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Name: EveryThing Peter Webring
Date Founded: 21 February 1999 or before (oldest Wayback capture)
Fandom: Highlander
Focus: actor-centric
URL: http://members.aol.com/SAMBNW/peter.html (Wayback)
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EveryThing Peter Webring is a webring for sites with a focus on Peter Wingfield.

There are many groups on the web that are fans, in one fashion or another, of the actor Peter Wingfield..
Whether it be as Methos, from Highlander, or as a fan club for Peter... we all have the same goal.....
So this web ring is for all of us... whether we write fanfic on a loop, or a fan club that likes to talk about his work.. or if we like to find and post pictures and sounds.... all of us enjoy Peter.
To Join the ring your site or organization has to be about Peter.
Its simple... doesn't matter if you are a harem... a city.....a club or just personal pages.... if your topic is Peter, then this ring is for you.
My goal is to have people to be able hit on the ring and see all the different ways that We, as fans, have found to show our appreciation for the work that Peter has done.
So Join us...Bond together and let Peter know that there are LOTS of us out here.

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