Athelas (Thor story)

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Title: Athelas
Author(s): astolat
Date(s): 16 August 2011
Length: 19,324 words / 01:59:26
Genre: slash
Fandom: Thor
External Links: Athelas (AO3)
Athelas (Intimations)
Podfic cover art by Cybel

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Athelas is a Thor/Loki story by astolat. It has the additional tags Dinosaurs, Incest, Cretaceous–Tertiary Extinction Event, Time Travel, and Duelling.

Summary: "There was a sharp and bitter edge crept into the words, a reminder that not all was well: that Thor still had a brother, but not a friend."

tinypinkmouse podficced the story.[1] A podbook version is available at the Audiofic Archive.[2]

Recs and Reviews

The one where Loki rescues Thor and Tony Stark makes a series of great/bad decisions that spin their world on its head. This was so happy-making. ("Oh, no, no, no, we are not going dinosaur hunting," Loki said.)[3]
Loki saves Thor, even though they're enemies. Then they live together during an Ice Age, because Tony Stark is a tool. (Also, Thor hunts dinosaurs, and Loki lets his frost giant self hang loose.)"[4]
Unfortunately, I didn't like it very much. :( I know people have issues with astolat's characterization, although in fairness she wrote this when the first Thor movie was all the canon she had to work with. In any case, neither Thor nor Loki worked for me - Thor's too cheerful and forgiving, and Loki's too... uncomplicated? It was weird read, because it just didn't feel like it engaged with any of what little canon there was, beyond "yes, that event happened." Also the plot didn't make that much sense. Loki can go literally anywhere in time and space, so he goes to Earth? Thor sleeps for 127 years and just happens to wake up three weeks before the asteroid hits? Not to mention that Tony comes across as a total idiot. I was amused that Doctor Strange cameos, though - did we even know in 2011 that we'd get him in the MCU?[5]


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