Charisma (Star Trek: TOS zine)

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Title: Charisma
Publisher: Natasha Solten
Date(s): 1987-1995
Medium: print zine
Genre: K/S slash
Fandom: Star Trek, Kirk/Spock, Star Trek: The Original Series
Language: English
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group shot of issues #1-#19
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Charisma is a Kirk/Spock slash story anthology fanzine, published by Natasha Solten which ran to 19 issues. The first issue was published in 1987.

Some story summaries are from the publisher, some by Gilda F.

Issue 1

Charisma 1 was published September 1987 and contains 158 pages.

an example of a long-haired Spock (This art was also used as an interior illo in issue #11.)
From the editorial:
Welcome to the first issue of Charisma . I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed putting it together. I think there are some very powerful, very well written stories in this issue. I want to thank all the contributors for doing such a wonderful job and I also want to take the time to let everyone who has written to me commenting on my zines that, though I don't always have time to personally answer you, your letters are encouraging and greatly appreciated. Thank you. Keep writing and send SASEs for issue #2 of Charisma, now open for submissions.
  • To Protect and Serve by Alexis Fegan Black. (A/U: Captain Spock is given a gift from his crew to see him through pon farr, a hazel-eyed human who seems too self-possessed to be a slave. "He unfastened the civilian jeans carefully, sensually, and continued his journey downward until he encountered his own burning flesh. But just as he began to stroke himself, his hips rocking in rhythm to the motion of his hand, he was torn back to reality by a muffled sound which came from the vicinity of the bed. His eyes sprang open. On the bed, almost obscured by the shadows, was a man...") (also in Speed of Light) (3)
  • "Cloud Walker" by Jane Fury, poem (23)
  • Your Eyes, poem by [Cybel Harper] (24)
  • Your Eyes, Too, poem by [Cybel Harper] (24)
  • Partitions by Callie St. John, Sequel to All Our Yesterdays. (After Sarpeidon, Spock contends with an unknown illness and the barrier that seems to be building between him and Kirk. "He broke into action, taking the stairs several at a time and bust into the dimly lit hallway just in time to see two burly humanoids trying to wrestle the resisting Kirk back into the cover of a room. Spock's hand gripped one of the men's large shoulders and tightened. The man slumped to the floor. The other neck-chopped Kirk who immediately sank to the floor.") (27)
  • Memory, poem by Cheryl Resnick (58)
  • Fragile Barriers by Andrea Arat (Kirk has a difficult time dealing with Spockʼs need to take a wife for pon farr, and hurt that he is not able to see his lover through it. "I don't think this is a very equal relationship, Spock." "Jim, you are everything to me." Kirk winced. "But your wife..." "Hush." Spock's lips were on his. When the pressure moved back, Kirk said, "I want to be even that for you. Don't you understand?" Though he kept his eyelids tightly shut, it didn't help. He felt the cool moisture of his despair seep down the sides of his temples and into his hair.") (59)
  • "Leaving" by Natasha Solten, poem (76)
  • Standing in the Shadows by Faris Vincent, Sequel to ST:TMP (also in Shadows in the Rain). (Spock is concerned over Kirkʼs reaction to his hero status after VʼGer, and to his captainʼs insecurities caused by his own flight to Gol. "Kirk's vision went black, his ears rang, his knees gave way and he nearly fell, held upright only by Spock's strength. All sensation was focused on the hot, moistness tenderly invading his mouth; Spock, kissing him. Realization hit him like a fist to the stomach and he pushed himself away...") (77)
  • "Shadow" by Natasha Solten (102)
  • The Mortal Fire by Natasha Solten. Sequel to WHAT ARE LITTLE GIRLS MADE OF? (Returning to Exo III, Kirk and Spock discover that more was done to Kirk than he knew. "Spock, what's wrong? Are you hurt?" He came around to Spock's side and could see the dampness shining on the angular face. His stomach threatened to fold in on itself. He approached the open box, long, narrow, like a coffin, and his throat went dry as he realized that something terrible lay within it.") (103)
  • Fade to Night, poem by Natasha Solten (123)
  • "The Masquerade" by Linda Frankel (124)
  • "The Waiting" by Cheryl Resnick, poem (129)
  • Desert's Song, poem by Anne K. Monnig (129)
  • Anticipation by Gillian (Spock wonders at his new feelings after agreeing to a sexual relationship with Kirk.) (130)
  • A Very Personal Power, poem by Sue Cameron (136)
  • Charisma by Natasha Solten (After his personal logs from the five year mission are illegally published, Kirk fears Spockʼs reaction to what he was written concerning their friendship and Kirkʼs feelings for the Vulcan.) (also in Greater California K/S) (137)
  • Artwork by Marilyn Cole, Sherry Veltkamp, Dragon, Caro Hedge, C.A. Pierce, and Jacquelyn Zoost.

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[cover art]: We start with a really awful cover (Marilyn Cole). One of the ‘logic never happened!!’ Vulcans of Gor AU things, with a bare-chest nipple-pastie armor deal. If I were an archeologist, I’d conclude that in the past, people never experienced embarrassment. Spock’s expression indicates he’s been smacked in the face with something heavy moments before. The art is not great, but in and of itself not *terrible*–I’m more annoyed by the immense popularity of Vulcans of Gor. Also – this so isn’t that type of K/S zine? Nothing in this zine really harmonizes with this art choice. Idk, I like good cheesecake art, but this really hits my embarrassment squick–and I’ve noticed, when interacting with fans significantly older than me online, that we have (not always, but often–and in certain fandoms, not others) different norms about how raunchy fannish conversation should be. I wonder if there are generational/platform cultural-norms differences in terms of embarrassment squick, and in terms of the degree to which we code fandom as a sort of kink scene. [1]
[interior fanart]: Artwork (Dragon) I don’t like–fine, odd faces.... Artwork (C.A. Pierce) I don’t like less–one good face, one odd one. (But let me clarify–I am a shit and am weird about fanart and don’t appreciate it like people who appreciate fanart for real-real do.)... Two ‘heads of Kirk’ by Jacquelyn Zoost. Nice, good expression, very like.... Artwork by Dragon. In this, Jim looks like a squashy JFK.... Artwork, by Sherry Veltkamp. Two awful–one creepy hands, the other large bobble heads on naked hairy bodies. One quite good. So confused. I rarely find fanart erotical but um, #2. No. [2]
[zine]: As a whole, this zine doesn’t have much of a sense of humor. The character voices aren’t great. Unusually for a K/S zine, like NO xenophilia/loving and creative descriptions of Spock’s Alien Cock! I don’t really miss these, I just wonder how THEY missed this zine? I would have said you couldn’t throw a rock in K/S without it actually being Spock’s Detachable Left Nut!

There’s good zine fic I’d recommend to people curious about zines, interested in the pairing, or just interested in good writing, but I don’t think Charisma 1’s content is what I’d show someone new, as an exemplar. It’s pretty much for people familiar with zines and K/S, and interested in a quite specific flavor of K/S zinefic.

