Hooch Fuh-Q Fest

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Name: Hooch Fuh-Q Fest
Date(s): May 6 – June 4, 2004
Moderator(s): minerva_fan
Founder: minerva_fan
Type: Fuh-Q Fest
Fandom: Harry Potter
Associated Community: Harry Potter Old Lady Smut Brigade
URL: announcement post
"Hooch Fuh-Q Fest" community memories
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The Hooch Fuh-Q Fest was a 2004 challenge at the Harry Potter Old Lady Smut Brigade community on LiveJournal. The challenge called for Madam Hooch-centric fanfiction pairing her with another canon Harry Potter character.

The challenge immediately followed the community's Petunia Fuh-Q Fest.


The challenge was announced on May 6, 2004, and had a deadline of June 4.[1] A reminder about the challenge was posted on May 10.[2]


The announcement post listed the following rules. Many of the rules are the same as the rules for the previous challenge.

Hooch must get laid at some point in the fic

Her partner must be a character from HP, male or female. (I'd personally prefer no cross-generational fics, but if any come in, that's cool.)

References to sequels or movies that cut entire characters or underpaid actors will be allowed extra kudos

Multiple entries are welcome

Post stories with LJ-cuts or links to your own journals.

Stories can be from G (if you can manage it) to NC-17.

Deadline is June 4, 2004, the day HP opens in the US (and my [minerva_fan's] 38th birthday). Of course, entries will be accepted after that.

Rules and entries will be archived under "Hooch Fuh-Q Fest" category on the HPOLSB Memories page.

NOTE ON Hooch's Name: I know this is a hotly debated issue, but Xiomara, Rolanada, Deanna, Amanda--whatever you want to call the dame, go for it. We're all friends here.

The note about "sequels or movies that cut entire characters or underpaid actors" is a reference to the fact that Madam Hooch did not appear in any of the Harry Potter films after the first, and that Zoë Wanamaker, the actor who portrayed Hooch, was vocal about being underpaid for the role.

Challenge Responses

Five stories were written in response to the challenge (though "The Feast of the Faeries" is not included in the Hooch Fuh-Q Fest community memories). Four of the five are femslash; the fifth is het with an original character.

Additionally, two Hooch-centric pieces of fanart were posted during the time frame of the challenge, though they did not state explicitly whether they were created for or inspired by the challenge: A new Phrophecy by malinconia (Hooch/Sybill, posted 27 May 2004) and Hooch/McGonagall Doll by jestana (Hooch/McGonagall, posted 4 June 2004). (Both images are now offline.)


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