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Zemo wearing his coat

Helmut Zemo's Coat refers to certain fur coat that Helmut Zemo (portrayed by Daniel Brühl) wears in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier series. It was inspired by WWII Russian and Polish military overcoats.[1] The coat was very popular among Zemo fans that it earned its own AO3 tag.



In behind the scene of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Daniel Brühl performed an infomercial for Suitkovia - a fictional clothing line based in Sokovia - while staying in character and showed that the coat was produced by said clothing line. Although it is purely parodical, many fans adopted it as headcanon.

Thunderbolts Potential

Daniel Brühl mentioned that he hadn't been given the permission to take the coat home after they had finished shooting, thus leading some fans to speculate that he was coming back as Baron Zemo for future MCU projects.

I mean look at this magic.. how could you not give him the coat? unless this means, it's going into a secret vault until Zemo's big return in Thunderbolts @Marvel @falconandwinter 💜😈🔥

Daniel Brühl stan on twitter




  • Coat of Arms by Sholio, Rated Gen, Sometimes "I care about you" takes the form of a) helping an overly dramatic reforming terrorist replace his even more overly dramatic coat, and b) learning not to assume that the people you work with are plotting to murder you., (Sam & Bucky & Zemo)
  • The one where Bucky blames it all on Zemo's coat by Fuddlewuddle, Rated Explicit, The one where Bucky blames it all on Zemo's coat and refuses to believe that this could be wrong, (Bucky/Zemo)
  • Zemo's Book of Secrets by Sparcina, Rated Explicit, Bucky and Zemo have teamed up to hunt down what remains of Hydra. While Zemo’s out on an errand one day, Bucky searches his ally’s room for ulterior motives, and uncovers a notebook filled with the baron's thoughts instead. He expects notes about their mission, but Zemo has his mind on other things, it seems - or rather, on a certain someone., (Bucky/Zemo)





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