[For more of Erin Horáková's substantial comments on the fic, poetry and art see [“Charisma” (#1), Archived version] [3]

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Dragon: this art was used as an interior illo the previous year in More Missions, More Myths #8

Charisma 2 was published in January 1988 and is 176 pages long.

The art and borders are by Dragon, Gene Delapenia, Shellie Whild, Caro Hedge, Stein.

  • As Heroes Should Look, poem by WLR (1)
  • Fatal Charms by Greta Foulard (Can't Kirk go anywhere without running into an old flame? And can't Spock let his captain go to a public restroom once without having to accompany him to protect his virtue? In this story, the answer is: no.) (3)
  • Walls That Never Speak, poem by Robin Hood (25)
  • Lovers, poem by Cybel Harper (26)
  • The Giver Beware by Roberta (Spock has a surprise for Kirk in the shuttle bay. But he can't keep it a surprise for long, and when Kirk finds out about it, some very interesting erotic things begin to happen.) (27)
  • Secrets, poem by Natasha Solten (46)
  • Are You Aware!, poem by C.A. Pierce (47)
  • The Hunger, poem by Natasha Solten (48) (reprinted from Act Five Scene One)
  • My Only Thoughts, poem by Donna Rose Vanderlaan (50)
  • Reality, poem by Natasha Solten (52)
  • Rain, poem by Natasha Solten (52)
  • Autumn's Soul, poem by Robin Hood (54)
  • Coming Out by Charlotte Frost (Spock is seriously injured and it takes an alien technology to heal him. Meanwhile, Kirk searches frantically for his missing first officer and lover, unaware of the alien treatment Spock is receiving.) (55)
  • The Short Reign of King Bacchus XXII by Venisa L. Duvetyn (In this first time story of alien celebration on the planet Elysium, Kirk and Spock find little time alone together to express their newly acknowledged but still unconsummated love.) (73)
  • Perpetual Motion, poem by Linda Frankel (83)
  • Mirrors a novella by Sharon Pillsbury (Mirror universe) (When Spock becomes captain of the ISS ENTERPRISE, all surviving loyalists to the Empire are stranded on a distant planet. But he doesn't have the heart to strand Kirk, who refuses to join the resistance and who becomes a prisoner on his own ship while bitterly refusing to acknowledge Spock's stand, as well as Spock's gentle, undemanding affections.) (87)
  • Choice, poem by Cybel Harper (176)

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Issue 3

cover of issue #3, Gayle F.
inside page from issue #3, Virginia Lee Smith. Note: marked as sexually explicit.

Charisma 3 was published in 1988 and is 167 pages long. The art is by Gayle F (front cover), Sherry Veltkamp (inside front cover), Stein, Virginia Lee Smith Jacqueline Zoost, Dewell.

  • What Forgiveness by Cybel Harper (Kirk is unable to forgive himself after he and Spock return from the 1930ʼs, and Spock and McCoy mistakenly believe itʼs grief over Edith.) (3)
  • ill by Jacquelyn Zoost (9)
  • illo by Stein (14)
  • Thoughts, poem by Cheryl Resnick (15)
  • Night, poem by Cheryl Resnick (15)
  • Persuasion, poem by Bonita Kale (16)
  • Before You, poem by Cybel Harper (18)
  • What are Friends For by Cassandra (After the fal tor pan, McCoy discovers that there is still a link between him and Spock and so is able to help Spock with his love for Kirk.) (19)
  • One Side, poem by Tere Ann Roderick (29)
  • What is Love?, poem by Cybel Harper (30)
  • Surangal by Zoey Brook (The Enterprise and the Intrepid aid a planet after an earthquake but Kirk and Spockʼs bond is endangered when Spockʼs mind is effected by the injured Deltans there.) (31)
  • A Home, two poems by Tere Ann Roderick (50)
  • illo by Dewell (51)
  • The Fog Rises, poem by Robin Hood (52)
  • Expectations by Gillian (At long last taking the final step, Kirk and Spock find that sometimes you expect too much from first times. Prequel: Anticipation.) (53)
  • Forget When We Parked, poem by Linda Frankel (58)
  • Kirk's Answer, poem by Roberta (60)
  • Memories/Memories by Debbie Cummins (An aged McCoy awaits a visit from his old friend, Spock, and remembers fondly his two dearest friends in this story about friendship, death and love...) (61)
  • Home, another poem by Tere Ann Roderick (73)
  • The Last Word on Parking, poem by Linda Frankel (74)
  • The Sound of Your Voice by Martha Selena Brown. (Kirk is kidnapped by aliens and placed in sensory deprivation where the only thing that keeps him sane is the fantasy that Spock is there... in the uncharacteristic role of his lover.) (75)
  • illo by Jacquelyn Zoost (79)
  • The Wild Places, poem by Robin Hood (92)
  • illo by Jacquelyn Zoost (93)
  • Wings by Charlotte Frost. (Kirk is missing on a distant mining planet; the only evidence he's left behind is a pile of clothes (Captain's uniform) beside a turbulent river.) (94)
  • Do Vulcans Daydream?, poem by Donna Vanderlaan (112)
  • To Surmount Obstacles (called "In Conquest" in the zine's flyer and on the publisher's website) by Sharon Pillsbury (Kirk is sold into slavery by Ron Tracy after Stonn blocks his memory and when rescued, need Spockʼs help to regain it.) (113)
  • illo by Stein (151)
  • illo by Virginia Lee Smith (155)
  • Sensation, poem by Cybel Harper (167)

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Issue 4

front cover of issue #4 by Dragon: "The front cover illo by Dragon of Spock was lovely. Spock was smiling but not unnaturally. I think it's hard to do a smiling Spock without making it look goofy." [4]
flyer for issue #4. On the back was a flyer for Ten Thousand Stars, a K/S Poetry zine by Natasha Solten

Charisma 4 was published 1989. It contains 140 pages.

The art is by Dragon, Kay Wells, and Virginia Lee Smith.

