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Name: James Tiberius Kirk
Occupation: Starfleet Officer
Title/Rank: Captain
Location: Enterprise
Relationships: Was married to Miramanee while amnesiac, she and their unborn child died. Had a son, David Marcus, with Carol Marcus, who was killed by Klingons.
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
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James T. Kirk (played by William Shatner) was introduced in the first episode of the original Star Trek TV series (not counting the original, unaired pilot, "The Cage") and starred in all three seasons and seven subsequent movies.

Canon Background

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Fan Response

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Tarsus IV

The first season episode "The Conscience of the King" reveals that a young Kirk had been present on the colony Tarsus IV during a genocide. This incident, mentioned only once on the show, is a popular source of angst in Kirk-centric fanworks, mostly fic. There are communities dedicated to Tarsus IV, tarsus_iv_fic on LJ, and another on ff.net, and Shadowloverk maintains a thematic list for these.[1]


Kirk-centric Fanworks

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