Contact (UK Star Trek zine)

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Title: Contact
Publisher: Empathy Publications
Editor(s): Carol Apsinall?
Date(s): 1976 or before
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
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Contact is a Star Trek: TOS fanzine published in the UK by the Empathy Star Trek Club of Yorkshire, England. The club also published a clubzine Emanon in the mid-1970s. At least four issues were printed.

Some of the content from this anthology series was published in Deja-Vu.

Issue 1

Contact 1 was published in 1976 or before.

  • Conflict
  • Tell It to Who?
  • other unknown content

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

"Conflict" and Tell It to Who?" are good, either written by Lenora, Sei-Anj Khey or Persephone! "Conflict" tells of Spock's decision to join Starfleet and how he breaks it to his parents. "Tell It to Who?" is a short statement from Kirk made under duress from the Klingons. It has a nice little twist at the end. [1]

Issue 2

Contact 2 was published in 1976 or before.

  • Candy's Dandy... but Liquor's Quicker by Spectre
  • Spock Around the Clock by Spectre
  • Diabological by Sei Aiy Khey
  • A Matter of Taste by Sei Aiy Key
  • other unknown content

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

CONTACT is... strong on the light touch in stories and poems. Spectre makes two especially splendid contributions, "Candy's Dandy... but Liquor's Quicker," which explores Kirk's delirious fantasies, and "Spock around the Clock." Sei Aiy Khey's "Diabolgoical" presents an entirely Spock's solution to the problem of prostitution, and the same author gives another version of what happens when you spike a Vulcan's drink in "A Matter of Taste." [2]

Issue 3

Issue 4

cover issue 4

Contact 4 contains 67 pages. Interior black and white photos of the cast.

  • Morning On Benecia by Sei Aiy Khey.
  • To My Friend by Joyce Deeming
  • Sonnet ~ The Romulan Commander Weeps (poem)
  • Lost And Found by Valerie Piacentini
  • Mediation (poem)
  • Conscience Of The King by Sue Winn (poem)
  • Intervention by C. Angelus
  • Remember (poem)
  • Gaoler by Thetis
  • Amanda's Lament by Joyce Deeming
  • Shore Leave Incident by Jane Martel
  • Grapevine
  • Dead or Alive? by Judy Mortimore
  • A Canticle For Christine by Carol Apsinall (poem)
  • Was It Something I Said? by Estielle (poem)
  • Alternative by Thetis
  • Grapevine
  • The Unforgotten Past
  • Christine's Tears by Patricia Thomas
  • Grapevine
  • The Name of The Game by David Coote
  • Adam's Song by Sue Winn (poem)
  • Grapevine
  • Choice by Kathy Halsall (poem)
  • One Day In January by Gail Smith
  • That Feeling by Tina W. Pole
  • Grapevine
  • A Quiet Little Chat by Jane Martel
  • A Whisper by Jackie Newey
  • The Girl In The Bar by Janet Ellicott
  • Tired Typist Talk by Carol

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 4

I enjoyed "Lost and Found" by Valerie Piacentini, where Spock is apparently killed by Klingons and replaced. The story is written through the eyes of the new First Officer. Also living up to Star Trek's image is "Gaoler" by Thetis. In this tale, the big three are captured as warlocks and condemned to die. A young female gaoler observes their obvious caring for one another and decides to help them get free. [3]