  • untitled poem, Dana Austin Marsh (inside front cover)
  • Bring on the Night by Faris Vincent (also in Shadows in the Rain) (Kirk and Spock discuss their feelings after "City on the Edge of Forever" and reveal more to each other than they ever expected.) (10)
  • Up Close, poem by Amy (11)
  • The Myth and the Man, poem by Cybel Harper (12)
  • The Luck of the Irish by Triad (At a St. Patrick's Day party, Kirk gets a little too tipsy and it's Spock's job to extricate him from the party and put him to bed. But Kirk has other ideas...) (13)
  • A Message to T'Pau, poem by Amy (18)
  • Center Stage, poem by Cybel Harper (18)
  • A Time for Truth, poem by Michelle Perry (20)
  • Echoes by L.P. Santos (For the first time, Sarek visits the shared apartment of the late Kirk and Spock, chastising himself for his disapproval of his son, wishing those feelings had been resolved when both men were still alive.) (21)
  • Impulse Power, poem by Michelle Perry (20)
  • Trade by Natasha Solten (Kirk and Spock trade poems in this amusing but "in-character" vignette.) (33)
  • The Visit by Amy (Spock's thoughts as he accompanies Kirk home on a visit to Iowa.) (38)
  • Two Goals, poem by Natasha Solten (39)
  • A Beach to Walk On, poem by Cybel Harper (40)
  • Masks, poem by Michelle Perry (42)
  • To Protect and Serve by Elizabeth Scott (Spock builds a robot that becomes a little too protective of him, especially where Kirk is concerned.) (43)
  • Trial by Flame, poem by Dana Austin Marsh (56)
  • Storing Memories, poem by Dana Austin Marsh (57)
  • No Slave I Seek, poem by Dana Austin Marsh (58)
  • Secrets by Sharon Pillsbury a novella by Sharon Pillsbury (In this "Mirror" universe story, Spock is in love with Kirk but Kirk can't accept that because he's never known real love and therefore doesn't believe in it. Meanwhile, Kirk is harboring a secret that is affecting his ability to command.) (60)
  • Windspirit, poem by Natasha Solten (126)

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Issue 5

cover of issue #5 by Sherry Veltkamp

Charisma 5 was published in March 1989 and contains 167 pages.

Note: there are three discrepancies in this zine's contents as it is listed on the publisher's website -- one of the stories has a different title, and there is art by Chris and Anja Gruber that is included in the zine but not listed online.[5]

  • Coming Home by Kay Wells (Kirk introduces Spock to his boyhood home in this delightful story of discovery and love.) (3)
  • Erosion by Rachel Cavendish (29)
  • I Know the Truth by Amy (30)
  • Viewpoint: Rock by Tere Ann Roderick (32)
  • Vulcans of the Empire by Greggia Seta (This powerful "Mirror" story explores the characters of an alternate Kirk and Spock, as they try but do not succeed in denying their true feelings.) (33)
  • Fire by Rachel Cavendish (71)
  • Broken Mirror by Rachel Cavendish (71)
  • I Am for Kirk by Cybel Harper (72)
  • Letter from Mother by Gene Delapenia (73)
  • Wings by Cybel Harper (75)
  • Betrayal by Rachel Cavendish (76)
  • Season by Rachel Cavendish (78)
  • Border by Gene Delapenia (78)
  • The Future Leads to the Past (note: this story is called "The Past Leads to Tomorrow" on the publisher's web page) by Sharon Pillsbury (novel) (In this engrossing first time novel, Kirk and Spock must enter Romulus' past through the Guardian of Forever to regain their history after a scientist changes the past. Posing as Romulan "peasants", they enter a convoluted time-loop where Kirk ends up revealing himself to be a Klingon agent and Spock -- his loyal Vulcan bondmate.) (79)
  • The Whisper of Hope by Rachel Cavendish (167)
  • Personal Log by Tere Ann Roderick (168)

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Issue 6

cover of issue #6, Kelly.

Charisma 6 was published in June 1989 and contains 160 pages.

Note: there is some discrepancy between what appear in this zine, and what the publisher lists [6]: the publisher's website says Chasing Shadows by L.P. Santos is in #6, but it is actually issue #7. This zine also, despite the publisher's website description, lacks any poetry by Robert Cole and Jane Mailander.

  • To Drink of Life a novella by Sharon St. James (During negotiations involving admission of a newly discovered planet to the Federation, a beautiful young man with alien, vampiric powers becomes so obsessed with Kirk that he commits a serious breech of etiquette, leaving Kirk injured, weak and impotent just as Kirk and Spock are seriously thinking of becoming lovers for the first time.) (3)
  • Two Fools by Rachel Cavendish (76)
  • The Double Bind by Marcella Belle (Spock goes into pon farr and his irrational behavior involves Kirk in a bizarre kidnapping plot that leads Starfleet to believe the two officers are dead, and leaves Kirk without his ship, his career, and his freedom.) (78)
  • Crusin' by Tere Ann Roderick (Spock cannot figure out why Kirk takes him along on shore leave to a bar where the clientele is predominantly homosexual.) (107)
  • To Turn the Tide by Patricia Laurie Stephens (A/U: Vulcan is secretly taken over by a Romulan/Klingon coalition and the Enterprise is sent to investigate, but Kirkʼs first priority is Spock who fled there at the end of the 5 year mission after he and Kirk made love.) (121)

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Issue 7

cover of issue #7, Sherry Veltkamp

Charisma 7 was published in 1989 and contains 131 pages. It contains a single illo by H. Yao. The cover is by Sherry Veltkamp.

From the editor:
Writing Contest! Look on page 116 of this issue and you will find a story that has no middle, and no ending. All writers are invited to submit their version of the outcome of this story. All winners will be printed in Charisma #8. Prizes to the winners will be a free copy of any zine I publish, (in addition to their contrib. copy,) which includes lots of K/S, gen Trek, Blake's 7, and even a Star Wars zine. I only ask that the stories try to be complete in themselves. Though I will reprint the first 16 pp. of "The Weakness," the best stories will be those that add their own unique flavor to the universe that is introduced in the contest story, and stand well on their own, even without the first 16 pp., which are there for inspiration, hopefully, if not more!

Send all entries, and other submissions to the address below. And if you're interested in all the other 40 odd zines I have available, inclose a SASE for flyers. All my zines stay in print. It helps keep those zine pirates out there poor.

Sweet Dreams!
  • Or Was It? by Martha Selena Brown (A refreshingly new look at the K/S relationship and its ups and downs, as Kirk and Spock meet, learn of love, and survive the Gol break-up as the story takes us from the series through the end of ST:TMP.) (3)
  • Building Bridges, poem by Cybel Harper (27)
  • Where Love Must Hide, poem by Robert Cole (28)
  • The Witch's Promise by Anna Parrish (Kirk, Spock and McCoy go to a fortune teller who reveals some things that they are not sure they are ready to hear.) (29)
  • First Time, poem by Rachel Cavendish (41)
  • Stone Meditations, poem by Jane Mailander (42)
  • Turnabout, poem by Rachel Cavendish (44)
  • Forever in Their Eyes by Natasha Solten (A/U: Instead of becoming a training vessel, the Enterprise is being dismantled and Kirk is having problems with it and the path his life seems to be taking.) (45)
  • Art Auction, poem by Rachel Cavendish (58)
  • We Do Not Speak, poem by Cybel Harper (58)
  • Past, Present, and Future by Dana Austin Marsh (M/U: Kirk denies Spock penetration in their lovemaking until he runs into a love from his past, in a situation he never would have dreamt of.) (59)
  • The Unspoken Plea, poem by Rachel Cavendish (75)
  • Resolve, poem by Cybel Harper (76)
  • Command Performance, poem by Rachel Cavendish (76)
  • Chasing Shadows by L.P. Santos (Spock reminisces about his childhood while visiting Kirk's home on Earth, and realizes he missed out on a lot by being raised in the harsh, unemotional culture of Vulcan.) (77)
  • The Deception, poem by Rachel Cavendish (84)
  • Ripples, poem by Rachel Cavendish (84)
  • Au Bord De La Mar, poem by Rachel Cavendish (84)
  • Looking Outward Together by Natasha Solten (After Miramanee dies, Spock follows Kirk into the woods where he tries to console his friend and Captain.) (also in First Time #4) (85)
  • Mapping Duty, poem by Rachel Cavendish (89)
  • Thirst, poem by Rachel Cavendish (90)
  • Eye of the Story, poem by Rachel Cavendish (90)
  • The New Bond Mate by Anna Parrish (A/U: Cadet Kirk is forced to become Captain Spockʼs bondmate but fights it when stationed on Spockʼs ship, the Enterprise.) (91)
  • The Weakness, part 1 by Alexis Fegan Black (M/U: Spock decides to alter Kirkʼs attitude with a meld after all else fails when Kirk becomes even more of a tyrant after returning from this universe. Sequel: The Weakness Pt 2.) (116)

