Atlantis: The Lost Empire

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Name: Atlantis: The Lost Empire
Atlantis: Milo's Return (2nd film)
Abbreviation(s): ATLE or A:TLE
Creator: Written by Tab Murphy, directed by Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise, and produced by Don Hahn
Date(s): June 3, 2001
May 20, 2003 (2nd film)
Medium: animated films
Country of Origin: United States
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Atlantis: The Lost Empire is a 2001 American animated action-adventure film set in 1914, the film tells the story of a young man who gains possession of an ancient book, which he believes will guide him and a crew of mercenaries to the lost city of Atlantis.



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A TV series spinoff was planned but canceled, and the animation that had been produced was adapted into a direct-to-video sequel movie: Atlantis: Milo's Return. Milo's Return is generally regarded as disappointing by fans of the original film.

Several fans commented on ATLE's similarity to Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water.[1][2]


The most common ship is the canon couple Kida Nedakh/Milo Thatch. James Rourke/Helga Sinclair also enjoys a degree of popularity.


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