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Title: Exposures
Publisher: original publisher was Candace Clark and Moppet's World Press, (and possibly Deux Emmes Publications" or "Deux Emes Press), then [Otter Limits Press]], then Nuthatch Press
Editor(s): Kandi Clarke, Linda Howlett
Date(s): 1988-1991
Medium: print
Fandom: Man from UNCLE
Language: English
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Exposures is a slash Man from UNCLE anthology. It was originally published in Australia with authorized reprints in 2001 in the US.

From an Editor Who Wanted to Reprint These Zines

In 2001, JJ of The Nut Hatch Press proposed reprinting these zines, either separately or as a "Best Of" issue. For more about this, see Some Interesting History Regarding This Zine Series.

JJ, commenting on culling some material to make a "Best Of" issue wrote:
I just know people are going to ask me to make a judgement call on the quality of the contents. Okay ... well, first, it's not my place to make that call, because Kandi was the publisher ... and in the end each one of us must decide if we liked a piece or not. It's very fair to say that I've not-liked brilliantly written stories because the characterizations were poor ... and vice versa! But I can give a steer, in the way of a thumbnail review. Frankly, I would have preferred to produce "The Best of Exposures" at 300pp, where the zine would have been about A$40 + shipping. But you'd have missed out on all the photos, and I'd have been playing "God Editor of Loon." In the end, you'd have saved about US$20, all up, and you'd have received a zine that was built on my editorial whim, and without illustration (on account of the price of toner!). The bottom line?? The stories are a mixed bag; there's exceptionally good ones, there's a few poor ones, and there's a lot in the gray zone between, where "talking heads" could easily be your favorite piece in the zine, or your least favorite! It's really up to the reader to decide (as always). The zines could be prettier ...they were "only" typed (remember, this was before computers!), and as for the first one, it was pasted up off the raw manuscript. But that's the worst of it. [1]

Issue 1

Exposures 1 was published in January 1988 and is 240 pages (the Moppet's World edition) and 165 pages (the Nuthatch edition).

  • Some Kind of Friend by V. Rettig Holt ("Illya, physically abused and mentally tortured, submits his resignation from UNCLE - without Napolean's knowledge.")
  • Craziness by Steve
  • Friday Night by Steven J. Keller
  • More Craziness by Steve
  • Stormy Weather by Candace-Anne Clarke ("Illya is missing and presumed dead on Christmas Eve, but a lonely Napoleon Solo receives a surprise and most-welcome present on Christmas day.")

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

If the collection has a "dog," this is it. Kandi appeared to print the zine right off the manuscript pages, using lots of photos to break up the typed text. Here's the hard news: the manuscripts were double-spaced. Yep — the zine is basically manuscript and photos, up to 170pp... [2]

Issue 2

Exposures 2 was published in August 1988 and contains 90 pages. It was printed and bound by Otter Limits Press.

front cover of issue #2
back cover of #2
  • Editorial (1)
  • Fly the Friendly Skies by Eros (4)
  • Black Tie and Tails by Belle (10)
  • An Impolite Interview with David McCallum by Hannah Eisler (28)
  • On the Other Foot by Casey Melvin (32)
  • Tit For Tat by Johnny Murphy (46)
  • Papasan by Tosya Stohn (59)
  • He Who Loves by Belle (60)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

The second issue was a "slim" volume of only about 90pp ... and/but it was bulked out with photos. Beeeautifulll photos!!!!! Okay, so they're 25 toner-guzzlers. But you never saw these before, and some of them are really lovely. [3]

Issue 3

Exposures 3 was published in August 1989 and is 181 pages. It has art by Christine Myers.

cover of issue #3, the original cover
  • The Operation Showcase Affair by DVS (1)
  • Lessons To Be Learned by Jacquelyn Midcult (22)
  • Iceberg and Siren, poems by (Hood (Robin Hood) (70)
  • Napoleon's Game by Johnny Murphy (72)
  • The Blondes Have More Fun Affair by Casey Melvin (94)
  • Triangle of Terror Pt 1 by Belle (106)
  • Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover by Tamara (137)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