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Issue 8

cover of issue #8

Charisma 8 was published in 1990, is 179 pages long and is a collection of 5 stories.

  • Tears That We Shed in the Dark by Faris Vincent (also in Naked Singularity) (When Kirk and Spock crash land on a deserted planet, they must help search other survive nature's harshest conditions.)
  • The Last Word by Kay Wells (Kirk feels compelled to approach Spock about his feelings for him after he learns the Vulcan's sexual preferences run toward men.)
  • Amnesia by Natasha Berry (The ISS ENTERPRISE Kirk and Spock are stranded on an alien planet where Kirk rudely rebuffs Spock's personal approaches and Spock decides to take matters into his own hands.)
  • Flames a short novel by Anna Parrish (Admiral Kirk, now grounded, meets the famous half-Vulcan singer, Spock, and the chemistry between them ignites into a powerful and jealous love relationship that overtakes their lives and minds.)
  • POETRY by Cybel Harper, Crystal Hart, Rachel Cavendish

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Issue 9

cover of issue #9, Sherry Veltkamp

Charisma 9 was published in June 1990 and contains 142 pages.

It contains no interior illustrations. Each story is printed in a different font.

  • Familiar Friend a novella by Martha Selena Brown (After a terrible incident during Spock's second pon farr that splits Kirk and Spock up for several years, they meet again to face V'ger and afterwards must deal with strong feelings of love/hate, while at the same time trying to solve the mystery of an alien life form picked up on a recent planetary investigation.) (3)
  • Loyalty a novella by Anna Parrish (Medical technology in the 23rd century is still not perfect enough to cure Kirk of a massive stroke. While he recovers in painful therapeutic sessions, Spock remains by his side through the bad times, until Kirk's agonizing recovery is complete. (78)
  • Deception, poem by Crystal Hart (116)
  • Worlds in My Hands, poem by Cybel Harper (116)
  • Iceman, poem by Crystal Hart (117)
  • Dream Man, poem by Crystal Hart (117)
  • The Weakness by Patricia Laurie Stephens (Contest Winner) (This is the long awaited completion of "The Weakness" by Alexis Fegan Black, a story-looking-for-an-ending (see CHARISMA #7). The winner of the contest, Stevens, has given us a view of the "Mirror" Kirk and Spock which is, more often than not, shocking, but also quite entertaining. Master Spock expects nothing but perfection and obedience from his slaves, and Kirk, now under Spock's control, has a lot of humiliating (but also pleasurable) lessons to learn. Another summary: M/U: Spock abducts Kirk and takes him to be trained as his pleasure slave so that when they return to the Enterprise he can control Kirkʼs more dangerous behavior. Prequel: The Weakness Pt 1.) (118)

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Hi. Thanks very much for Charisma #9. I enjoyed the first two stories very much; the third, however, I did not care for. I will say that it is well-written, well thought out. But slavery and sadism are neither admirable nor interesting to me, and I prefer not to read stories of that sort.

"Familiar Friend" was quite interesting. A familiar subject, of course, but the Mandelbaumian (?!) in Spock's mind as the catalyst for getting them to speak of the problem was an inventive twist. I think what struck me the most was Spock's anger at Kirk for forcing him to do what he did. He would rather have died. I also liked Kirk's perception of himself when he admitted that his own arrogance was one thing at fault; and I enjoyed Kirk's "politely" telling Sarek at the beginning to mind his own business.

"Loyalty" was very engrossing. I can believe that is how they both would act in that situation. All of it rang true -- Kirk's belief that he was immune from such common things as a stroke, his despair and depression and shame... all quite human and natural. Spock, too -- his loyalty to and love for Kirk are so strong I have no doubt but that he would take care of him forever if need be. Good story.

I do wish there had been more stories in the zine, though two out of three to like isn't bad! (I keep hoping you'll do another One Night Stand sometime; vignettes are about my speed.)

I am assuming (hoping) there will be a Charisma #10 to look forward to. [7]

Issue 10

cover of issue #10, Sherry Veltkamp

Charisma 10 was published in December 1990 and contains 187 pages.

  • Bailout by Jane Mailander (Humor: McCoy refuses to bail Kirk and Spock out after they get caught having sex in public again.)
  • Chains is a short novel by Anna Parrish (A/U: Kirk tricks Spockʼs owner into selling Spock to him so he can take Spock on his ship assignments.)
  • The Glory of Love a novella by Patricia Laurie Stephens (A/U: After VʼGer, Kirk and Spock together try to find Sarak and Amandaʼs murderers while at the same time try to resolve the fear and resentments that are keeping them apart.)
  • POETRY by Jane Mailander, Natasha Solten
  • Special new LETTERS OF COMMENT column
  • ART by Sherry Veltkamp

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Issue 11

front cover of issue #11, Kay Wells, the back cover is blank

Charisma 11 was published in June 1991 and contains 131 pages. The art is by Marilyn Cole, Sarah B. Leonard, Stein, Virginia Lee Smith, Kay Wells, and Jacquelyn Zoost.

The editor notes: "Send all correspondence to the above address. If you do not want your comments printed in the next issue of Charisma in the LOC column, state this on your letter. Otherwise, all letters of comment will be assumed intended for publication."

