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Synonym(s)Silver Tongue
Related tropes/genresOral Sex
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Silvertongue is one of Loki's monikers in Marvel Comics and the MCU. [1] It's supposed to refer to his superior eloquence, but in fandom, many fans have decided that Loki earned this byname by being especially skilled at giving oral sex.

The idea of Loki being extremely eloquent has its roots in Norse mythology, where he is also known as Liesmith because of his ability to talk himself ruthlessly out of almost any situation. [2]

Example Fanworks

  • Silvertongue, Archived version by Harbinger (2013): The Lady Sigyn comes from wealth and royalty and a world where sex sells and sells well. Society thinks nothing of a young lady bringing home a prostitute to service her for that evening. (het, Loki/Sigyn, Hookerfic)



  1. ^ It was triggered by a scene in the MCU movie Thor (2011), where Loki fails to talk Heimdall into lettimg him and his companions into Jotunheim. Volstagg, a member of his group, mocks Loki by asking: "What happened? Silver tongue turned to lead?"
  2. ^ In the novel American Gods by Neil Gaiman, Loki is called Low-Key Lyesmith.


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