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Synonyms: Action-Adventure
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Action/Adventure is a genre focused on suspense, tension, danger, and/or excitement. In literary terms, adventure is considered a subset of action, one that focuses on danger and the removal of the protagonist from their normal life. In fic, action/adventure are often paired together.[1][2]

Subgenres and subtropes of action/adventure include:


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Freedom in the Eyes of Another [1] by Oroburos69Fandom: NarutoDate: 2011-08-08–2013-11-29Length: 26,346 wordsStatus: Complete
A Haruno Sakura-centric fic where she and the rest of Team 7 must escape captivity. Genres on are angst and adventure. Tags on AO3 are Angst, Violence, and Women Being Awesome.


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  1. On, the "Adventure" genre used to be named "Action/Adventure", but is now just "Adventure".
  2. On Archive of Our Own, "Action" and "Adventure" are subtagged to "Action/Adventure". As of April, 2019, 48,809 works have the "Action/Adventure" tag. 12,188 words are tagged "Action". 15,365 words are tagged "Adventure".