedia (Mixed) (57)
  • Resurrection by Ellen Nash (Blake's 7) (58)
  • The Mission by R.E.D. Rum (X-Files) (68)
  • Avon's Fall by Chris J. Ueberall (Blake's 7) (70)
  • Prisoners by Chris J. Ueberall (Blake's 7) (72)

Issue 2

Diverse Doings 2 was published in May 1998 and contains 163 pages.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

And here's my very favorite of the Round-heeled Robins, together with two more goodies for Tarrant fanciers and a crossover by a familiar Klingon (Yuchtar, are you still with us?).

The former Robin is now "Mind Games," with the original vignette inserted into a virtual-reality plot. Even though I like the frame story, I think I might actually have preferred to see the inner story standing on its own. It's the only sex story I can think of that involves the Decimas, and very funny it is, too. It's such a clever idea that I regret seeing it reduced, as it were, to a mere fantasy. Recommended!

"An Embarassment of Riches" opens with farce, as Dayna plays an embarrassing practical joke on Avon and Tarrant. It then takes a more serious turn, as the two of them take the opportunity to become better acquainted.

"Life Watch" is basically serious but with some funny elements. After the events of Deathwatch, Tarrant suddenly seems to find Avon irresistable. An earlier remark by Vila gives us a clue as to why that may be happening-- perhaps.

Yuchtar's story pairs Avon with Straker of UFO. It's an interesting idea, but I felt that the plot suffered as a result of overemphasis on the sex. How, you may reasonably ask, can there be too much sex? Well, it's just that the necessary setup for the crossover cries out for more explanation than it gets; and I can't help but feel that Avon would be inclined, both out of scientific curiousity and his famous sense of self-preservation, to spend more time worrying about what's going on and relatively less time considering Straker's charms, considerable as they are.

Nice presentation, yummy art. The first issue of this zine just won a STIFfie for "best multimedia zine." [1]

Issue 3

cover of issue #3

Diverse Doings 3 was published in November 1998 and contains 172 pages. Art by Anja Gruber, Whitby27 and others.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

"Zipper," is a short, sweet, sad tale of fourth-season Avon's thoughts about Blake.

"Present" continues the A/Ta relationship begun in the award- winning story "Anniversary." Avon reacts predictably to the previous incident, but Tarrant launches a well-planned campaign to change his mind.

Both stories are very hot and very enjoyable! Oh, and I note that Diverse Doings #3 also has non-B7 stories by two other Citizens, Andrea (a Voyager story) and Mireille (X-Files, M/K). I confess that I haven't read those stories yet, as I intend to gobble up my B7 goodies first; but anything from those authors is sure to be good.[2]

Issue 4

Diverse Doings 4 was published in May 1999 and contains 163 pages.

cover of issue #4

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 4

DD #4 has another of Julia Stamford's elegantly written, emotionally wrenching A/B stories. In contrast to the more common setup in which Blake suffers unrequited desire for Avon, here it's the other way around. Blake decides spontaneously to do a good deed; but in the B7 universe that's often not a good idea. I hesitate to recommend buying an entire zine on the basis of one story, especially when I haven't read the others; but if the other stories are as good as this one, and if you like the other fandoms, then the zine is an excellent buy.[3]

Issue 5

cover of issue #5

Diverse Doings 5 was published in 2000 and is 140 pages long.

  • Mirror Images by The Wench (1 page) (Dietrich and Troy, both musing on their odd, instinctive relationship, have very similar thoughts.)
  • Crystal Clear by Shorts (The Sentinel) (7 pages)
  • A Mother’s Love by Joanna Dey (The Professionals) (9 pages)
  • Enemies and Lovers (V) (7 pages)
  • Fever by Bishonen-Chan (The Magnificent Seven) (8 pages) (winner of a 2001 FanQ)
  • Love and Duty by Alianne Reynolds (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea) (4 pages) (winner of a 2001 FanQ)
  • A Due South Bedtime Story (Due South) (9 pages)
  • Love Comes To The Mountain (The Sentinel) (17 pages
  • Fallout (The Sentinel) (10 pages)
  • Think Again (The Professionals) (5 pages)
  • The Bodyguard Raid by Clio (Rat Patrol (56 pages) (It's July, 1944, in the ETO, and many things have changed when the Americans of the Rat Patrol are reunited and given the task of rescuing a British agent from German hands—Jack Moffitt.)

Issue 6

cover of issue #6

Diverse Doings 6 was published in November 2000 and is 178 pages long.

Issue 7

Diverse Doings 7 was published in 2001. It was the winner of a 2002 FanQ.

Issue 8

cover of issue #8

Diverse Doings 8 was published in 2001 and contains 188 pages.

Issue 9

Diverse Doings 9 was published in 2002.

Issue 10

Diverse Doings 10 was published in 2002. Contains Highlander, Due South (2 stories), Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1 story, 1 poem), seaQuest DSV, Stargate SG-1 (2 stories), Lord of the Rings, Rat Patrol (2 stories), In and Out, Barney Miller, Friends, Law and Order. 187 pages

  • Butterfly Wings by Bast (winner of a 2003 FanQ)
  • Inevitability by Claudia Edson (poem) (winner of a 2003 FanQ award) (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea)
  • In for an Oscar...Out for a Kiss by Chris J. Ueberall (In and Out)
  • A World In Us by Allisa Raven Stark (Friends)
  • In Pieces by Python (Barney Miller)
  • Heart to Heart by Claudia Edson (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea)
  • The EScapade To Submission Raid by Cynthia K. Taylor and Judith B. Wolford
  • Taking Care of You by Sanguine (Due South)
  • United We Stand by The Wench (Rat Patrol) (originally published in Flanking Maneuvers 2
  • The Games Gods Play by Python
  • other unknown content

Issue 11

cover of issue #11

Diverse Doings 11 was published in May 2003 and is 156 pages long. It has a two artworks by Angelise.

Issue 12

Diverse Doings 12 has a cover by Angellise.


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