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Name: The Harry Potter Old Lady Smut Brigade (hp_oldladysb)
Date(s): 29 March 2004 - present
Moderator: minerva_fan, hilarita, elemental_fey (a.k.a. raina_w)
Founder: minerva_fan
Type: fanworks featuring adult women
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: http://hp-oldladysb.livejournal.com/profile; archive link

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Community icon by raina_w (2004). Text:
Fine Wine Gets Better With Time
So Do Fine Women
HP Old Lady Smut Brigade
When Quality Counts

The Harry Potter Old Lady Smut Brigade (hp_oldladysb) is a LiveJournal community focusing on adult female Harry Potter characters.

Despite the name "Smut Brigade", it is open to all ratings of fanworks. It is best known for its femslash content, but it also permits het and gen.

The community was last updated in November 2014. It is still online as of 2016, with 569 entries and 2,316 comments received.[1] As of February 2012, the community had 186 members and 160 watchers.[2]

The community was started before the introduction of tags on LiveJournal, so the community's memories were the primary means of finding and sorting entries—though most memories are from 2004 only, and they do not appear that they have been updated since 2006. Memories are categorized primarily by character, with Minerva McGonagall being the most popular with 60 entries.

Community Description

A fanfic community, focusing on the ladies of Harry Potter who are no longer students. Het and femmeslash fiction is welcome, as well as discussion, icons, links, and other on-topic items. Any ship welcome, as long as at least one of the members is an adult female character from Harry Potter.

NOTE: While smut is acceptable and encouraged (up to an NC-17 rating, with lj-cuts), genfic and non-ship fic is also welcome here.[3]

History & Community Guidelines

The hp_oldladysb community was created on March 29, 2004 by minerva_fan. minerva_fan announced the community's opening on hms_kittyhawk and hp_girlslash.[4]

In the community welcome post, minerva_fan wrote:

If you are here, there's a good chance that you are a Harry Potter fan who thinks the older characters (non-students) are the most interesting characters in the books/movies. You probably also like to write or read fanfic about them (smutty variety as well as suitable for the kiddies).

This community was inspired by reaction to a post of mine called "The Harry Potter Old Lady Dyke Brigade." I decided to create the community and expand it to include non slash-writing fans because these marvelous ladies of Harry Potter deserve their glory, regardless of whether they're shipped het or slash.[5]

The community was advertised as "centering on the non-student females in the Harry Potter universe."[4] minerva_fan later reported that the community's "only rule is that the primary focus must be on the Over-30 women,"[6] which would exclude characters such as Nymphadora Tonks and female characters who had recently left school, such as Fleur Delacour and Penelope Clearwater. Tonks was included on the initial List of HP Adult (Non-Student) Female Characters posted to the community, though characters who were students at any point in the books were not. Regardless of whether "over-30" was ever an explicit rule, in practice, fanworks in the community only featured these younger female characters when paired with older women.

minerva_fan announced in April 2004 that she had decided not to moderate membership to make the community adults-only, but would instead enforce a "ratings policy" requiring all fanworks posted to the community to include a header outside the lj-cut that included the rating as well as the title, author, and summary. The community profile also lists as a requirement "unambiguous spoiler warnings if a story posted or linked includes any references to potentially upsetting pairings, such as underage, incest, or non-con." It also bans flames, including "incendiary posts" and ship bashing.[7]

In November 2005, hilarita was made co-moderator of the community after minerva_fan announced that she was looking for one.[8]

Posting access is currently moderated. It is unclear whether submitted posts are being actively approved by community mods; community members reported in October 2012 that they were having trouble posting to the community, with some posts having been in the queue for months before being approved.[9]

Fests & Challenges

Other proposed challenges:

There were also other challenges advertised at the community but hosted elsewhere (e.g. the Rita Skeeter Fuh-Q-Fest).

Community Graphics

Sister Communities


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