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Title: Just a Guy
Publisher: Peter Wingfield Fan Club
Editor(s): Carol Ann Liddiard
Date(s): 1996-1999
Frequency: Jan, Apr, July, Oct
Medium: print
Fandom: Peter Wingfield, Highlander, The Archers
Language: English
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Just a Guy is a fan club newsletter published by the Peter Wingfield Fan Club.

In its second year, there were 250 subscribers.

The newsletter included information about the fan club's regular chats, the mailing list, interviews, con reports, photos, occasional filks, actor bios and credits.

This newsletter morphed into thrive! in 1999.

Issue 1

Just a Guy 1 (v.1 n.1) is undated but was published in January 1996. It contains 20 pages.

cover of issue #1
  • several short con reports for The Gathering #2
  • fan bios
  • a crossword puzzle
  • a very detailed multi-page tutorial on "Getting Started on IRC"
  • a short essay called "Ode to Methos -- The Thinking Man's Immortal" by Lisa M. Bell
  • "I'm Sorry, I'm Just a Guy," poem by Sherry Magee
  • info about SyndiCON East

Issue 2

Just a Guy 2 (v.1 n.2) is undated but was published in April 1996. It contains 24 pages.

cover of issue #2
  • the focus of this issue is The Archers
  • there is information about Archers Addicts, the official fan club of the show The Archers
  • Who is Simon? by Jacquie Groom
  • Archer Tape Trees, by Linda Wyatt (the club has gotten access to audio tapes, and "in order to share these tapes with as many PWFC members as possible, we are forming 'tape trees,' Basically, people on a tree branch receive the tapes in the mail and make copies for themselves.... When you letter is recieved, you will be put onto a branch. Branches are considered full at 6 members, and then the tapes will be mailed to the first person on the branch. Complete instructions come with the tapes. The last person on a branch will keep the tapes, and mail a check to cover the cost of the tapes and postage. If you are unable to make copies, you will be put in the last spot of a branch. PLEASE only claim the ability to make copies if you can make and mail out tapes within a short period of time (2 or 3 days)."
  • "Ask Peter," the actor answers a list of questions from the fan club members
  • a word search
  • "A Word from the Set" by Peter Wingfield, info on filming the show Highlander
  • photos of Peter Wingfield from a con
  • "Simon's Story," Archer fiction by Jacquie Groom
  • an article about the history of books on audio tape, and a plea for Peter Wingfield to record some of them
  • there is an invitation to a PWFC party to be held at SyndiCon East, "Our theme for the weekend is '5000 years of fun in 3 days'... Bring food to share if you can... Get into the spirit, wear a spirit and a walkman, bring a bear to throw, maybe we'll have a contest..."

Issue 3

Just a Guy 3 (v.1 n.3) was published in July 1996. It contains 65 pages.

cover of issue #3
  • this issue is mostly about SyndiCon East (1996)
  • there are many photos and and many, many con reports
  • there are long, long transcripts of question and answer sessions with Peter Wingfield and Jim Byrnes

Issue 4

Just a Guy 4 (v.1 n.4) was published in October 1996. It contains 31 pages.

cover of issue #4
  • info about the shows "Soldier, Soldier," "Martin Chuzzlewit," "The Archers," "The Men's Room," "Over Here," and "Medics"
  • "Ask Peter" column
  • word search
  • fan club member bios

Issue 5

Just a Guy 5 (v.2 n.1) was published in January 1997. It contains 31 pages.

cover of issue #5
  • there are a number of con reports for The Gathering #3
  • there are many con reports of Peter Wingfield's appearance at Telefantastique, a con in Folkestone, England November 23-24, 1996
  • this issue has a long interview conducted by Shelly Winter of Peter Wingfield
  • "Ask Peter" column
  • member bios
  • the back cover has a portrait of Peter Wingfield by Lori Robb

Issue 6

Just a Guy 6 was published in Spring 1997 and contains 32 pages.

  • Highlander the Series & Found... Methos by Gillian Horvath
  • Evolution of Methos & On the Nature of Evil
  • Ask Peter

Issue 7

Just a Guy 7 was published in Summer 1997 and contains 32 pages.

  • Con Reports from Nightwatch (Glasgow), Angilcon (Seattle), and SyndiCon East (Baltimore)
  • On the Nature of Evil Counterpoint
  • Ask Peter

Issue 8

Just a Guy 8 was published in Winter 1997 and contains 32 pages.

  • Noah's Ark and Anecdotes from the set by Peter
  • Archers Update
  • Ask Peter

Issue 9

Just a Guy 9 was published in Spring 1997 and contains 32 pages.

  • Highlander the Series wrap up, synopses of all the episodes
  • Highlander Card Game
  • Ask Peter

Issue 10

Just a Guy 10 was published in Winter 1998 and contains 32 pages.

  • Vancouver Villian: The Sentinel and Viper
  • World Tour of Cons: England Chronicles, HLWW Brisbane, HL Celebration and Access
  • Ask Peter

Issue 11

Just a Guy 11 was published in Spring (February) 1999. It was the last issue, and then the zine morphed into thrive!.

  • Stuck in the Basement with Cold Squad
  • Highlander Clan Cruise '99
  • Did Tom Kirby Make the Right Decision:
  • Ask Peter