Queen of Swords

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Name: Queen of Swords
Abbreviation(s): QoS
Creator: David Abramowitz and Linda Lukens
Date(s): 2000 – 2001 in most markets
Medium: Television
Country of Origin: Canada/Spain/UK
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Queen of Swords was an action-adventure show set in 19th century California about a female Zorro-like figure who battled injustice. The show was a syndicated co-production in the vein of Xena and Highlander. It aired for one season only.


The show gained a small fandom for two main reasons:

The actors who played Methos and Kronos in Highlander appeared in the show leading to Same-Actor Crossovers and a chance for Highlander writers of Duncan/Methos to use Peter Wingfield's character Dr. Robert Helm as one of Methos' past personae.

The other appeal was the three women in the main cast of a swords and horses action show. There was femslash potential between the lead character, Doña María Teresa (Tessa) Alvarado, and her confidante, Marta, as well as the rich and spoiled Vera. There were also many potential het pairings as well as slash.

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