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In explicit fanworks, the depiction of oral sex acts is common.

For a long time, some forms of oral sex were not considered "real" sex, with fanfiction writers often portraying penetrative sex as more meaningful than non-penetrative and oral sex acts. This complaint often refers to the depiction of fellatio and cunnilingus, in het and slash fanworks.

Some oral sex acts have previously been considered taboo in fanworks, and oral sex may still be considered taboo in certain fandoms. Rimming may be one of the most taboo oral sex acts depicted in fanworks, with many older fanfic archives including specific warnings. A multifandom archive WWOMB includes warnings for Oral Sex and a separate warning for Kink - Rimming. The Prydonian, a pairing specific slash archive, included a warning for rimming, but no warning for oral sex, or other oral sex acts.

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