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Name: Madam Hooch
Occupation: Flying instructor and Quidditch referee at Hogwarts
Relationships: unknown
Fandom: Harry Potter
Other: portrayed by Zoë Wanamaker in the PS/SS film
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Madam Hooch is a minor character from the Harry Potter series. She is the Hogwarts flying instructor and the referee of most Hogwarts Quidditch matches.

Her canonical full name is generally—but not universally—accepted to be Rolanda Hooch. There is still a vocal segment of fans who do not accept Rolanda to be Hooch's canonical given name; many of these fans prefer the alternative name Xiomara Hooch (see §Rolanda vs. Xiomara).

In Canon

Madam Hooch was introduced as the flying instructor for the first year students in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

During this first appearance, Hooch was described as having yellow, hawk-like eyes; this unique characteristic helped distinguish her from many other minor characters and make her more interesting to readers. Her yellow eyes led to several fan theories, none of which played out in canon.

Hooch has regular appearances throughout the first three books and referees nearly all of Hogwarts's Quidditch games. However, her part grew smaller in later books, and she does not appear in Goblet of Fire or Deathly Hallows at all. Some came up with theories or headcanons for her absence in DH, such as the idea that Hooch was Muggle-born and therefore had to go into hiding.

Other intriguing details were mentioned in canon that didn't end up going anywhere: For example, Professor McGonagall implies that Hooch has some knowledge of broom charms and/or curses that would affect them. McGonagall apparently trusted both Madam Hooch's allegiance and her competence to suggest she be the one to supervise Harry's Quidditch practices when everyone believed that Sirius Black was out to kill him in Prisoner of Azkaban. There is no other canon info about what she did before becoming a teacher at Hogwarts, what she does outside of her work at Hogwarts, whether she was a member of the Order of the Phoenix, etc.

Rolanda vs. Xiomara

The name Xiomara first appeared on IMDb prior to the first film's release,[1] while Rolanda appeared in the Wizards of the Coast Harry Potter Trading Card Game.[2] Both names surfaced roughly around the same time in late 2001, and, as it was unclear whether either name came from J.K. Rowling herself, many fans considered neither to be canonical, or both to be "semi-canonical". It thus was—and generally still is—considered acceptable (and not AU) to use either name or another, entirely invented name in fanworks.[3][4]

The name "Xiomara" was removed from IMDb not long after it was posted, and did not appear on the Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone film credits. Some postulate that the "new" names that appeared on the site, including "Xiomara", were user submissions and thus not canon at all.[5] The PS/SS film credits (the only one Hooch appears in) lists her only as "Madame [sic][6] Hooch".

As of 2016, Rowling herself has still not publicly confirmed Hooch's first name, but the Harry Potter Trading Card Game has proven to be the more canonical of the two sources.[7] For example, Professor Quirrell's given name was in the very same situation until writing by Rowling on Pottermore confirmed it to be the name on the Harry Potter TCG, not the one on the IMDb cast list.[8] Likewise, the name Pomona for Professor Sprout was also first given in the TCG and later confirmed canon by its appearance in Half-Blood Prince.[9] "Rolanda" is now also used on the real-life collectable chocolate frog cards[10] and in some LEGO Harry Potter material.[11] For these reasons, the majority of fans have accepted "Rolanda" to be Hooch's canonical name.

The name "Rolanda" has been used on the rebooted Pottermore, but not in content written by J.K. Rowling.[12]

Some fans have adopted the name Rolanda Xiomara Hooch or Xiomara Rolanda Hooch as a compromise. One example of this is pauraque's story The Two Names of Xiomara Rolanda Hooch, published in May 2012.


The majority of shipping involving Madam Hooch is femslash. Hooch/McGonagall is by far her most popular pairing.

Hooch is often portrayed as a lesbian, possibly playing into the stereotype about female gym teachers. Other femslash ships featuring Madam Hooch include Madam Hooch/Madam Rosmerta. She is also shipped in numerous rarepairs involving other female characters. The ubiquity of Hooch femslash (and possibly McGonagall/Hooch in particular) even inspired the name of the femslash site Madam Hooch's Broom Closet.

Despite this, there is also a fair amount of Hooch het. The second-most popular ship on AO3 is Snape/Hooch. Hooch also has ship threads at FictionAlley Park's SCUSA forum with Snape, Lucius Malfoy, Sirius Black, and Oliver Wood.[13] She is also sometimes paired with Horace Slughorn in fanfiction.

In a December 2007 interview on PotterCast, Rowling and the PotterCast interviewers touched on the fanon speculation about Hooch's romantic background:

JN [John Noe]: ... I know a few people out there have been wondering if Madam Hooch had ever been in love.

JKR: (laughs) Do you know what? Madam Hooch really did not have any kind of romantic backstory. Well, not my invention, I don't know. We'd have to go and trawl the fanfic for that.

MA [Melissa Anelli]: I'm sure we'd find it, Jo.

JKR: Yeah. I bet we would.

JN: I think there's categories of it, actually.[14]

Hooch in the Films

Madam Hooch was portrayed by Zoë Wanamaker in the first Harry Potter film. She was well-received by fans. For example, fan artist Nasubionna writes:

I didn't have a super clear image of her in my head until saw her casting and costuming in the first movie (played by Zoe Wanamaker), and I thought, "Yes, perfect. Fierce, raptor-like, sports and flying enthused woman." As Zoe herself put it, "She's all eagle."[15]

Wanamaker was a popular casting choice, but she did not appear in any of the following seven films.

Meta & Discussion

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