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Name: Loki Laufeyson, Loki Odinson
Occupation: Asgardian god of mischief, trickster, supervillain
Location: Asgard, Earth
Status: Deceased
Relationships: Thor Odinson (adopted brother), Frigga (adopted mother), Odin (adopted father), Laufey (biological father)
Fandom: Thor (film), The Avengers, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel comics
Other: Portrayed by Tom Hiddleston
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Loki is a Marvel Comics supervillain based on the Norse deity of the same name. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe Loki is played by Tom Hiddleston.



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Marvel Cinematic Universe

After a failed coronation for Thor, Loki and his brother Thor Odinson wage war on Jotunheim. As punishment, Thor is banned to Midgard/Earth, while Loki finds out he is an adopted Jotun foundling, son of Jotun King Laufey. He seizes Asgard's throne while his father Odin is in Odinssleep. He kills Laufey, tries to eliminate Jotunheim and kill his brother, but he has to concede to Thor eventually. In the end, he let's go of the Bifrost bridge and falls into nothingness.

In The Avengers, he tries to conquer the earth with the help of a magical scepter and the Chitauri army. He is unsuccessful, and is incarcerated in Asgard's prison instead.

There he remains, until Asgard is under attack from Malekith in Thor: The Dark World. He helps defend Asgard and is thought of as dead by everyone at the end, however he reveals himself disguised as Odin.

Thor uncovers Loki's disguise in Thor: Ragnarok. Hela, the first born child to Odin who is determined to conquer the Nine Realms, casts him and Thor out of Asgard. He gains the favor of the Grandmaster and forms an uneasy alliance with Valkyrie and his brother to return to Asgard.

Loki is killed by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War.


While Loki was a recurring character in Marvel comics from 1962, he didn't become a major figure in fandom until the release of the movie Thor in 2011. Thanks to his tragic origin story and Tom Hiddleston's sympathetic portrayal, he became the fan favorite. In The Avengers (2012), Loki was the main villain, and his popularity in media fandom skyrocketed.

Concurrent with the movies, the character of Loki in the comics was given a redemption arc that resulted in him being changed into a child and then an older teen; this exploration of the character also garnered a fan following (if not as active as the movie version of the character.)

Character Traits & Tropes

While Loki is a villain in the movie canon and most comics canon, many fans see him as symnpathetic, the woobie, or even the hero of his own story. A number of fanworks portray Loki as working with or eventually joining the Avengers.

As with other fandoms based on comics adaptions, Loki fans often draw on multiple canons, writing fic which blends the movie verse with Loki in the comics, as well as with elements of the Norse Mythology which originally inspired the comics. Fanworks frequently give Loki considerable magic powers (sometimes called "seidr" in fic, after the Old Norse term), beyond what he exhibits in the movie canon, though not necessarily the comics.


Although raised as an Asgardian, Loki was born a Jotunn, a Frost Giant, traditionally an enemy of Asgard. As well as being a source of much of his angst, Jotunn!Loki is a popular subject for fanworks. Fanartists revel in drawing him blue and designing new costumes, and there are multiple alternate universe fanfics exploring Loki being raised as a Jotunn rather than Asgardian. In some works Jotunn Loki may be intersexed, or have exotic genitalia or other physiology. Works sometimes feature Jotunn Loki going into heat. Horns are popular in fanart, although not seen on the Jotunn in the movies.

Lokitty fan art by captbexx, as of December 2018 it had over 3400 notes on Tumblr

Lady Loki

Lady Loki - Loki in female form - is part of comics canon (he took Sif's body for a time) and many fanworks portray a female Loki, either the comics version, or a genderswapped version of his MCU incarnation.


In comics if not movie canon, Loki is a shapeshifter, and there are a number of fanworks featuring Loki turned into a cat, either by accident or design. In fanart Lokitty is most commonly depicted as an all-black cat with green eyes, sometimes wearing Loki's horned helm and green cape; or else as human-Loki with cat ears and tail. Thor is sometimes depicted as a dog to match (often some kind of retriever).

Loki's Children

fanart by sandara of MCU!Loki with Sleipnir, Jormungandr, and Fenrir.

In Norse mythology, Loki had a number of monster children: the 8-legged horse Sleipnir, the wolf Fenrir, the serpent Jörmungandr, and the undead lady Hel. While these children are never mentioned in the movie-verse (Sleipnir is seen briefly in the Thor movie but not discussed) and only are brought up occasionally in the comics, they appear frequently in fanworks:


Mpreg is very popular in Loki fandom, especially as Loki (in Norse canon) gave birth to Sleipnir. In some works Loki may take female form to bear offspring, or else frost giants may naturally be able to give birth.

Because the Norse god Loki mated with a stallion (as a mare) to mother Sleipnir, a fan meme has Loki *ahem* admiring horses.

Kid Loki

In the Marvel Thor comics shortly before the first Thor movie came out, Loki was killed, and brought back to life as a child version of himself for a redemption story in the comics Journey into Mystery. This version is usually called Kid!Loki. Later, in the Young Avengers comics, Loki became an older teen and was given his own series, Loki: Agent of Asgard. This version of comics Loki has its own fan following, though not nearly as large or active as the movieverse incarnation of the character.

Additionally, some fanworks use kid!Loki to describe a de-aged version of the movie character.



Thor/Loki (Thorki or Thunderfrost) Arguably Loki's most significant relationship is with his adopted brother Thor. In fandom, this relationship is often written as a slash pairing, though there is a significant amount of gen fic exploring the platonic fraternal relationship.

Loki/Tony or Frostiron became especially popular after The Avengers movie. Grandmaster/Loki became popular upon the release of Thor:Ragnarok.

Other slash pairings include Loki/Steve and Loki/Clint.


Sif/Loki, Darcy/Loki, and Jane/Loki pairings merged after the first film's release. The pairing Loki/Sigyn gained attention before the second Thor film was released. Loki/Valkyrie became popular after the third Thor film was released.

Fandom conflicts

As a villain, Loki is something of a contended figure in fandom. Some fans prefer to interpret him as sympathetically as possible, and blame his psychological damage on his adopted family, especially Odin ("Odin's A+ Parenting" is a common fan shorthand for Odin being a terrible parent) and Thor. Other fans prefer to view Loki in a more villainous light, interpreting him as dark, sociopathic, or just evil. Wank can erupt when fans from these diverging schools interact.




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