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Name: Peter Michael Wingfield
Also Known As:
Occupation: actor, anesthesiologist at a hospital in Los Angeles CA
Medium: film, television
Works: Higlander, X2 (film), and many more
Official Website(s): Peter Wingfield (official website), Archived version
Fan Website(s): Peter Watching, Archived version, Peter Wingfield Fan Club, Archived version
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Peter Wingfield is a Welsh-born mostly television actor. His most fannish role is probably the immortal character Methos from the Highlander franchise. Among many other roles, Peter appeared as Dr. Robert Helm in Queen of Swords (2000-2001), Hebron of Paraval (host of Tanith) in Stargate SG-1 (2000-2002), and the military officer Lyman in X2 (2003).




In fanfiction, Peter sometimes appears in RPFs together with other British actors or actors from Highlander. He is also popular in Same-Actor Crossovers.

Fan Club

The club's newsletter was called Just a Guy. It was first renamed in 1999 (thrive!, issues 12 - 25), and again in 2002 (LFT, issues 26 - 48).

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