  • Image in the Mirror by Anna Parrish ("Mirror" Kirk and Spock are seen in an interesting light, and their relationship, though very different from that of "our" Kirk and Spock, does involve an interesting form of love. This is an unique, freshly-written story that maintains the unusual characterization of the "mirror" couple, while at the same time portraying a sensitive and erotic feel.) (7)
  • Night Winds, poem by Robin Hood (32)
  • Home Again, poem by Patt (33)
  • Farmboy by Natasha Solten (Nineteen-year-old Jim Kirk finds life on the farm beyond boring. He'd rather be travelling through the stars at warp nine discovering new worlds and battling the Federation's enemies. Though he has been accepted to Starfleet Academy, his mother and uncle cannot afford to send him there for yet another year. Life does indeed look pretty grin until Awaj Miller (of Miller's Trading Post/used 'Droid Sale Lot/Slave Auction Block) sells Kirk's uncle a Vulcan slave that changes Kirk's outlook on the future forever.) (Star Wars with a twist) (34)
  • The Best of Times, poem by Natasha Solten (56)
  • Sunshine and Music, poem by Anna Parrish (59)
  • Vulcan Dilemma by Jean Gabriel (Kirk and Spock wish to formalize their bonding on Vulcan. But will high-ranking Vulcan officials, including Sarek and T'Pau, stand in their way? Can their untraditional relationship be accepted by a world that shrouds itself in custom and ritual, that frowns upon the very emotion that keeps Kirk and Spock by each other's side?) (59)
  • Desperate Measures, poem by Amy (86)
  • Open Dream, poem by Patt (87)
  • A Shimmer of Mist, poem Robin Hood (88)
  • Two of a Kind a novelette by Natasha Solten (In this alternate look at Kirk's visit to the "Mirror" universe, our captain has an encounter with the bearded Spock that stuns him to the core. Unaware that Kirk is not who he seems to be, Spock treats him accordingly in his private chambers (with a whip!) until a panicked Kirk reveals his true nature, and who he really is. This story follows Kirk from that unusual encounter all the way back to the ENTERPRISE where he must face off with his own first officer, and admit to the strange dichotomy of feelings that have so recently overcome him.) (89)
  • Met by Chance, poem by Amy (131)
  • Starry Home, poem by Patt (132)
  • Shy Sculpture, poem by Natasha Solten (134)

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Issue 12

cover of issue #12, Sherry Veltkamp

Charisma 12 was published in June 1991 and contains 129 pages.

  • Feverland by Natasha Solten (Kirk and Spock have admitted their deep feelings for each other, but Spock is not yet ready for the physical part of their relationship. A patient Kirk decides he will wait forever if he has to, refusing to push Spock into anything he doesn't want -- until Spock suddenly goes into pon farr.)
  • The Bonding, an epic poem by Anna Parrish (This poem takes the reader on a journey from the time Kirk and Spock first meet, straight into their first sexual encounter.)
  • Another Side of Paradise by Natasha Solten (also in Twin Destiny) #2 (This new version of an old story has Kirk from The Other Side Of Paradise deciding to seduce Spock, rather than fight him, to destroy the spores' influence. As a result, Leila gets left far behind!)
  • Going Home by Anna Parrish (Kirk befriends a single woman with a young son, causing Spock to feel left out and useless. As a result, Spock leaves, thinking Kirk will be better off with someone who can give him a family (ie, children) which Spock, of course, cannot do. Misunderstandings lead to heartbreak and reunion in this sensitive story about age, growth and change.)
  • Vigil by Faris Vincent (Spock stays by an injured Kirk's bedside as the human battles for his life. Through the ordeal, Spock comes to the realization that his love for Kirk is more than just brotherly.)
  • Fathers by Faris Vincent (Kirk and Spock visit their twenty-one year old daughter as she graduates from Starfleet Academy. But her mother's strange behavior leaves both men confused and nervous.)
  • An Erotic Shadow by Andrea Arat (Kirk and Spock's relationship couldn't be better, and sex couldn't be more fulfilling. But Spock's repeated erotic dreaming leaks into Kirk's mind and keeps him awake more than he would life. As a result, constant exhaustion and arousal overwhelm him, threatening his very health.)
  • Dead Letter by Alexis Fegan Black (A security guard on the Enterprise sends a letter recounting his unintentional witnessing of his captain and first officer making love.) (also in Psychic Storm)
  • Cover by Sherry Veltkamp

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[The Bonding]: This long story/poem was quite satisfying for me. I like very much poetry in first person Spock and have a particular liking for first contact stories - that exquisite tension... It is a journey from Spock's pre-Kirk sense of aloneness to their finally coming together after Spock's first pon farr. I feel Ms. Parrish conveyed convincingly genuine motivations and reactions in both of them. Nothing really jarring, out of character. But it is the form of the poem which makes it so captivating. The unusual way in which lines are repeated within each stanza gives it the quality of a song - not in a static, structured way (as a "chorus" is separate and distinct from a "verse") but rather a very integrated, flowing, spiraling feeling, non-linear, a dimensional weave, draws one in... As fluid as it is, however, there is no untidy illogic. The language is uncomplicated, the amount of each line is succinct. It is, after all, Spock's poem. [8]

Issue 13

cover of issue #13, Marilyn Cole: "Striking and dynamic, this long-haired Spock resonates with power. Beautifully rendered braids sweep across the page framed by a mysterious structure made of bone. The hair is lustrous and drawn to perfection. Wow!" [9]
The publisher's note in the zine tells readers that this illustration of Spock with "oodles of hair" was available for purchase from the artist.
the cover of issue #13 on the publisher's page

Charisma 13 was published in 1991 and contains 163 pages. It contains no interior illustrations.

  • Night of Logic, poem by Natasha Solten (6)
  • View from Vulcan by Andrea Arat (Sarek was not surprised at Healer Suvak's diagnosis of Admiral Kirk. The man had been through too much too quickly to remain unaffected. After Spock's Fal Tor Pan, Kirk had nearly collapsed. Blaming exhaustion, the admiral refused aid from anyone until Sarek approached him, insisting that a healer take a look at the wound on his forehead. McCoy was in no shape to be working, and so Kirk could not expect to turn to him for help.) (7)
  • Innocent Shame, poem by Robin Hood (25)
  • Cold Winds, Gol Winds, poem by Andrea Arat (26)
  • A Time for Truth, poem by Natasha Solten (27)
  • Star-Light, poem by Natasha Solten (28)
  • Timestorm by Mergwin (Kirk is lost in the Vulcan desert and dreams, or not, that he is thrown into Vulcanʼs past where he meets another Spock. //Spock! Damn it, where are you! Why aren't you using that connection you have with me? Why haven't you come to rescue me by now? You always do. Why haven't you this time? Can't you feel my... fear?//) (29)
  • Beyond the Pale by Dovya Blacque (In a slightly alternate universe, Leonard McCoy is Spock's friend and confidant long before James T. Kirk takes over command of the ship on which they've been serving together for years, the USS ENTERPRISE.) (also in T'hy'la #4) (35)
  • Heroes, poem by Andrea Arat (53)
  • A Living Dead Man, poem by Robin Hood (54)
  • Bewitched, fiction by Sue Cameron (55)
  • First Best Destiny, poem by Andrea Arat (92)
  • A Game for the Young, poem by Natasha Solten (93)
  • Cheating Death, poem by Natasha Solten (94)
  • Concerning Spock, poem by Natasha Solten (95)
  • A San Francisco Apartment, poem by Natasha Solten (96)
  • Second Son, poem by Natasha Solten (99)
  • Life After Death, poem by Natasha Solten (100)
  • A Nightmare On Vulcan, poem by Natasha Solten (101)
  • The Dark of a Mind, poem by Natasha Solten (102)
  • Nothing Unread Exists, poem by Natasha Solten (103)
  • Damn Feelings, poem by Natasha Solten (104)
  • When Lightning Strikes Twice by Natasha Solten (Follow Kirk and Spock on their professional and private odyssey from the time just after the first five-year mission all the way through "The Final Frontier".) (105)
  • Barriers, poem by Natasha Solten (158)
  • The Captains, poem by Andrea Arat (159)
  • Unraveling Love, poem by Andrea Arat (161)
  • Yosemite, poem by Andrea Arat (162)

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[The Captains]: Loved it. Very aggravating. I hate talking to "Bleep" machines too. I can just see McCoy's face, Don't know which is worse, no one answering or talking to air. [10]

Issue 14

cover of issue #14, Merle Decker

Charisma 14 was published in 1992 and contains 131 pages.

