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Name: Karracaz
Alias(es): Kaz/Caz/Carol Hart
Type: fan artist and fan writer
Fandoms: Star Trek TOS
URL: http://karracaz.deviantart.com, http://www.fanfiction.net/~karracaz
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Karracaz is a Star Trek fan writer and fan artist.

From her bio page: "Star Trek was first shown in the U.K in 1968. I became an immediate fan, especially of Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy). After the show finished its third season, I became aware of the novels and other Star Trek books available. In Star Trek Lives, I found the address of Welcommittee. After writing to Welcommittee I was put in touch with Dorothy Owens who ran a ST fanclub Empathy at that time. From there, I became friends with Sylvia Billings and Cilla Futcher who edited a British zine called Captain's Log. Later, I became a snailmail correspondant (penpals) with Susan Ross (Caroline Nixon) and Marie Hietala (Fromthelandofoz). These friendships have lasted for more than forty years. I am the author of several zines and short stories published in the U.K and U.S."

Fanzine Novels

Short Stories