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Synonym(s)crossgen, cross gen, age difference
Related tropes/genresmentor fic, daddy kink
See alsounderage, chan, next gen
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Cross-generational refers to pairings with a big age difference or between characters from different generations. The term is common in Harry Potter fandom. In other fandoms, similar stories are more likely to be labelled age difference or age disparity. Cross-gen is a subset of Age Difference fics, as not all age differences are wide enough to class the characters in different generations.

The label is particularly common if one character is underage, i.e. Snape/Harry is more likely to be called crossgen than Snape/Dumbledore. Post-Deathly Hallows it has become commonly used for pairings between next gen (epilogue) characters and their parents' generation, such as Harry/Scorpius or Draco/Albus Severus.

Cross gen has been a regular category at the HP rec community Crack Broom since June 2013. The community defines it as pairings in which one partner is at least fifteen years older than the other.[1] Moderator wwmrsweasleydo comments:

I think there are now some cross generational pairings, such as Harry/Scorpius and Draco/Albus which are a lot more written/drawn than some of the permanent pairings which go unfilled here most months. There are probably het equivalents, but I don't know what they are. Ginny seems to get naughty with the next gen boys fairly frequently.[2]

Examples of Popular Cross-Gen or Age-Disparity Ships


  • hp_cross_gen, Because every kinky young slut needs a pervy old enabler



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