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Tropes and genres
Synonym(s)Mafia AU, Bad Guys AU, All Criminals AU,
Mobster AU
Related tropes/genresAll Human AU, Assassin AU, Prison AU, Thriller
See alsoDarkfic, Mirror Universe, Psychopaths In Love
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Crime AU is an Alternate Universe trope where the main characters are criminals. In ship fics, at least one half of the pairing is a criminal (a killer, a thief, member of a crime family) and brings the other half of the pairing into the world of crime (sometimes by accident).

A variation on the Crime AU, is a Mobster AU where one or more canon characters is a Mob Boss, or involved in organized crime. In anime fandom, the mob is typically the Yakuza. Yakuza AU often features tattoos. Stories involving opposing mobs or gangs often involve rivalry or the Enemies to Lovers trope.

This trope is connected to the Prison AU trope, but in Crime AUs, the characters are rarely incarcerated for the majority of the story.

In fandoms where supernatural creatures are canon, this trope is often a variation of All Human AU.

Fandom specific Crime AUs

  • In Arrow Crime AU fics, writers often explore Oliver's Bratva ties where he is a Bratva captain, instead of the vigilante.

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