  • Letters of Comment (p. 3-9)
  • Valentine by Kay Wells (p. 11-26) (In this first time story, Spock buys Kirk a "pillow" for a Valentine's Day present, not understanding just what this type of "pillow" is used for.)
  • Saying Goodbye by Anna Parrish (p. 31-36) (When Spock leaves for Gol, saying good-bye is harder for Kirk than he ever realized it could be.)
  • Home by Natasha Solten (p. 39-49) (Sequel to the gen story "The Friendship Gift" by the same author in More Missions, More Myths #18. After living for ten years with the Metrons, Kirk goes back to Earth when Spock's wife dies.)
  • Just an Old-Fashioned Love Song by Anna Parrish (p. 53-58) (Spock agrees to try to teach Kirk how to play the Vulcan lyre. But the Vulcan songs stir something more than just a passion for art in his blood.)
  • A Beach Interlude by Wanda Butler (p. 59-61) (Two female friends speculate about the beautiful golden man they spy on the beach.)
  • Convincing Interludes by Karla Kelly (p. 65-68) (Kirk gives Spock some very convincing arguments as to why they cannot be lovers. But are they convincing enough?)
  • Dark by Natasha Solten (p. 69-80) (Kirk and Spock awake to find themselves in a place outside of time and space where darkness seems to go on forever.)
  • I've Seen the Light by Pam Smith (p. 81-86) (After the Fal Tor Pan, Spock reminisces about his life and Jim.)
  • Dreams and Demons, a novelette by Patricia Laurie Stephens (p. 89-130) (A terrible motorbike accident paralyzes Spock from the neck down. Can his and Kirk's love survive the ordeal? Is Spock's hope for recovery only a desperate dream?)
  • POETRY by Patt, Karla Kelly, Robin Hood, Natasha Solten, Linda Frankel and Jackie Meadows
  • COVER by Merle Decker

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Issue 15

cover of issue #15 -- "About the cover. Because of the current art drought, I thank Alex Fegan Black for helping me design a unique magazine-style cover which, I think, not only flatters the zine, but the contributors as well." -- from the title page

Charisma 15 was published in 1992 and contains 160 pages. It has interior art by Belle and Elizabeth Kay.

  • Letters of Comment (3)
  • Touched by Wings, poem by Robin Hood (8)
  • In Their Right Minds by Kathy Stanis (Pretend in the episode Return To Tomorrow that it is Sargon and Henoch who are the star-crossed lovers, and Thalessa is the jealous one. As the ancient lovers overtake Kirk and Spock's bodies, well... read the story to find out what happens!) (9)
  • Guardian Vulcan, poem by Natasha Solten (13)
  • Clutter, poem by Jo'An (14)
  • Genesis, poem by Patti Byther (15)
  • Wonders, poem by Patt (16)
  • Pillow Talk by Wanda Butler (In this lyrical vignette, Kirk and Spock discuss an ancient Vulcan custom.) (17)
  • In Your Eyes, poem by Jackie Meadows (19)
  • This Simple Feeling, poem by Maria C. Pehrson (20)
  • Kobayashi Maru by Karla Kelly (In this alternate look at Kirk's career, the young, brash cadet is expelled from Academy for cheating on the Kobayashi Maru test. His only hope for a career in space lies with the Vulcan space fleet, and it is there he meets Spock and is faced with the biggest no-win decision of his life.) (21)
  • Waiting, poem by Maria C. Pehrson (47)
  • By My Side, poem by Patti Byther (48)
  • Letting Go by Pamela Talbott (A 117 year-old Kirk relieves fond memories as Spock melds them and takes them back in time to when they were young and adventurous.) (49)
  • Love, poem and illo by Belle (64)
  • Bonded, poem by Patti Byther (66)
  • Hide and Seek -- Captain Style by Barbara Wright (After Journey To Babel, while Spock's parents are still aboard the ENTERPRISE, Spock decides it is the perfect opportunity to tell them that he and Kirk are bonded. But Kirk thinks otherwise, and uses all his powers to avoid the confrontation.) (67)
  • Conflict, poem by Jackie Meadows (71)
  • Loving, poem by Patt (72)
  • illo by Elizabeth Kay (73)
  • Inside, poem by Jackie Meadows (74)
  • Covert Operations by Patricia Laurie Stephens (When Spock is kidnapped by Romulan terrorists, Kirk and McCoy will stop at nothing to rescue him. But they are hindered by certain Federation operatives, including, surprisingly, Ambassador Sarek himself.) (also in Pavane #2) (75)
  • Feelings 1, poem by Jo'An (103)
  • Feelings 2, poem by Jo'An (104)
  • illo by Elizabeth Kay (105)
  • Vulcan's Lure, poem by Patti Byther (106)
  • Memories by Anna Parrish. An elderly McCoy recalls the good old days on the "real" ENTERPRISE while Data (from the TNG episode Encounter At Farpoint) escorts him to the shuttle. In this vignette, we discover, through McCoy's point of view, the ultimate fates of his two best friends.) (107)
  • Becoming Human, poem by Natasha Solten (110)
  • illo by Elizabeth Kay (111)
  • Next, poem by Belle (112)
  • Legendary Lovers, poem by Belle (113)
  • Desert Devils, poem by Robin Hood (114)
  • Waiting, poem by Patt (115)
  • A Toast, poem by Belle (116)
  • Room for One More by Ida Vega (Kirk has a recurring dream of the ENTERPRISE's death and believes the dream is prophetic. But when details of the dream start coming true, he has a hard time convincing anyone, including his lover, Spock, that it's nothing more than coincidence.) (117)
  • Admirer, poem by Natasha Solten (158)
  • Depression, poem by Patt (159)
  • A Gentle Mathematics, poem by Natasha Solten (160)

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Issue 16

cover of issue #16

Charisma 16 was published in 1993 and contains 142 pages.

