Phone Sex

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Title: Phone Sex
Publisher: Bodacious Press (distributed by The Presses)
Author(s): Flamingo
Cover Artist(s): KOZ
Date(s): May 1995
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: Miami Vice
Language: English
External Links: online version
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cover by KOZ

Phone Sex is a 104-page slash Miami Vice novel by Flamingo. The pairing is Crockett/Castillo.


When the rentboy Crockett was seducing as part of an investigation is killed, he turns to Castillo for comfort, understanding, and even a little punishment. The zine version of the story ended with Sonny being assigned to protect Caitlin, adding a certain depressingness to the ending. This part of the story seems to have been left off of the web version. A number of fans have remarked both positively and negatively on the level of kink and dubious consent in the story.

Zine Flyer

Excerpt from publisher's flyer:

Detective James "Sonny" Crockett ran a hand over the black plastic of the phone receiver, staring at it, thinking about what phones had come to mean to him these last few weeks. Swallowing, he lifted the handset, threw in the required coins, held the receiver to his ear, and punched in the well-memorized number. On the other end, the phone rang three times before being answered, just as he'd expected.

"Yes?" answered a husky, familiar voice.

"It's me," Sonny murmured into the mouthpiece, as if he feared being overheard. "You alone?"

There was a pause. "Yes."

"We on the speaker phone?"

Another pause. "No."

Art Gallery

Interior artwork by Koz

Reactions and Reviews

"Now, besides having a very interesting title, this zine had going for it, right off the bat, Flamingo as it's author. She's excellent at grabbing that sexual energy that's between Crockett and Castillo that was in the show even when she's not writing about the two of them actually having sex. She also has a firm grasp on Sonny's precariously balanced -- and sometimes unbalanced -- mental state. Add this to her ability to get Castillo's intense, but always quietly spoken intenseness and a damn intense story and that makes this zine definitely worth the money, IMHO. It is also illoed throughout by KOZ, with several very nice pieces.

The basic story is this: Sonny goes undercover to bust up a teen prostitution ring. He pretends to come on to a specific, 16year old boy who is figured to be the best person on the inside to turn. Sonny as Burnett first contacts him through the phone sex lines that the ring runs on the off hours. Sonny, sickened by the whole situation and the things that he's feeling, turns to Marty. However, the only way he seems able to talk to Marty about the whole business--at least at first--is over the phone. This story does a wonderful job of grasping that incredibly schizo feeling of Crockett in the latter part of fourth season, just prior to his bout of amnesia and actually becoming Burnett. It is also a study in the edge that would exist in the sexual relationship between Sonny and Marty. It's incredibly kinky: Bondage and dom/sub play no small roles in their sex play and this story shows once again why in MV at least, it is possible to have group sex with only two people.

My one big complaint: The ending is not all I would hope it would be, but that doesn't mean it doesn't fit within the context of the show. It just seems a bit of a let down for me from the rest of the story, for me.

This zine is available from what is now called The Presses (They were formerly Otter Limits Press and/or Bodacious Press)...Once again, I have no memory whatsoever and do not remember the price of the zine (I gotta start writing stuff down...) and it's not listed in the zine, so I'd SASE them. If you are interested in some shorter pieces by the same author in other zines, I highly recommend the novella "Sensei" in MIAMI SPICE 3, available from

the same press and "Storm Watch" in the latest Multi-Media NO HOLDS BARRED, available from our own Kathy Resch. [1]


  1. In 1995, Michelle Christian posted this review to the Virgule-L mailing list. It is reposted here with permission.