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Name: DVS
Alias(es): Vivian Gates (her Star Trek pseud), also Caro Hedge
Type: fanwriter
Fandoms: Man from UNCLE, Star Trek: DS9, Professionals, Star Trek: TOS, Original Fiction, Patalliro!, Miami Vice, Hardcastle and McCormick, Beauty and the Beast (TV), Starsky and Hutch, Harry and Johnny
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DVS is a prolific slash writer in many fandoms.

Her first Bodie/Doyle story is "Bishonen Op"

Zines DVS's work appears in: Awakenings | Cold Fish and Stale Chips | Consort | Doctor, Tailor, Officer, Spy | Dyad | The Evergreen Affair | Exposures | Fantasies | In Your Dreams | Leather and Blue Jeans | Liaisons | Lovers | Naked Times | No Holds Barred | Open All Night | Other Times and Places | A Plain and Simple Zine | The Pros Theme Zine | Red Hot Lovers | The Rodilla Project | A Secret Place | Thief | T'hy'la | To Friends | Under the Tree | The Way of the Warrior | Whatever Happened to Harry & Johnny?


Fan Comments

A fan in 1995 wrote: "Agree that DVS's Lovers zines and her writing in general is excellent. She always gives me the impression that she's writing a story, rather than writing out of sheer adoration for Kirk/Spock, Illya/Napoleon, or whoever, even when she does feature a standard slash couple." [1]


  1. ^ quoted anonymously from Strange Bedfellows