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Marvel's Helmut Zemo is exceptionally adept in swordsmanship; it is one of his prominent characteristics in the comics and animations. However, it is never confirmed whether his MCU counterpart shares this particular skill; despite the MCU concept arts depicting him wielding a sword,[1] The Falcon and the Winter Soldier credit scene showing an illustration of a sword in his color,[2] and Marvel Future Fight game releasing his TFATWS skin with a sword.[3]


Give Zemo a Sword

Many fans are very enthusiastic about the idea of MCU Zemo getting his sword. Some took a fancy to having Zemo’s sword fighting style be inspired by traditional Georgian folk dance.[4] When the announcement of Thunderbolts movie surfaced with Zemo as one of the potential members, the fans demanded Marvel to give him his sword.

[@ComicBook on Twitter]
This new #CaptainAmerica concept art has us wishing #BaronZemo would have gotten a massive sword after all...[5]
[@MyLovelyteddies on Twitter]
zemo with his sword and fighting against the enemy?? i'm already shaking just thinking about it because it's a powerful image to me[6]
[@BABYEVILMAN on Twitter]
Zemo with a sword would literally restore my mind my body and my spirit would ascend to a higher plane of existence[7]
[@drunkbluestar on Twitter]
if mcu gives zemo his sword i swear to god i will lose my sanity[8]

The Sword's Name

The discussion on naming the sword was first recorded on a discord server in August 2022.[citation needed] No consensus reached on the name, but few of the suggestions were "Buran" [from Russian, Буран; lit. 'snowstorm', 'winter storm'], referring to the most popular Zemo ship - WinterBaron; “Yatagan” the name of ottoman sabre used in Balkans, which would fit MCU Zemo's Sokovian background; and "Szczerbiec", fancy historical Polish sword used to coronate kings. The crack options were Zemo having a cool, ancestral name for his sword, but just introduced his sword to others with silly name like "Kevin"; or having a ridiculous name such as "Stabby McStabbin Face" but in Slavic.[citation needed]



  • By Any Means Necessary by Sparcina, Rated Explicit, Zemo gets a bodyguard. The Winter Soldier becomes a lot more than this, (Bucky/Zemo).
  • the colonel from sokovia by swannscroft, Rated Mature, When Ultron takes Sokovia, you are saved by a soldier. Years later you find yourself in Madripoor. You encounter a man in a long coat that bears a striking resemblance to the handsome soldier who once saved your life, (Zemo/Reader).
  • Tease me, Tempt me, Claim me by Fuddlewuddle, Rated Teen, Three times Bucky teased Zemo. Three times Zemo tempted Bucky. And one time Zemo showed Bucky exactly who he belonged to, (Bucky/Zemo).




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