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Pairing: Thor/Loki
Alternative name(s): Thunderfrost, Thorki[1]
Gender category: Slash, Incest
Fandom: Avengers, Thor, Marvel Comics
Canonical?: Non-Canon
Prevalence: Most common
Archives: Loki/Thor (AO3)
You can be blind even with two eyes, fan art by aivelin, created for the fic storm chaser (2017)
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Thor/Loki, also known as Thunderfrost or Thorki, is the slash pairing of Loki and Thor in Marvel fandom.

Many fans of this pairing consider it to be pseudo-incest, as the characters are not blood related. Still others consider this pairing to be incestuous as they were raised together as brothers, and there is a considerable Thorki anti-shipping community.


They grew up as brothers in the palace, often portrayed as Loki being in Thor's shadow. As Loki discovers the truth about his heritage, he gets angry and bitter and tries to kill Thor repeatedly. Thor constantly tries to get Loki back on the right track, and in the end they make peace with each other.


Thor/Loki is a popular slash pairing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and related Marvel Comics 'verse.

Ship Appeal

They just seem hopelessly entangled to me. They were raised together, but Loki always felt like he was other and less than. Loki loves Thor, but he's intensely jealous of all that Thor seems to effortlessly obtain while Loki remains completely overshadowed despite his greatest efforts. When you have a touch of the ole' madness like Loki does, it gets twisted all around so that love and hate simmer very very closely together.

As for Thor, I think that he just loves and is fiercely protective of Loki and will do just about anything for him. I don't think he's quite as naive as some fics make him out to be, but he's no dummy and I think he has a physical intelligence (notice how he's always touching Loki?) and has definitely started growing an emotional intelligence since his exile. I feel like he is beginning to understand Loki's madness, but he's still hopeful that they can reconcile.

Anyway, for me the Thor/Loki relationship is so intense that I can't see them being romantically involved with anyone else. Sure, they may have short term or physical relationships with other people, but they are each other's primary emotional relationship.[2]

Common Tropes & Themes

  • Odin's A+ parenting: It usually involves Loki being overlooked/neglected/mistreated as a child, while Thor is loved by all, though sometimes his bad parenting affects both boys, even if differently.
  • Jotun!Loki: Where Loki was not rescued by Odin and was raised in Jotunheim as a prince of the realm. In many works use of this trope sidesteps any issues related to incest, because Thor and Loki were raised apart. Some tropes usually associated with this one are:
    • Arranged Marriage: Thor and Loki have to marry, more or less willingly, to secure the peace between their realms. Sometimes, the marriage is only a trick by Laufey to destroy Asgard, that's foiled by Loki's love for Thor. It usually involves depicting the Jotun as an one-gender race, so Loki can carry Thor's children.
    • War prize: Usually, it involves Thor getting Loki as war prize after a war between Asgard and Jotunheim, though sometimes is the opposite.
    • Slavefic: Loki as Thor's thrall is the most usual version, though a few fics exist that depict Thor as Loki's slave.
  • Arranged Marriage is also a common storyline outside the Jotun!Loki trope. Often Thor and Loki must marry to secure peace between Asgard and Jotunheim.
  • MPREG and kidfic: Usually with Loki as carrier, either due to him being a Jotun or by the way of magic.
  • Redemption fics: Usually set after one of the movies, in those fics Loki redeems himself, at least to some extent, and starts (or restarts) a relationship with Thor. It may involve prison or punishment for Loki, or the revelation that he was tortured or threatened by Thanos.
  • Refugee Ship/New Asgard: post-Ragnarok there was a lot of fanworks focusing on Thor and Loki's lives on the ship, and them building a new life together in New Asgard
  • Alpha/Beta/Omega: Usually with Thor as Alpha and Loki as Omega, though the opposite has also been featured.
  • All Human AU: these stories may have Thor and Loki always being human, or they become human by some means of magic or unexpected event
  • Sometimes, a third brother named Baldr is mentioned. He is their younger brother in Norse Mythology.
  • Threesome: usually involving other Asgardians or members of The Avengers


  • In 2018, Thorki was ranked 22nd on Tumblr's Top 100 Ships of 2018[3]




Thor/Loki is a controversial ship as it portrays two men raised as brothers in a sexual relationship. Although not related by blood, many fans still find the focus of these fics disturbing and a number of fans are Thorki anti-shippers.

Fans of this pairing often point to the fact that these two are not related, and not even of the same species. They also highlight Norse Mythology (on which the characters of Thor and Loki are based) as been accepting of incestuous relationships, and posit that their relationship would not be as taboo on Asgard as it is on Earth.

Many fans of this pairing refer to it as pseudo-incest but it is more commonly tagged as 'Sibling Incest' on Ao3.







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