This one was 181pp ... but here's the "bad news." It was heavily illustrated. Don't mistake me: the photos are gorgeous! If you re-joined the fandom late, like me, this is the only opportunity you're going to get to see these images, and I for one am happy to have them. My IK fixation of 1969 returns when the moon is full ... [4]

Issue 4

cover of issue #4, appears to be a copy

Exposures 4 was published in 1991 and is 200 pages.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 4

Biggest and best of the issues; very little artwork, none of which is pro-rated for being "75% toner cover" etc ... this one is waaaaay over 200pp, and you'll see at a glance what you're missing when I quote you the featured authors: Robin Hood, DVS, Khylara, Eros, Natasha Barry, Hephaistion, Alys, Julia Donnelly and Bruce Honquichat.... ...The cover price of this zine in 1990 was US$18 "in person." Check out the ordering info under the cover sheet. And there ain't no color cover on it! US$18 is about A$33 right now ... ten YEARS later, with inflated prices. I wanna point out to you that I will be producing the same item, WITH a color cover (!) for A$32 or so. Guys, I can't do any better than this. [5]

Some Interesting History Regarding This Zine Series

In 2001, the always long-winded JJ of The Nut Hatch Press posted this on her website:
THE ZINES ARE BEING PRINTED AS OF JANUARY 19th, 2001 ... but for the full backstory about copyrights, costs and all else, read on: Four issues of EXPOSURES were published by Candace Clark, from 1988 to 1990. They range in size from about 100pp to way over 200. These were grass roots, "basic" style zines, in the days before Pentium computers, the internet and digital artwork...

In those days zines were mostly typed. Most of the EXPOSURES issues were word processed and produced on an electronic typewriter, with the usual typewriter fonts. The illustrations generally took the form of photos from the editor's private collection.

Originally I had intended to produce, in 2001, something that would have been called "The Best of Exposures." I'd intended to lift out the best stories, leave out the less-than-brill material, re-set the type in modern formatting, produce some digital art, and get a zine of about 300pp that had been brought up close to current zine standards. It was my intention to do this because I felt that the original EXPOSURES issues have not aged well ... by comparison with modern zines, a portion of the content is less than superb, and the graphics are typical of the mid-1980s, when Letraset, White-Out and staples were the norm!

Alas, my "Best of" plan turned out to be impossible, because it was swiftly pointed out to me that fannish copyrights are not quite the same as the contracts and copyrights I'm accustomed to in the professional writing and publishing world. In fact, I don't have the rights to get in there and "meddle" with the existing content! I can't legally "cut" the books into something new/better!

So the stumbling block is this: I can either print these zines exactly as they are, or not print them at all. In other words, the good stuff from EXPOSURES is going to gather mold and grow fungus in the bottom of the cupboard, because — readers beware! — there is a portion of the content that's little more than fluff/dross!

But ... hang on a second ... all the content's not that bad, is it?

Nope. Some of the content is good reading...

So, what kind of tragedy is this, where GOOD stories are going to be left to turn into fungus colonies, because the person holding the reprint rights (me) doesn't have the legal rights to edit the dross out of bygone zines?

Hmmm. Good stories being lost because of passenger-paper. Baby thrown out with bathwater! But read on... Okay, so here's the story so far. We have these typical, average 1980s zines ... not slick and dazzling, like current zines; some of the content is, frankly, "wanting" ... but some is undeniably good. May I point out that the featured writers include Robin Hood, Hephaistion, Natasha Barry, DVS and Khylara —

Several fandoms know these writers, and these are the very stories that are moldering because these old books were, in fact, bulked out with material that would today either not have been run, or else would have been heavily edited.

Remember, I started out on the EXPOSURES project intending to do a "Best of" volume ... and quickly found out that there's a fannish ban on what I'd planned. Was I trying to play "The God Editor of Loon" ...? Hmmm, well, maybe. The facts were soon impressed on me:

Print the whole lot, as-is, or print nothing. Because that's all I have the right to do. So ...

Why not, I thought then, just reproduce the zines more or less the way they were done twelve years ago? Pull them out, plonk them on the photocopier, and bind those suckers!

