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Name: Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
Dates: 1990-
Type: Database
Fandom: n/a
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IMDb started as a series of lists posted to Usenet, becoming a proper website in 1996. Fred Astaire was the first actor to have a filmography listed on the site, and the 1894 short Carmencita was the first title to have a page on the site.

For more, see Wikipedia: IMDb History.

Message Boards

Due to problems with trolls, IMDb abandoned the message boards (for actors, titles, and several other categories altogether) in 2017.

IMDb as Canon

There has been some confusion among fans regarding how much information on IMDb is unverified user submissions versus official canon sources. For example, the previously-unreleased first names of several Harry Potter characters appeared on the site in late 2001 but could never be traced back to an official source and were eventually discredited by more canonical sources (although not before they worked their way into fanon).[1]

Laura Hale commented in January 2002:

[The names at IMDB are] guesses by users. IMDB is user driven for a lot of its information... It would have to be confirmed elsewhere by a credible source before I'd consider it vaguely truthful. It's also out dated. Garrett Wang from ST:Voy was reported as being currently married by them when he wasn't because a user submitted it. IMDB hadn't corrected it even two years after it was brought up to their attention.[2]