The Witch's Promise

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: The Witch's Promise
Author(s): Anna Parrish
Date(s): 1989
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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The Witch's Promise is a Kirk/Spock story by Anna Parrish.

It was published in Charisma #7.


"Kirk, Spock and McCoy go to a fortune teller who reveals some things that they are not sure they are ready to hear."

first page of this story

Reactions and Reviews

An enjoyable first-timer with a mysterious, dying witch who forces Spock and Kirk to face their love. A few places I would have cut out what seemed to me extra words.[1]
Oh, this is one I like! I love it when the threesome goes to a fortune teller—and this one is so convincing! Her encounter with Spock is especially revealing of the Vulcan's hidden feelings. Kirk is a bit belligerent when she begins to explain to him exactly what it is he feels for his first officer. Of course, she has already seen all that Spock carries in his heart. It's a little rocky for awhile as they come to terms with what has been brought to their attention in such a startling way, but they work it out— you knew they would, right? A very good short story. [2]


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