Otter Limits Press

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Name: Otter Limits Press
Contact: Kandi Clarke
Type: fanfic
Fandoms: Man From UNCLE, Starsky & Hutch, Dr Who, Blake's 7
Status: defunct
Other: gen
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Otter Limits Press was a fanzine publisher that began publishing as early as 1979 and ended around 1997.

Also see The Presses, the umbrella press under which this press resided.

How Does This Press Related to Others by This Fan?

Heart of the Matter Press was a subsidiary of our other press that we were doing. We had Bodacious Press was our slash zines, Otter Limits Press was our gen zines, and after some years we decided, let's just call ourselves "The Presses" and put everything underneath it. So, yeah, we were known as "The Presses," because we had so many subsidiaries. [1]


Flyers and Guidelines


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