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Fan Club
Name: Empathy Star Trek Club
Dates: 1974-?
Founder(s): Lea Mount & Dorothy Owens & Carol Keogh -- the UK FanArchive lists the founders as Barbara Kitson (later Edwards) and Catherine Owens (later Perkins).
Country based in: United Kingdom
Focus: Star Trek
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club logo as it appeared in Emanon issue #1
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Empathy Star Trek Club was a UK based Star Trek fan club that also published fanzines under the name of Empathy Press (1970s) which later became Empathy Publications.

The club organized the TerraCon Star trek conventions.

It also published the fiction zines Emanon, Tricorder, and Contact, as well as the newsletters Empathy News (also known as "Empathy Newsletter").

In 1976 as listed in an issue of Empathy News, the president was Catherine Owens, the vice president was Barbara Kitson, the secretary/treasurer was Dot Owens, and the "general factotum" was Carol Keogh. In another 1976 of that newsletter, the president was Catherine Owens, two Vice Presidents were Barbara Kitson and Carol Keogh, and the secretary/treasurer was Dot Owens.

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