  • Spiral Dance by N.P Nina (At the end of the five year mission, Kirk takes a ground posting without realizing his decision will destroy the intimate relationship he shares with Spock.)
  • Love is in the Air by Wanda Butler (Kirk and Spock decided to co-couple with a Vulcan couple (co-coupling means a formal arrangement for guardians for perspective children) and the resulting ceremony and celebration affects other members of the crew in various amorous ways.)
  • Lunch by Georgina Brooke (Kirk invites Spock to join him for lunch on the planet below. But just what Kirk intends to serve Spock for lunch is rather... uh... erotic, to say the least. A real delectable treat!)
  • Meld by Patti Byther (Just what thoughts were passed between Spock and Valeris during the 'forced meld' in ST 6? This story reveals all.)
  • Breaking Regulations by J.S. Cavalcante (Starfleet still has a long way to go in 'modern' thinking, and Kirk and Spock discuss what they intend to do, should their rather unorthodox relationship ever become public. At this point in time, Starfleet still has yet to allow female starship captains; and relationships between members of chain of command, as well as same-sex relationships, are against regulations.)
  • Song of the Miscreant, an epic poem by Anna Parrish (This is a humorous look at the Federation's first contact with the planet Vulcan, with Kirk being the contacter, and Spock (who has 'gone native' against Sarek's wishes) being the contactee.)
  • Cabin Fever by Ida Vega (A sequel to Crisis on Centaurus. After dealing with murdering terrorists on the planet Artica, Spock and Kirk spend time in a little cabin in Garrovick Valley away from the 'things of Man'.)
  • Vulcan Mastery by CDM (a "Mirror" universe story) (Now that Spock has "summoned the future", and the ENTERPRISE is destroyed, he rules with a heavy hand, and some unfulfilled desires. Which is why, later, he has Kirk brought to him to serve as his love slave, a decision that does not set at all well with Kirk.)
  • poetry by Jamie Belle, J S CavaLcante, Khylara, Jackie Meadows, Natasha Solten

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[zine]: Charisma's #16 cover looks very good, and I like the book a lot, particularly the fact that the stories are concerned with continuing relationship, which is my favorite theme. The frontice blurb at the beginning of each story is a nice "pro" touch, and the idea of getting a bit of the author's mindset regarding the work is an excellent one! We're made aware of the individual behind the words! [11]
[zine]: Just polished this one off the other night. Ida Vega (whose work I've adored)hit the story ball right out of the park with a KILLER tale...oodles of h/c as well as insights into the bond and to top it all off, ahideous ans really frightening animal(known as a "werebear") and a searing, thrilling confrontation with said beastie, Jim and Spock. Edge of my seat!! Plus a neat tie-in to an ep. Glad I found this one lurking in my dresser drawer, had never read it before. Five-stars alll the way round.[12]

Issue 17

cover of issue #17

Charisma 17 was published in July 1993 and contains 120 pages. It contains no art.

There was a discussion in the LoC section about the dearth of art. A fan wrote: "The explicit art surprised me a little, but then I'm not used to seeing it." The editor of the zine replied, "Actually, there used to be a lot more explicit K/S art. There is still great art in various convention art shows, the explicit art at 'slash' and K/S conventions in the past has been legion. Perhaps some art is never published, or published in obscure or out of print zines. That explains why so many fans these days haven't been exposed to it.... You really have to look around for art. It's out there. And it depicts anything you can imagine. I'd print more art if I could get it."

  • Letters of Comment (3)
  • A Moment's Surrender (novelette) - Andi LeNor (Kirk realizes the depth of his feeling for Spock after their encounter with Sargon, but Spock only realizes his after Parmen forces them to make love and then makes Spock rape Kirk.) (9)
  • Impalement, poem by Patt (38)
  • Primal Scream - Jenna Sinclair (also in Setting Course) (Research “apes” get loose on the Enterprise and one finds its way to Kirkʼs cabin where he surprises Kirk fresh out of the shower. Prequel: Heartʼs Delight. Sequel: Parallel Courses.) (also in Setting Course) (39)
  • Backdraft, poem by Robin Hood (46)
  • A Warrior's Love, poem by Ida Vega (48)
  • Master of the Heart - Jackie Meadows (McCoy has a recurring dream of Spock as a slave given to Kirk, unaware that the dream is memories trying to resurface that had been removed by Spock.) (49)
  • Infinity Eyes, poem by JS Cavalcante (53)
  • The Desire to Melt, poem by Linda Frankel (54)
  • The Reunion - Anna Parrish (A/U: At 17 Kirk “divorces” his bondmate of 10 years because of Spockʼs jealousy, but 20 years later they meet again and find that their love survives.) (55)
  • Answer, poem by JS Cavalcante (70)
  • Rain, poem by Patt (72)
  • Editorial Judgement - Martha Selena Brown (73)
  • A Tast of Grief, poem by Linda Frankel (78)
  • Why, poem by Patt (80)
  • Chamber of Desire - Natasha Solten (A/U: Spock visits a mysterious sex club where he meets Kirk, a greeter for the club.) (81)
  • Fire Hearts (novelette) - J S Cavalcante (Kirk doesnʼt know whether to be relieved or upset when Spock returns to Vulcan to be betrothed.) (89)
  • Fallen Kings, poem by Robin Hood (115)
  • Loneliness, poem by Jackie Meadows (116)
  • Every Time, poem by Patt (117)
  • You Who Dreamed of Stars, poem by JS Cavalcante (118)
  • Love, poem by Pat (121)
  • Air Fish ad (121)

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[You Who Dreamed of Stars]: When I finished reading this poem. I simply stared ai the page, blinked back my tears and tried to swallow past the lump in my throat. How very beautifully written, with such a wealth of feeling, simple and elaborate all at the same time. Extraordinary!

In two pages, J S presents us with an entire story. It is some time after Kirk's death, and Spock is walking along a beach on Earth at night. Perhaps he feels most comfortable here in a place we know would have been close to Kirk's heart. He finds a starfish and compares it to the stars in the night sky.

Both Kirk and Spock are evoked so clearly: Kirk "...who dreamed of stars. Who stood among them as a brother....", and Spock through his gentle handling of the starfish, his quiet ruminations. Of course he is alone as the chill water numbs his feet and he looks up at the stars. Cleverly. J S has even told us Spock's approximate age since he learned to wish upon a star from his mother a hundred years ago. Such a poignant touch, as we become aware this is not a new pain he is experiencing, but something he has carried with him for many years. Yet another reminder that it is the quality of one's life that matters, not the quantity. Yet Spock did manage to tell Kirk he loved him, and although it is not spelled out in the poem, one can only hope that led to a closer relationship between the two.

This is a poem I will treasure always. I was particularly glad to see it was nominated for a STIFFIE -- Slash Talent Fandom Award. Justly deserved! [13]
[Poetry: Answer]:

On Gol, Spock realizes he will not achieve Kolihnar. A beautifully written sad-sweet poem. Here a small excerpt:

High above the desert I knelt
and stared into the burning eye of the sun
and heard in the wind your voice
Calling me...
Over the light years between us
over the emptiness that separates two friends
who did not say goodbye....

There's more, but you have to pull out the zine to read it, which by the way has many other K/S treasures in it. [14]
[Poetry: You Who Dreamed Of Stars]:

Another beautifully written poem from this zine. This author knows how to tug at one's heart strings!