Well, because it gets complex. The content, as you're now well aware, is sometimes of less than a standard that will inspire superlatives; yet the costs to manufacture the books will be exactly the same as the costs involved with producing the most brilliant contemporary book. Xerox machines don't differentiate between Shakespeare and gas bills. So you have a problem here. No matter the quality of what's on the page, I can only make photocopies, and bind books, for a certain cost.

Which brings us down to an inescapable bottom line... Since I don't have the right to muck about with the contents of these books ... if contemporary fans want to complete their collections of older zines; if they are fond enough of the topic to forgive the rough edges of some pretty average, 12-year-old fannishness; if they're willing to take the cabbage in order to get the cream ... then the readers themselves must take the books as-they-are, in total, and "edit out" whatever they perceive as dross by the simple expedient of turning the page and ignoring what doesn't come up to snuff!

I wish I could tell you that I can provide the zines extra-cheaply to facilitate your weeding-out process, but how can I?! Just about everyone knows what it costs to manufacture zines, especially slashy ones, where your options are limited and you may not be able to truck them into high-volume, low-price outlets and hand them to the young kid in charge of the copy machines!

But I do make you this pledge: I'll get the price down as low as possible.

They'll be A4, Xerox copied, coil-bound. They'll have color covers, but inside those color covers, you're looking at the original pages, cuz I'm not allowed to do a darned thing in terms of editing the content! Sorry.

It was suggested a little while ago that I should (gasp!) reformat them all, into compressed type and two columns, so as to squeeze the content into about 250pp or so ...

Good idea. But, guys, that's something like 500,000 words of typing and/or OCR (Optical Character Recognition) correction, after 650 scans have been made and stored!! Do you have any idea how much work that is?? Do you know what that would do to healthy hands and backs and eyes? Do you know how that would hurt a person like me, who is already halfway crippled with RSI from years ago?!

So then I wondered about "hiring" people to do the work, in exchange for free copies. But everyone who gets a freebie is someone who didn't buy one ... my educated guess would be, after the work was complete, we'd sell 10 and give away 10. That would double the price of the compressed-format zine(s) — because I'm not financially able to underwrite a philanthropic project — and you're back to square one. In fact, it's worse: You now have a ludicrously high price for small(er) book, where (!!) the content is exactly the same as it was when we began, it was only reformatted! The dross is still there, and now the price would be up way high, because 50% of the printrun was given away.

No can do, guys. You wouldn't pay that ... I wouldn't ask you to.

I even looked at the possibility of "publishing to disk," where image-files were made of the individual pages, and those pages were then assembled in Adobe Acrobat, to be "read back" to the screen. I made a dummy-run of some pages ... and discovered that to get halfway decent readability, you wind up with image files so big, only about 6pp can be stored per floppy disk!! It would take around 30 to store a single zine, and to get them all would be a 120 disk job. Well, that would cost a heck of a lot more than photocopying them. So much for Plan B.

So ... we reach the bottom line: Here's your ultimate bottom line, folks!

The zines ARE available to be reprinted. The zines cannot possibly be re-edited or re-formatted. The zines are sometimes not as brilliant as we'd like, but The zines contain good stories from good writers too!! The zines can only be printed as-they-are. The zines can only be printed at BULK COPY costs, so The zines can only be printed with a number of pre-orders in-hand. The readers must "edit" for themselves. The readers know ahead of time, the content is "mixed." The readers decide to liberate good stuff from the cupboard, and The readers agree to turn a blind eye to the dross. The printer agrees to keep the costs to minimum. The printer fully informs readers of what they're buying. The printer volunteers to donate the work to produce the zine...


[MUCH, MUCH detailed production details snipped]

Then it's over to you! If I can get 16 orders, hey, I'm printing! (I'll try and improve on that ... I may be able to trim that to 10 - 12 ... again, email me, I'll be in touch if/when I get a better deal). So... You know there's good stories in here; you know that you will have to turn a blind eye to some typical old-zine waste paper! You know the printing difficulties involved. [6]


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