The Gathering (Highlander con)

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Name: The Gathering
Dates: October 1994-1995 (at least)
Location: Denver, CO
Type: fan-run, celebrity Guests of Honor
Focus: Highlander
Organization: probably The Gathering, the Highlander official fan club
Founding Date:
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The Gathering was the first Highlander con. These cons were held in Denver, CO.


The first one was held October 7-9, 1994. Guests of Honor: Adrian Paul, Jim Byrnes, Stan Kirsch and Bill Panzer.


The second con was held October 6-8, 1995. Adrian Paul was a guest, and perhaps others. There is a transcript of his question and answer session in The Quickening v.4 n.2.


It was held in Denver, CO on October 11-13, 1996. Peter Wingfield was not a guest. There are some con reports for this con in Just a Guy #5. The con had a costume event of "the wives of Methos."

At The Gathering III, a fan gave a copy of their zine 'Backstage Pass' to the actors Jim Byrnes and Elizabeth Gracen in front of more than 1000 people. There were other production people associated with the show there, including the head writer and producer (Davis/Panzer.) About two weeks later, two fans received cease and desist letters.

One of those letters was to a fan for a single posted fic to the internet. [1] It turns out that this letter was sent "in error" and was rescinded. [2]

This sparked discussion regarding showing fanworks to the actors and TPTB, the legality of fanworks, and much more.

Con Reports: 1996


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