Many years have passed, Kirk is gone and Spock is alone to remember. Here an excerpt:

I toss it back gently.
And in that moment I think of you
who dreamed of stars.
Who stood among them as a brother,
and by them steered a course straight to my heart.

and another:

I walk again.
It is twilight and I look up
as though I know you will be there.
One point of light winks from the indigo sky
as though it has heard me and knows...

Keep tissues handy when reading this one! [15]
[zine]: Charisma 17 is a favorite zine of lots of people because it not only has “Fire Hearts” by J.S.C. in it (Spock bonds with a Vulcan woman, then returns to the Enterprise where he lets Kirk know how he feels about him. This story is noteworthy in part because the woman is very sympathetically portrayed.), but it also marks the debut of Andi LeNor with her story “A Moment's Surrender.” Andi also wrote “When Rain Comes” in First Time 45, but so far these are her only two stories. Which is a shame, since they’re both memorable. [16]

Issue 18

cover of issue #18, Shelley Butler: "Do you believe in destiny? This picture is a perfect representation of J-S. Cavalcante's story "Answers," which is printed in this zine, yet Shelley drew it without knowing that the story even existed. Talk about coincidence! And it's a lovely picture- Has anyone noticed that much of Shelley's art hides the faces of her subjects? In the beginning I wondered whether she could draw faces. Now I know she can, and the Kirk in this picture is wonderful, right on, with just the right shading and air of detached melancholy. But look! Spock is hiding his face! And whoever has my favorite Vulcan between his legs sure has long toes! A really nice picture filled with emotion. A story all by itself." [17]

Charisma 18 was published in 1993 and contains 125 pages.

  • Answers by J S Cavalcante (On their way back to Earth after VʼGer, Kirk goes to Spockʼs quarters to get answers as to why Spock left for Gol and what brought him back.)
  • Hitched by Mildred Manhill (McCoy asks Kirk to officiate at his wedding to another man and when Kirk finds out the other man is Vulcan, it gives him hope for a future with Spock.)
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed by Pandora (McCoy and Scott spy Spock buying a sex doll in Kirkʼs likeness.) (also in Kismet)
  • Wind Chimes by Anna Parrish (A/U: Kirk and Spock leave Starfleet because of its attitude to their bonding and take jobs as Chief Liason officer and chief security officer, respectfully, on a starbase.)
  • A Place to Call Home by Chris Hoch (Spock accompanies Kirk back to his home for a week so Kirk can decide whether to keep or sell the farm.)
  • A Twist in the Logic by Alice Hooker (Spock is slipped a dose of the Venus drug and uses the opportunity to go after Kirk and instigate the relationship they both have been wanting.) (also in Kismet)
  • Skinny Dipping by Andrea Arat (Unwilling to leave Spockʼs company after their chess games, Kirk invites him to the gym where swimming together provides the impetus to bring them together.)
  • POETRY by J S Cavalcante, Robin Hood, Jamie Belle.
  • COVER by Shelley Butler

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[Wild Oasis]: It's hard to describe my reactions upon first reading this extraordinary poem. I was honored, yes. of course, being one of the people this is dedicated to, but far more feelings were stirred than that. Poetry has always been emotion distilled down to its bare essence, and here in one scant page is all that I feel about Kirk and Spock ("... lion eyes meet space-dark gaze...), and writing ("...the soul's adventure..."), and all of you (I also name you "sisters.") So hard to put into words- The closest I can come, is to say this poem is the reason why the world needs poeis-io say those things for us. I thank you for the experience, J. S. [18]
[art]: What a wonderful front cover!... Kirk's face is wonderful. Of course, the rest of the cover is great, too. [19]

Issue 19

cover of issue #19, Shelley Butler
art for Appearances, Georgina Brooke (Kirk confronts Spock after seeing him exit a brothel, so Spock sends him to the same prostitute who uses a device to make himself look just like Kirk.)

Charisma 19 was published in 1995 and contains 165 pages. Art by Shelley Butler (cover) and Georgina Brooke.

  • Letters of Comment (3)
  • T'hyla of the Fair Golden by Jehanna Hunter (5)
  • Silent Duet by Karla Kelly (6)
  • Sometimes by Patt (7)
  • Your Name is Jim by Ida Vega (8)
  • Almost Legends by Morgan Sheen (sequel to Generations in which Kirk doesn't really die, Kirk is brought back from death after the fight with Soran and reunited with Spock so they can finally work out the problems that kept them from reuniting as lovers after Spockʼs fal tor pan.) (9)
  • Resting Place by J. S. Cavalcante (30)
  • Skulls and Roses by Kalindi Dawn (31)
  • Death by Kalindi Dawn (32)
  • To Absent Friends by Morgan Sheen (33)
  • Funeral Blues by Patt (34)
  • Stay the Night by Ida Vega (Unable to get help from McCoy, Kirk asks Spock for a backrub that leads to a kiss and the realization of his feelings from Spock.) (35)
  • I Remember Momma by Alice Hooker (a "sorta" sequel to Mirror Mirror, humor) (51)
  • I Remember Momma, poem by Leo (57)
  • Instead of Having, Sweet Dreams, poem by Anna Parrish (58)
  • Sixth Age, poem by Robin Hood (60)
  • Appearances by Georgina Brooke (Kirk confronts Spock after seeing him exit a brothel, so Spock sends him to the same prostitute who uses a device to make himself look just like Kirk.) (61)
  • A Friendly Warning, poem by Morgan Sheen (79)
  • Image of Surak, Father of Gol, poem by JS Cavalcante (80)
  • Bells Echo, poem by Robin Hood (81)
  • Understand, poem by Patt (82)
  • One Day by Mildred Manhill (Noticing Kirkʼs recent weight loss, McCoy makes him keep a daily journal, giving Kirk a perfect vehicle for telling McCoy about his recent bonding with Spock.) (83)
  • With Thee, Next to Me, poem by Anna Parrish (88)
  • Go On -- Give Us a Smile by Anna Parrish (an alternative universe story, a recruiting film with the star, James Kirk, is being filmed on the Enterprise, much to the initial displeasure of Captain Spock.) (89)
  • You, poem by JS Cavalcante (100)
  • Ice Night, poem by Robin Hood (102)
  • The Gift by Chris Hoch (A/U: Spock is kidnapped while buying Kirk a 1st anniversary gift.) (103)
  • The Rhythm of Love by Alice Hooker (Spock sees Kirk accept an invitation to dance from a crewman thatʼs been after him, so he makes sure that Kirkʼs dancing days with anyone else are over. Sequel: A Favored Few) (127)
  • A Favored Few by Alice Hooker (The crewman Kirk used to make Spock jealous enough to proclaim his feelings, is unwilling to accept the fact that Kirk and Spock are now bonded. Prequel: The Rhythm Of Love.) (139)
  • poem by Leo (164)
  • Soliloquy, poem by JS Cavalcante (165)
  • Multipurpose K/S Author's Letter by JS Cavalcante (166)

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